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Is Nursing a Blue Collar Job?


Nursing is a noble profession that includes looking after the sick and healing the wounds of suffering humanity. A nurse naturally has a soft heart that melts when the eyes spot someone in trouble. Most nurses pursue their careers, not for the money they earn but to add their part, perhaps a couple of drops, in the mighty ocean of kindness.

Considering the job not as a matter of income but to console and wipe the tears of their fellows, nursing has come on the list of the top hundred professions that people like to adopt. The question often arises: Is nursing a blue-collar job? Or is it a white-collar job? Let’s go deep into this matter through this article.

What Is the Difference Between a Blue Collar Job and a White Collar Job?

A white-collar job is a job that does not usually involve any labor task. They are suit and tie workers belonging to the upper class and earn more by working less. However, a blue-collar job involves labor work, either little or more. They are considered middle to lower-class people who earn money by working hard.

The term “blue-collar job” became popular earlier. Perhaps that was due to the overall appearance of workers in blue-colored jeans and boilersuits. Blue is the color that has a great tendency to hide the dirt, sand, and all kind of similar things on worker’s clothes. The concept evolved quite earlier. However, all jobs that require some sort of hard work and somewhat of a uniform are now “blue-collar jobs.”

However, white button-down shirts beautifully adorned with a tie are popular as the appearance of business-class people having white-collar jobs.

Is Nursing a Blue Collar Job?

Dividing both of the terms, white-collar job, and a blue-collar job, widely into two categories, many jobs come under each category. A noble profession like nursing, where the earning is not quite enough for people to make ends meet, living in the twenty-first century, falls under the category of a blue-collar job due to the following reasons.


If you are looking to pursue your career as a nurse for the source of income, it might be one of your biggest mistakes. Nursing does not have the reputation of being a well-paying line of work. Rather, it’s famous for forgiving and healing. Unrevealing the truth, the nurses are not very well paid in most parts of the world. According to a report “Do Nurses Make a Lot of Money?” published in Trusted Health, on an average basis in the United States, a nurse receives just %76,350 yearly, which equates to about $6,350 per month.

When comparing the salaries of a white-collar job and a blue-collar job, nursing lies in the list of blue-collar jobs as nurses do not get a lot of money.

Hard Work

The profession of nursing requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The life of a nurse is limited from the operation theater to the emergency ward, every single corner of the hospital where any patient needs to be to receive an injection, or if he needs to get a bandage over a wound. Hard work is the requirement in a blue-collar job. A nurse can not sit in a comfortable armchair giving orders. The job is to move and serve.

As the noble profession requires hard work, nursing is said to be a blue-collar job.

Uniform or Dress

It is not so common, but nurses have a white-colored dress with a lab coat in many hospitals. This is their identity. A blue-colored job provides the worker a typical uniform, not a suit with a tie, so all the employees look alike despite belonging to any caste or class. It is perhaps a method of removing the differences of clothes between the middle-class people who will work for the organization.

A white-collar job allows the person to wear a well-ironed suit with a tie. Therefore, nursing falls in the category of blue-collar jobs.

Controversial Topic

Pink Collar Job

Due to all the above reasons, many people consider nursing as a blue-collar job. But on the other hand, between white and blue-collar, there evolved several more jobs. And according to some people, nursing is neither a white-collar job nor a blue-collar job.

As the nursing profession does not require manual hard work like farmers and laborers, but the quality of their work is not as easy as sitting on the chair, the profession lies somewhere between both collar jobs and is considered a pink collar job.

A pink collar job may include both men and women, but the condition of work is like teaching, child care, nursing, or social work, which requires firm dedication and devotion to the relevant field.

White Collar Job

In the United Kingdom, nursing and teaching especially now fall under the heading of white-collar jobs. This inclusion is also in many other parts of the world, increasing the ranks of local nurses’ manifolds.


A white-collar job is what people consider to be the best one. This is where the workload is quite less than the income a person gets, sitting in an air-conditioned room, in front of a laptop or computer. But a blue-collar job requires a lot of labor work. Despite this hard work, these people receive lower payments than employees of white-collar jobs.

Nursing is a controversial topic. According to most people, it lies under the “blue-collar” job title. However, some also consider it a pink-collar and white-collar job in other parts of the world. However, one thing is the same: the nature of work they do. They heal the wounds of injured and wounded people, giving them a new chance to live, treat the sick with injections, and vaccinate people, ensuring their health remains in good shape.

Nursing is a noble profession that does not include the greed of money or running from workloads. The nurses are professional survivors. They indulge completely in the task of saving and healing humanity. Moreover, they consider nothing to do with the wage and salary or other benefits which other people get with their jobs.

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