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Tennessee Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for TN

If you plan to become a registered medical professional in Tennessee, it’s crucial to get recognized by the Tennessee board of medicine. It was created to ensure that physicians follow the norms and guidelines.

It’s been reported that there are over 24,340 physicians registered with the Tennessee board of medicine.

And to pursue medical practice in Tennessee, it’s essential to get a license from the Board. And it proves that you have fulfilled the requirements set by the authority and adherence to safe practices.

Furthermore, medical license renewal is also vital to continue your practice. It’s a simple process, and all you need is to know the renewal period. Continue reading this article as we help you sort out the process and how to do it.

Tennessee Board of Medicine

In every state, a governing medical authority is established to ensure the safety and welfare of the residents. Additionally, it’s created to ensure that physicians follow the guidelines set by the regulating authority and follow safe practices.

Tennessee Board of Medicine is the regulating body for medical licensure and renewal in the state of Tennessee. Whether the license is lookup or renewal, the Board of Medical Examiners oversees all the activities.

The Governor of the state appoints the members of the Board for five years. It consists of twelve members, where nine members are licensed physicians. And they should have a minimum six-year experience in the field of surgery and medicine.

The other three Board members consist of healthcare consumers. You can’t pursue your medical practice in the state without getting approval from the authority. Only after a green light from the Board can you work as a medical professional.

Renewing your medical license is crucial. The Tennessee Board of Medicine handles this, too, and licensees need to renew it on time to continue the practice.

Here are the some of the licenses awarded by the Tennessee Board of medicine are:

  • Special Training Licensure
  • Administrative License
  • Full Licensure
  • Distinguished Faculty Licensure
  • Locum Tenens Licensure
  • Inactive volunteer Licensure
  • Single Purpose Licensure

Furthermore, the Board also verifies or approves certificates for surgical assistants, clinical perfusion, physician’s assistants, medical spas and more.

Steps and process to get Tennessee medical license

To obtain a medical permit from the Tennessee Board of Medicine is quite simple if your documents are in order. You need to graduate from an approved medical school and have a clean criminal background to get a medical license.

For instance, you’re a physician and want to work in Tennessee, here is what you need to do:

  • The first thing you need to do is fill up an application form, and you can get it from the official website, i.e., the Tennessee Department of Health.
  • Provide all the necessary documents mentioned by the authority. Ensure that you submit all the required documents to avoid getting your application rejected by the Board.
  • Payment of initial application fees. The fees may vary, and it is advisable to check the Tennessee department of health website for the latest updates.
  • One of the important documents you shouldn’t miss out on is submitting a criminal history background check. It’s mandatory, and failing to do so will get your application rejected.

The whole procedure and process are pretty simple and easy if you have all the documents required by the Board of Medical examiners. Note that patience is vital to acquiring medical licensure as it will probably take three or four months to complete the process.

If you’re a physician practicing in a different state but want to move to Tennessee, you can. And for this, you need to submit an application and pay fees. You also need to present evidence of your current practice in medicine to ensure legitimacy.

Here are some of the minimum document requirements to complete the application:

  • One must be a physician assistant graduate of a training program recognized by the Allied Health Programs.
  • You should get through the proficiency exam set by the NCCPA (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants).
  • One should have a current certificate authorized by the NCCPA.

Medical license renewal requirements in Tennessee

Once you have obtained medical licensure to practice in Tennessee, it’s also important to renew your license. Non-renewal of the license may lead to revocation of your medical permit in the state. Therefore, you are required to renew it without fail.

Fortunately, the Board mails to all the licensees about the renewal period ahead of the expiration date. You will get notification about your license renewal sixty days prior, thus giving sufficient time to prepare the documents and other processes. Note that failing to do so leads to a violation of the Board’s rule and the law.

You need to renew your medical license every two years to continue your practice. To reactivate your license, you should pay additional fees and fulfill CE (Continuing Education) requirements.

Some of the essential requirements for license renewal are as follows:

  • Complete your renewal application form.
  • Payment of fees
  • You should fulfill the CE hours required by the authority, and they will be recorded in the CE tracking system.

We recommend checking the official website to get detailed information about the renewal process. The requirements may vary for different medical professionals; hence checking the official website is vital.

Once you get the notification about the renewal, we advise you to start with the documentation soon to avoid delays and unforeseen circumstances.


We hope that it was helpful to you in sorting out your doubts about license lookup and renewal in Tennessee. If you’re a medical professional, it’s necessary to get approved by the regulating medical authority to practice. And every state has its medical Board to award physicians or other medical professionals to practice.

It’s vital to get a medical license from the regulating authority to ensure that you’re an approved physician or nurse. Additionally, it attests that you have adhered to the norms and guidelines set by the Board.

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