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What is nurse and teacher appreciation week

Nurse Appreciation week

International nurse day is an internationally observed day worldwide every year on the 12th of May as the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale to mark the contributions of nurses to society. Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing. She is also known as “The Lady with the Lamp .”Every year the International council of nurses organizes and distributes the Nurses kit. The kit consists of public and educational knowledge materials for usage by nurses. The 8th May was allotted as the annual National Student Nurse’s Day as of 1998. Heretofore 2012, the nurses in Ireland take off a week-long pro bono crusade or campaign to dedicate nurses on the 6-12 May each year. During this week-long carnival, digital and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are used to facilitate a great job done by nurses for the betterment of humanity and society by using hashtags on social platforms like #CelebrateNurses.

The viewing social public adds their optimistic and encouraging comments. It shows gratitude towards nurses on the particular website where all the comments and responses are collated into an ebook, distributed in medical faculties all around Ireland. But now, this nurse week is celebrated all around the world. Every year, the National Nurses week begins on the 6th of May and lasts up to the 12th of May. These continual dates enhance the position and planning of national nurses’ week as a popular recognition event. The National school nurse day is distinguished on Wednesday within the National nurse week between the 6th of May up to the 12th of May every year as of 2003.

The American Nurses Association has been supporting and promoting the nursing profession since 1896. Every American Nurses Association’s territorial and state nurses association encourages the nursing profession at the provincial and state levels. Everyone conducts festivities this week to appreciate nursing and nurses’ offering to the population. The ANA consents and promotes National Nurses week commendation programs via the district and state nurses corporations, educational faculties, autonomous health care firms and institutions, and distinct specialty nursing associations.

Nursing is certainly a ” behind the scene” domain. Nurses frequently work on timeless shifts standing on their feet for half a day or more, serving the patients. A modest “thank you” to them showing our gratitude towards them, could make their day. They will be pleased that we recognized their daily hard work. During this week distributing caffeine, activity is also done to boost the nurses.

As we all know, the nurses are the backbone of the healthcare unit. The doctor only diagnoses the patient, performs surgeries, and may prescribe medication, but without nurses, the complete treatment of a patient is just next to impossible. Nurses or sisters are on the frontline each day- completing a physical examination, administering shots, nursing injuries, and even taking care of expiring patients when a doctor is not around. Nurses are always there for the patients during the most helpless moments. Whether day or night or even midnight, nurses will always be ready to help – administering medications, giving medical advice, and fixing up anything that went wrong. Having a nurse in the family will certainly make no concern about health.

Traditions of the nursing day

On National nursing day, the ones who are playing a vital role in the hospitals are the nursing staff. They are thoroughly appreciated and loved by the hospital faculty. The most familiar tradition for the celebration of the registered nurses is throwing them a celebration or party after the shifts hosted by hospital staff and faculty. Volunteers took an active part in this celebration, making the nurse’s day special. As nurses pay a lot of grueling hours at the sanitary, their encounters and stories are drawn into the limelight and documented through social platforms by the storytellers and bloggers. The patients and hospital faculty generously convey gifts and offerings as a token of love and gratitude for their daily hard work. On a significant level, the management and leaders of the healthcare conduct ceremonies and present certificates and awards to the nurses as a memento of tribute. On social media platforms, the hashtags such as #NationalNursesDay #NursesDayParty, #NurseLife, etc., are used to encourage the nurses and make them feel special.

Teachers Appreciation week

Teachers certainly play a crucial role in a student’s life. They are precisely patient, kind, dedicated, hardworking, and understanding, carving the children and mentoring them on an optimistic path. The teacher appreciation week is celebrated in the first week of May, and the celebration is week-long, consuming the whole first week, and as of 2022, it is from the 1st of May to the 8th of May. The big day within this week is on the 5th of May, but as their work is so considerable, a whole week is expended to savor the appreciation. Teaching is such a challenging and time-consuming profession, and it requires a lot of moral values to be in the profession. Hence, the teachers need to be appreciated for their thorough work in shaping children’s future.

Teaching is one of the oldest professions. The teacher appreciation day is held by the National Education Association, which spearheads the whole week event as “a day for praising teachers and acknowledging their contributions to shape our lives”. Every year they offer achievement certificates, social media kits, gifts, contests, and suggestions to help the educator feel all the affection and gratitude for them.

Teacher appreciation day was celebrated on the 7th of March till 1984, but it has been moved to its current date. Many associations and organizations supply school needs and support teachers in many ways. To make your teacher special, just reach out to either current or an old teacher, offer your presence, love, gratitude, and praise them for their noble work, offering them some gifts, cards, donations, etc. Doing anything for them with a whole heart can indeed make them feel special.

Teachers shape and carve the children’s life. They work so hard to make students understand each thing by making every concept easy, so they certainly deserve almost all the credit that student does well. From primary school to college and university, every individual has at least one teacher who pushes their limits and brings out their best by certain motivation and inspiration. They certainly come up with fun ways to make children interested in studying. For an appreciation of teachers, some digital and social media platforms are also used to encourage and promote the work of teachers for society.

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