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New Shoes Rubbing Back of Heel - Latest Tips 2020

How to Soften the Back of New Shoes that Hurt

When you go out, shoes are an essential element of your outfit; they are available in tons of styles, sizes, and shapes. There are numerous purposes for shoes. One can like shoes with laces or without; some prefer heeled shoes, others prefer relaxed flip-flops or athletic sneakers. Shoes are used to keep the feet safe and comfortable.

The excitement of getting new shoes may wear off over time. After a few days of wearing new shoes, your feet will develop blisters. Wearing your gleaming, expensive shoes without sufficient protection may bring you pain and discomfort. The back of your shoes can be softened to make them comfier. You may wear them with a variety of socks or utilize moisture to expand the back. You may also use stretch sprays to achieve the most satisfactory results. With a few simple methods, you can rapidly soften the back of your new shoes.

Please read this article to learn about the causes of pain and how to get rid of them. When buying shoes, they usually need to be broken in a little before they are comfortable. Even if the shoe fits you well at the store, this might happen.

There are several reasons why this occurs. Because store-bought shoes haven’t been worn for a long time, they’re less flexible and may even bite your feet. We’ve all had the experience of buying those gleaming new shoes from our favorite designer only to discover that they’re a tad bit tight at the back and hurt our feet. Some of us might choose to keep wearing them and getting bruised until they soften up, or we might apply shoe stretching techniques to stretch and soften up the backs of the shoes.

The second alternative, in my opinion, appears to be more legitimate. There may be a third option of adjusting the shoe size, but this isn’t something we receive with every brand. As a result, we’re left with only the first two possibilities. We shouldn’t even opt for the first one. It is essential to feel at ease in our shoes to walk correctly and prevent the surface pain and the potential for issues in the feet, knees, and back. So, instead of suffering aching feet, learn how to soften the backs of new shoes, and boom, your life will be wonderful yet again.

There are dozens of guides and articles on the internet that teach you various techniques to soften leather shoes; some of them work, while others don’t. That is why I have compiled a list of simple and proven methods for you to soften the back of your shoes. All of these approaches have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to work. So, give them a go and see how they go about it.

Why Does Putting On New Shoes Hurt?

Your daily routine would not be complete without your shoes. Even though the shoe fits you nicely, it nevertheless hurts the back of your foot. What is the cause behind this? There is a lack of softness. The back of your shoe is always made of tough material. This small area scrapes on the back heels when walking, causing pain. This movement creates friction. It then applies a specific amount of pressure, resulting in a painful blister. Wearing brand new shoes causes agony and discomfort that is incomprehensible. Shoes, on the other hand, are promoted as being comfortable and safe for your feet. They will not become flexible unless they are worn continuously.

Hacks To Soften The Back Of A New Shoe

These are the quickest methods for making your shoes softer. The best way to assure comfort and pain reduction is to follow the hacks given below.

Wear Socks

Socks can be worn to keep your feet comfortable. The simplest basic technique to soften your new shoes is using a sock. It is ideal for any type of foot activity. You can run in your new shoes if you wear insoles with socks. A personalized insole is the most helpful form of the insole. Socks can be worn to ease pain caused by the back of the shoe during any activity Socks and insoles give you a higher, softer footing. As a result, it is recommended to purchase socks or insoles in conjunction with your preferred pair of shoes. Socks will protect your feet from blisters while also allowing you to enjoy the excitement of wearing trendy shoes.

Use Professional Spray

Professional shoe stretching sprays are available in the market. It will soften your shoes without causing them to tarnish. It’s as simple as spraying the regions that feel tight. It may take a few tries, but the results should be worth it.


The inside of a shoe’s heel can be softened using soap. Before you put your shoes on, rub a little bit on them. Be mindful not to overdo it. You don’t want the soap to get all over your socks if you scuff the surface. You can do the same thing using petroleum jelly, which will also protect the leather from drying out. Excess petroleum jelly can be wiped away using a cloth or paper towel.

Keep the Shoes in the Freezer

The expansion of water molecules softens the stiffness in your shoes. It’s an unconventional but effective method for easing the back of your new shoes. Use zipped bags half-filled with water to put into the shoes. It is, nevertheless, advisable to ensure that the big bags are pushed down on each side. Water should be inappropriate in the bags since otherwise, it might cause them to tear. After that, place the pair in the freezer for about seven hours. The frozen water expands and softens your shoes. After removing the shoes from the freezer, set them aside to soften up. You may even go through the process again if the shoes aren’t soft enough for your feet.

Use Hair Dryer

Warm your shoes all over with a hairdryer. Put on your warm and thick socks and go for a jog till they cool off. As the shoes cool down, they will contour to your feet. If the shoes don’t mold according to your feet on the first try, you can repeat the process until they do.

Make Use of a Shoe Tree

With leather and suede shoes, this approach works best. It aids in the stretching of both the length and width of your shoe. Simply place the tree after removing your shoes and remove it only when you are ready to put them back on.

Oil Can Be Used As A Moisturizer

Shoes can be softened using oils like glycerin or castor oil. Because of the fat element in these oils, the back of your shoe will become soft. This method will enable you to extend the life of your shoes as well. You may apply a small quantity to your leather shoe and massage it in. After that, you may wear the shoe to extend it to any extent you choose. Oil adds room to the shoe, making it more comfortable to walk in or wear. Leather shoes will retain their luster and sheen with the use of oils.

You may also use a kerosene and vinegar mixture to expand the shoes and make them easier to walk in. Oils soften the back and moisturize the shoe.

Seek Professional Assistance

And, of course, you always go to a shoemaker. Make an appointment with a shoemaker. They are well-versed in softening the backs of new shoes. These experts have the last machine that will allow them to expand the shoe and eventually make the pain go away. In general, you should keep the shoe on the last for 24 hours. It applies the correct pressure (which will gradually increase) to the portion of your shoe body that tightens the most. It is recommended that you wear the shoes as soon as they are supplied to you for them to adjust rapidly to their new form.


It may be excruciating to walk around with blistered heels. They may ruin your entire day, especially if you spend a lot of time standing or walking about. The best way of avoiding blisters is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. You may achieve this by utilizing any of the hacks listed above. Softening the back of your shoe is a simple technique to prevent injury to your feet. Following the suggestions in this article would be a good starting point. Making the shoes broader and stretching them out is an adequate solution to make them comfortable. As a result, it is critical to understand the proper tip for your shoe to avoid pain when wearing it. You can wear your new shoes with ease and enjoyment if you follow these easy instructions. With soft and comfy shoes, you may engage in any activity. When we buy shoes, we often anticipate them to be quite comfortable. When we go home, though, we notice that they hurt our feet in some areas, particularly the back. So learning several ways for softening the backs of new shoes would be a good line of action. As a result, we can apply those methods occasionally. You can hire a cobbler if the hacks don’t work or if you don’t want to risk potential harm. A cobbler can immediately determine why your shoes are rubbing your Achilles and assist you.

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