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Can you get your nursing license back after being revoked? 

Suspension of a nursing license is a serious concern for professionals. The situation of getting a professional’s license suspended is quite stressful and is filled with anxiety. The only way to get out is a revocation.

The written order of license suspension

To obtain re-licensure, the board needs a written order of suspension. For this, an individual must meet all the criteria to apply for license reinstatement. However, if the board takes serious action against a nurse, it becomes more challenging to overcome this hurdle. For instance, a nursing license gets suspended when an individual commits a crime and gets convicted. In such circumstances, the board evaluates the applicant’s fitness and character to enable them to apply for re-licensure. The person has to meet certain requirements in written documentation, such as no conviction areas of crime or completion of successful probation.

Similarly, if the license gets suspended due to any clinical error while delivering patient care, then the fitness and character to be licensed will be carefully evaluated, and other factors are also considered. These factors involve completing a nursing education program on the patient care topic within s stipulated period.

How sooner can the license be reinstated?

One more challenge that a nurse faces with the suspension of a nursing license is when suspension generally takes place and when they should apply for their license reinstatement. An important consideration is when an individual is eligible to apply for license reinstatement. Timeframe for reinstatement of the nursing license may vary in nature and depends greatly on why the nursing profession was disciplined, and the time may include some months and extend to many years. If it’s a long timeframe, the nursing board will be required to complete a clinical update course successfully to ensure that the nursing skills are up-to-date and the concerned person is competent enough to start nursing practice.

Why do the Nursing Licenses Gets Revoked?

A nurse’s license can get revoked by the nursing board for different reasons such as the improper practice of patient care, administration of medications without any valid order, DUI convictions, breaching a patient’s confidentiality, and gross negligence on the part of the nurse. However, if you take the right course of action, you can reinstate your nursing license. But the immediacy of the procedure is not known to many.

 How To Get Nursing License Back?

To get your nursing license reinstated, professionals must file a petition to the BSN (Board of Registered Nursing). Several documents have to be submitted, and proper evidence has to be submitted about your rehabilitation to support your preparation for the board meeting. You can perform all these processes by yourself; however, if you want more swiftness in this procedure and to ensure favorable outcomes, you can hire an experienced and professional licensing attorney. Nurses should try to understand that the nursing board will review their case to ascertain whether license reinstatement will be safe for others.

Why Work With a Professional And Experienced Licensing Attorney?

A nurse whose license gets revoked or suspended can work with an experienced and knowledgeable licensing attorney who will ensure that your case is presented in the best manner. It will also reduce the suspension time significantly. A knowledgeable and professional defense lawyer will develop an in-depth strategy before the BRN for reinstatement. This includes the following-

  • Filing appeal.
  • Handling all initial investigations.
  • Prepare and practice administrative hearings.

Steps nurses must Take to Get their nursing License Reinstated.

  • The first step is to wait until the time designated has lapsed. Before the specified suspension time is completed, the state nursing board won’t allow nurses to apply for license reinstatement.
  • You must complete all the documents that are necessary for license reinstatement. There is a definite set of rules and regulations in each state board of nursing that must be completed timely. They also seek official documents from nursing programs to courts that verify completion.
  • It is important to submit all necessary and official documents promptly. You must adhere to deadlines that are highly significant for reinstatement.
  • You can plead before the state nursing board, which sometimes becomes important to apply for reinstatement.
  • The next step is to wait until you are contacted. It often takes some months for the state nursing board to make a firm decision as they don’t want to decide in a hurry.
  • Nurses have to perform a huge responsibility for delivering care to protect their nursing license. The state nursing board takes offenses against nursing professionals very seriously, so it becomes more important for nursing staff to prioritize their careers while making a firm decision.

Reasons a Nursing License can get revoked or Suspended

A nursing license gets revoked due to the following prime reasons

  • Impersonating Others 

It can be common that a person with a criminal record can use another person’s identity to obtain a nursing license. After getting caught, their license gets revoked immediately.

  • Drug Abuse 

Often nurses become addicted to some non-prescription or prescription medicine. In such cases, they have to enter and complete a recovery program for retaining their nursing license.

  • Unprofessional Behaviour 

Nurses must maintain a professional code of conduct while performing their duty. For instance, they are having an affair with an employee or using inappropriate words/languages in the workplace. Unprofessional behavior may result in the suspension of a nurse’s license.

  • Administering or Using Unsubscribed Drugs 

Using unsubscribed medication is strictly not allowed in the medical profession, and violation of this rule may result in license suspension.

  • Providing Fake License 

Often nursing professionals try to fool their employers by producing a fake license before them in the suspension of license. If this trick gets caught nurse’s license can be canceled again.

  • Creating False Patient Records

Nurses often don’t remember to record a drug or medication they provide to a patient. Creating false documents that can affect patients may result in the suspension of their license.

How To Avoid Nursing License from Getting Revoked?

If you don’t want your nursing license to get suspended, then don’t participate in any illegal activity. Ensure following professional code of conduct and set of rules. Don’t steal the identity of others, and ensure to maintain correct patient records.

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