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Missouri Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for MO

To practice medicine in a state, medical professionals require approval from the state medical board. Without a permit from the Board, one cannot perform medical duties. If you’re looking for a medical license in Missouri, approval from the Missouri Board of Medicine is crucial.

Furthermore, the renewal of a medical license is vital to continuing your medical practice. Fortunately, you can fill up the application online through the Board’s official website. Note that the state medical board is also responsible for renewing the license of the medical professionals and clinics.

Continue reading as we delve further into the medical license lookup and renewal process. Perhaps this article might help you sort your doubts and apply them without hassle.

Missouri Board of Medicine

Every state is vested with a regulating body to oversee the functioning of professionals in any field. The Missouri Board of Medicine is responsible for Missouri’s medical license permits and renewal. The Board regulates various medical professionals and sees that they follow the norms and guidelines set by the regulating authority.

The Board was established to ensure the safety of the residents, plus listen to their complaints and grievances. It comes under the Missouri Department of Health and is vested with various duties and responsibilities.

Here are some of the responsibilities and duties of the Missouri Board of Medicine:

  • It permits licenses for nursing and is in charge of the renewal process.
  • The Board is responsible for license look and verification.
  • It also investigates complaints against nurses or any medical professionals.
  • The Board regulates and approves Continuing Education (CE) courses.

These are some of the highlighted responsibilities carried out by the Board. It ensures that all medical professionals fulfill the minimum requirements set by the authority to get a license or for renewal.

The Missouri Board of Medicine is a vital regulating body of the state. And it has the power to revoke the medical license of an individual if caught doing inappropriate practices or complaints from the customers.

How to obtain medical licensure from the Missouri Board of Medicine?

If you plan to practice medicine in Missouri, it’s crucial to acquire a medical permit from the Board. It involves lots of paperwork and documentation but is quite simple if you understand the process and procedures. And all the information regarding license lookup and renewal is on the Board’s official website.

Here are some of the standard procedures to apply for medical licensure:

  • One should fill up the application form and submit documents to prove your claim.
  • Payment of fees
  • You should also pass a criminal background check.

These are some of the steps you need to do while applying for licensure. The time to get your application pass may vary for different medical professionals. It would generally take four to six weeks to process an application.

After it’s processed, you will get an email to enclose a PIN allowing you to access your application status online. It advises you to see the documents, and if you’re missing out, they will ask you to submit them.

Once the Board receives all the required documents, they will take them for review. And it will take around two to four weeks. Once you pass the review process, the license will be issued. The Board will email you the medical licensure and the hard copy through the mail.

You can also put your license to inactive status by filling up an Inactive Licensure status application. It’s available on the official website, and the process is quite simple. Likewise, for reactivating your medical license as the reactivation application is available on the official website. Note that for all these processes, you need to pay fees.

Medical license renewal for Missouri Board of Medicine

It’s vital to renew your medical license, which is after every two years, to continue your practice. The Missouri Board of Medicine made it mandatory for all medical professionals to renew their licenses to have their names listed with the state medical board. Moreover, it keeps them updated about registered nurses, physicians, nurses, etc.

The Board’s administrative staff emails the licensee about the renewal date before the expiration date. It gives you the time to prepare documents and all the requirements needed for the renewal process.

Here are some of the procedures you need to follow while applying for license renewal:

  • Fill up the renewal application form.
  • Payment of fees.
  • Provide your current working address for proof.
  • Submit your CE hours report approved by the Board.

These are some of the processes you need to follow while applying for license renewal. Note that the CE hours may vary for different medical professionals. It would be better to check the official website for more information.

Taking CE (Continuing Education) is mandatory to renew your medical license. Furthermore, it’s vital to take this course from a reputed education provider. Additionally, ensure that it’s approved by the Missouri Board of Medicine. You should submit the CE hours record for validation.

You can also submit the documents online if you’re busy. It’s a simple process and won’t take time if you are ready with the required documents. So, if your renewal period is soon, it would be better to start preparing the documents. Also, don’t forget to get your criminal background check, as you will need to submit the record while filling up the form.


We hope that this article was helpful to you in sorting out doubts about medical licensure and license renewal. The Missouri Board of Medicine regulates medical professionals in Missouri. They also ensure the physicians, nurses, or surgeons carry out that safe practice.

The process of license renewal is quite simple if you follow the instructions diligently. And the same goes for acquiring a medical license. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn one or two about licensure procedures and how to apply. Good luck with your endeavor to acquire a medical license, and hopefully, it gets approved.

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