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Hot Nurse Stories

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. From patient monitoring to helping doctors in surgery, giving medications to patients, nurses cover a huge role in a hospital. Representing healthcare means maintaining professionalism throughout their duty hours. Well, is it all true? It is hard to maintain a strong persona every day when you contact so many patients around you, and as a nurse, it is quite normal to watch their patients naked! It becomes hard to control themselves in the heat of the moment. After all, we all are human beings, and we all get a bit pervy sometimes. Same with the patients, some can’t get a hold of themselves when they see a beautiful nurse. These turning into hot incidents has a low chance of occurring, but never zero. Today we will share such hot nurse stories told by people who had such experiences of their own!

Hot Nurse stories by People:

These people had porno become real for them! We have curated these stories from different platforms and are keeping some of the speaker’s identities anonymous for obvious reasons. Also, we are not judging anyone irrespective of age and gender who crossed the lines of fantasy and reality and had these shocking experiences. Some stories are from the perspective of the patients, and some from the perspective of the nurses.

1. Taking advantage of the opportunity:

Back in the mid-70s, Jack King went for a physical fitness checkup at a doctor’s office. A nurse in her 20s told him to take his clothes off completely and put on the hospital gown. A few minutes later, she returned to take his vitals. After the initial checkup, she told him to stand on the weight machine, but something felt wrong to her about the accuracy of the weight. She then told Jack to take off his hospital gown. Jack doubted this as a light gown does not contribute much to the weight anyway. However, he took the gown off and stood buck naked on the machine, and the nurse took his weight again. Not much to Jack’s surprise that the weight did not change at all. The nurse seemed satisfied with this. When Jack reached for his gown, the nurse stopped him again and told him that the doctor had told her to do a quick body check for any skin irritations. The nurse slowly started touching different parts of his body and eventually came to his crotch part, then she started touching the shaft of his penis and lifted the testicles to have a clear look. Not to mention that this gave Jack an erection, but the nurse seemed to mind nothing at all. After a while, she wrote something in her notes, instructed Jack to wear the gown, and left. Adding to Jack’s awe when the doctor came and told him to get undressed for a skin checkup, that is when Jack realized that the nurse was never meant to do a full body checkup as it was the job of a doctor!

2. That is called practical learning:

Wesley Paris writes that he dated a nursing student in college. Both of them did not have any experience with sex, and the girl seemed to be very fascinated with Wesley’s penis, so much so that she almost observed it scientifically. She used to fiddle it, saw it getting aroused, and inspected different nerves going through it. Now that is some interactive learning.

3. Wet dreams:

Jay shares his story here. Once he was admitted to the hospital, he recovered after several weeks. One evening a nurse came into his room and asked him if he needed anything. The nurse was young and attractive. She was wearing black slacks and black knee socks. Jay wanted to shower but wasn’t strong enough to go to the bathroom himself. So, the nurse agreed to help him. She guided Jay to the bathroom, which was small. She undressed him and started the shower. As the bathroom was small, water splashed everywhere, soaking her hair, dress, and shoes. Jay could see her nipples through her wet uniform. This gave Jay arousal. Seeing that, the nurse remarked that she was assured that at least Jay was feeling better than before. The nurse undressed when the shower session ended and left her clothes for drying only in undergarments. She watched TV with Jay and waited till her dress got dry.

4. There are only happy accidents:

Tim Thompson shares his story about when he went to the hospital with abdominal pain. He was recommended to get an ultrasound. After providing information and a vital checkup, he was told to go into a dimly lit room. He followed the instructions and went to the female nurse’s room, waiting for him. The nurse told him to take off his shirt and pants. Tim was left only in his underwear and laid down on the bed. The nurse was in her mid-20s. She started to apply lubricant on his abdomen, the lower end of the stomach and reached closed to his waistband. The nurse was working in such a way that Tim could see the cleavage of the nurse. Tim felt slow arousal down there. The nurse wasn’t surprised at all, instead told Tim to turn in sideways so that his abdomen faces her. Tim followed her instructions and turned; the nurse started applying lubricant in the back. Tim suddenly felt that the nurse’s elbow got brushed against his erection. He thought it to be an accident when it happened again. The third time, the nurse kept her elbow against his erection and continued to press against it. After the tests were done, the nurse took the readings and left, leaving Tim in complete awe.

5. Sorry, but my hands are occupied:

Shared by an anonymous guy. He broke both of his arms in a skateboard accident and was admitted to the hospital, where a nurse got very friendly with him. The other day she asked the guy what he needed. The guy just crossed the line and asked if she could give him a handjob. The nurse didn’t react and left. Later he got her help in the shower, though!

There are plenty of incidents when even the most professional person broke out of their character. After all, we all are humans, and it is quite normal to cross the lines of fantasy and reality in the heat of the moment. But never try to attempt these ridiculous and unacceptable actions in your life because they may cause you humiliation and get you fired from your job.

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