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How long do Woodland shoes last


Woodland is a very famous company, and many customers flock to Woodland stores to buy shoes for a special occasion or a casual outing. It is the top company for many shoe lovers. The company has been impressing people with their expert craftsmanship for almost 25 years now. The shoes offered for sale by this company are very comfortable and yet maintain perfect elegance. Many customers have positive comments about their shoes. There have been several congratulatory and acknowledging messages for the company as well for the excellent quality products that they are introducing in the market.

About Woodland

Woodland is an Indian company that was introduced in India in 1992. The mother company of Woodland is the Aero Club, which used to ship its products to Russia. However, after the fall of the USSR’s superpower, the company stopped sending products to Russia and started selling products in India. This is truly the case of a boon in the disguise of a blow. The first few shops in India were all located in New Delhi. The Indians were very receptive and welcomed these prime products with warm and open hands. The first showrooms were opened at Connaught Place and at South Extension-2.

The most popular model from Woodland Shoes is the first model, known as Model Number G-0092. It was released way back in 1992, specifically for Indian Markets. It is a fantastic model which sold like hot cakes in the beginning. It is not only classy but also super comfortable, and any man would like to own a pair.

Woodland Shoes last up to a maximum of five to six years, even with heavy usage. They are not high maintenance, but the shoes last up to a maximum of five years, even with rough use. The shoes became popular in the market since the style of shoes is similar to boots. The casual shoes for men with the appeal of boots hit the Indian market, and soon every man owned a pair of casual Woodland boots. After the ’90s, Woodland started producing casual shoes for men. These products also sold a lot of units due to the Woodland appeal and comfort fit.

Woodland is very nature-friendly as well. These shoes are made of raw materials. Various processes used for manufacturing the product produce minimal waste and cause minimal pollution. Hence, the company manages to maintain a healthy balance between the satisfaction of the customers and the environment.

Woodland is the preferred brand of shoes for all types of people, from groovy teenagers to regular office goers and adventurers. Adventure-lovers like mountaineers, trekkers, hikers, and other outdoor adventure lovers prefer Woodland because of the strong grip and the beautiful look of the shoes.

Woodland has managed to organize the overall shoe industry in India. It has also inspired other shoe companies to produce shoes for men on different occasions.

Taking care of Woodland Shoes

There are several ways to take care of Woodland Shoes to make them stay functional for five to six years.

  • The shoes should be cleaned regularly, depending on the times you use them. The cleaning of the shoes also changes according to the material out of which the shoes are made of. If the shoes are made of leather, then they need to be cleaned and then polished with good leather lotion. If the shoes are made of suede, then they need to be brushed. A special suede brush can be purchased from the official Woodland store to maintain a suede shoe.
  • Many customers use a weatherproofing agent with a silicon-base to protect their footwear made up of leather. There is a special stain eraser that can be used to remove stains from all parts of the shoe, keep them almost new, and reduce the effects of wear or tear.
  • A soft cloth should also be used to remove dried and caked dirt as well as the mud from the footwear.
  • Leather shoes should also be allowed to rest for at least a single day. This helps the leather breathe. The leather shoes should also be kept away from direct sunlight and heat. Direct heat can cause the leather to dry out and reduce the lifetime of the leather shoes. One should allow room-temperature and dry air to circulate through the leather shoes for proper maintenance of the shoes.
  • Woodland shoes should also be stored in a place that is dry and has a cold temperature.

Cleaning shoes

To clean your shoes correctly, first hand, you need to use a leather cleaner to clean the dirt off. The leather cleaner should be devoid of acid or any form of detergent. This is essential because substances present in detergents and acids destroy the natural oil present in the leather and speed up the aging process. Soap can be used to clean a pair of leather footwork in the case of the unavailability of a proper leather cleaner, water, and saddle.

Conditioning of Shoes

Leather must be conditioned to soften the leather for a comfortable fit in the future. Leather usually becomes softer after a round of cleaning, but the softness of the leather shoes can be sealed by using a good quality leather conditioner. This conditioner helps to replenish the oils that the leather must have lost after cleaning. The leather shoes should be well-rested for at least 24 hours after a round of cleaning and conditioning.

Polishing of Leather Shoes

There are several ways to polish leather shoes. The medium of polish also varies with the color of the leather of your footwear. You can use a wax polish or a cream polish or a paste to polish the leather. Both cream and paste polish are used to moisturize the leather, soften it, and keep it flexible. They can soak deep into the leather and allow it to breathe and hence, increase the lifetime of the footwear. The paste polish should be applied to the shoe and allowed to dry for about five minutes before using a soft cloth or a special brush made extensively for buffing.

Weatherproofing the Shoes

It is essential to weatherproof your shoes to prevent the shoe from being spoilt from spills, mud, snow, and water. This can be done so by using an appropriate weatherproofing spray. The footwear should be wiped with a clean cloth before applying the protective spray. Continuous spraying on the shoes helps to protect the leather of the shoes and keep your shoe stain-free for a more extended period.

How to take care of Nubuck and Suede Shoes?

Suede shoes need to be carefully brushed with a soft brush such as a toothbrush. Also, a suede eraser needs to be used to clean all the stains and dirt tracks from the footwear. Using a steam iron from a distance of 10 inches also helps to raise the nap of the shoe. If you do not have a steam iron, using a brass-bristle brush has also shown good effects on increasing the nap of the shoe.

Nubuck shoes can be cared for using the same process. In the case of both suede and Nubuck shoes, the shoes should not get in contact with water or moisture as it ruins the texture of the material and degrades the lifetime of the shoes.

Packing shoes for traveling

The best way to carry your shoes for traveling is to pack your shoes into individual shoe bags. Shoes are susceptible to damage and can be spoilt if they experience friction from clothes. Shoe bags can also be turned into shoe mitts if they are turned inside out.

We hope that this article was extremely helpful in establishing the importance of the company Woodland in the shoe industry. Woodland has more than three hundred outlets all over India now, and it is all because of the excellent quality shoes they have been manufactured over the last few years. The shoes that this company has been producing have been able to establish many people as businessmen. We also hope that if you had been avoiding Woodland for all these years, then you will take notice of this company and consider buying a pair of shoes for yourself or your loved ones.

We also hope that you will follow the given tips to take care of your expensive leather shoes. The various tips mentioned in this article might help in enhancing the lifetime of your leather shoes. Woodland shoes are supposed to stay as good as new for up to five years without any maintenance. However, we believe that, if you follow the given tips, then your shoes might stand the test of time and stay pretty good up to seven to eight years. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy a pair of Woodland shoes right now!

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