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Louisiana Board of Medicine – Physicians License Lookup and Renewal

If you are in need of license renewal, Louisiana is home to the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME). If you are a physician looking to renew your license, you can easily find out where to go to complete the process. You can also obtain additional information and documents such as CME. The LSBME operates under the Louisiana Public Records Law (La. RS 44:1 et seq.) and offers expedited permits for active-duty military personnel.


As a physician in Louisiana, you may have questions about your physician’s licensing, including whether or not you’re licensed. The Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners regulates physicians and other health practitioners. The public records law governs this process. By using the Louisiana Physicians License Lookup and Renewal database, you can find out what the state’s Board of Medicine has on file about you.

If you’re wondering where you can find your physician’s license, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners has a database that includes physicians licensed in the state as far back as 1900. While physicians are co-mingled with other healthcare professionals, you can narrow your search by selecting a specialty, license type, or state. If you’re licensed in Louisiana, you can check out the Louisiana board’s website for current requirements.


To complete your license renewal, you must take continuing medical education (CME) credits. Taking CEs is one of the prerequisites for renewing your Louisiana license. Those who do not plan to continue their education can skip this step. To do so, simply login to the LBVM’s online system and complete the renewal application. A scanned copy of your personal participation sheet or LBVM’s Record for Personal Participation Form must be uploaded to the Louisiana Board of Medicine’s website.

Before you can start applying for a Louisiana medical license, you must complete the required screening. The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners will review your credentials, including your work history, education, malpractice record, and disciplinary record. The board will evaluate your compliance with their requirements. However, you should understand that there is no guarantee of licensure and that you may be refused a license. Therefore, you should take advantage of CME for Louisiana Board of Medicine license lookup and renewal to improve your chances.

For those who are practicing outside Louisiana, you may meet the mandatory requirements of Subsection A of this Section without completing CME. However, you should make sure to complete the Louisiana Board of Medicine’s online orientation program to receive the CME credits. You must also maintain a license in another state for at least ten years. During the coronavirus pandemic, you must also be aware of scammers who pose as Board office staff. These scam artists are calling dentists and demanding money.


To become a veterinarian in Louisiana, you must first obtain a veterinarian’s license. If you have not yet done so, you can look up the license on the Louisiana Board of Medicine website. Louisiana requires that license holders be graduates of an accredited school and be enrolled in an ECFVG, PAVE, or fourth-year veterinary program. Louisiana also requires license applicants to pass the national examinations for veterinarians. The National Board of Examination for Veterinary Professionals (NBEC) sets the passing score, which is valid for five years after the examination.

After completing a residency program at an approved veterinary school in Louisiana, veterinarians can apply for license renewal from the state. The state veterinary board may appoint a veterinary medical association as an agent. This group can certify that a veterinarian has completed continuing education programs. The veterinary board may also charge a fee from nonmembers for administering continuing education programs. This fee cannot exceed the annual membership fee.

The Louisiana Board of Medicine has many resources to help veterinarians renew their licenses. The website offers a variety of tools to help veterinarians renew their licenses online. One of the most helpful features is the ability to search by license number or renewal date online. The website will also let you compare the costs involved, including attorney fees and investigator fees. The fees may be based on the type of veterinary practice, but the overall cost will be less than one hundred dollars.

There are a number of requirements that a veterinarian should meet in order to receive a faculty license. To obtain one, you must have a doctorate in veterinary medicine and an active license in another state or district. In addition, you must have documentation of a residency program or specialty training. If you are a faculty member, you must pay the fee every year. If you do not, your license may be suspended or canceled.

Physical Assistants

To perform a Physical Assistants license lookup and renewal in Louisiana, you need to have a current license. In order to do so, you can log into the LaMED DashBoard. The online portal allows you to renew your current license, apply for a new one, update your contact information, print wallet cards, and view payment receipts. Using a valid email address is required for registration.

To apply for licenses, applicants must submit a notarized narrative describing an incident. If you have any criminal past, you must provide a detailed and notarized narrative of the incident. Be aware that the licensing process may be delayed if your application has a criminal background. The process could take several months. Therefore, you should request your criminal background materials as early as possible.

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