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IDFPR Licensure Renewal Requirements for 2021–2023

Illinois Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for IL

Nurses need a proper license to start practicing as a nurse. They cannot just start working as a nurse after their studies. Like a driver’s license, which approves a person to drive a car, nurses also require a license to become certified nurses.

If you are looking for a place to start working as a nurse, Illinois is one great place with many efficient nurses.

If you want to enlist as a nurse in Illinois or want to renew your nursing license, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with the necessary info regarding registering as a nurse or renewal of your license in Illinois.

Illinois Board of Nursing

Every state has a Board that looks after the process of providing a nursing license and its renewal. The Illinois Board of Nursing does the same kind of job.

The Board has the authority to issue a nursing license to capable nurses. It makes sure that the nurses who are approved by them can take care of the patients expertly.

It also ensures that the public is protected from nurses who use malpractices or portray improper conduct. Though a nursing career can be challenging in Illinois, it is a profitable and satisfying job.

A license from the Illinois Board of Nursing will be needed if you plan to work in Illinois as a nurse. You will not be valid to work here if you are not registered and do not have a license.

Initially, you will be required to appear for a licensing exam conducted by the Board through the Professional Examination Committee. This is a department that aids Illinois’ licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and vocational nurses.

You can get the information regarding the registration and examinations from the Board’s official website. Keep checking the website if you do not want to miss the registration period or the exam dates.

Anyone wanting to work in Illinois or other states is expected to appear in the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination), which is a regulated exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

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Requirements for Nursing in Illinois:

  • To be accepted to the Illinois Board for Nursing, candidates should also have a post-secondary education which will lead to acquiring a degree in nursing from a recognized school.
  • LPNs who want to work as Certified Nursing assistants (CAN) but do not want a degree can directly apply at the website.
  • One should also have completed the Illinois School of Professions coursework or have attained the compulsory pre-license education hours. If you want to keep your license, you must take courses on the laws and decrees of Illinois on some crucial topics and how to prevent medical errors.
  • If you are renewing your license for the first time, you should have at least 1 hour of continuing education on HIV/AIDS.

License Renewal

Every three years, the Illinois Board issues letters to those nurses whose license needs to be updated. Even if you are posted in another state, the Board will accept your application as long as you do not have any disciplinary action against you.

License renewal is necessary for all nurses if they wish to continue working as a nurse in Illinois. If you miss the date of renewal and your license expires, you will have to file for restoration of your license. You will also have to pay some extra fees and will need to show proof of the completion of your continuing education.

Nurses working in Illinois who wish to renew their license can do so from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation’s (IDFPR) Portal. The IDFPR will send you an email to notify you about your license. But there might be a time when you might miss the notice. Hence you are expected to be aware of your license expiration.

Any licensed nurse renewing their license should submit an application for the same to the IDFPR website. When your submission is processed, you will receive proof of your licensure through email.

If you happen to change your residence, visit the website and change the address. Also, make sure that your current contact info is provided.

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Requirements for License Renewal

Every aspiring candidate must have completed continuing education to renew their license.

  • Requirements for RN and LPN: For every two years
  • Continuing education for at least 20 hours.
  • Sexual Harassment training for at least 1 hour from the 20 hours.
  • Advanced Practice: For every two years
  • Continuing education for 80 hours which includes:
  • At least 50 hours of continuing education should be acquired in the CE programs as decided by the rule.
  • Studies on pharmacotherapeutics for at least 20 contact hours
  • 10 hours on the prescription of opioids or education on substance abuse
  • Sexual harassment training for at least 1 hour
  • To renew the Controlled Substances Registration, one must have a module on safe opioid prescription for 3 contact hours.
  • A 30 hour credit may be gained through presentations in the nurse’s specialty, research projects, publications, etc.
  • The CE programs may be funded or approved by infirmaries, specialist organizations, educational institutions, or other organizations authorized to provide CE.

The Board should ensure that the candidates are provided enough chance to engage in courses assisted by states or professional organizations, institutions, or continuing education providers.

Every candidate is liable to retain the records of completing the CE and should be able to produce them when asked by the Board.


As long as you have a nursing license, you can practice nursing in any state. But note that your license will expire at a given time, so you need to keep renewing your license.

The process might seem complicated, but you won’t have to worry since you know the method and requirements of license renewal in Illinois. Just be sure to provide your correct and current address so that you don’t miss out on any information, especially regarding renewal.

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