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Alaska Board of Nursing: Licensing Renewal Requirements for AK

Here are the guidelines that all nurse professionals must follow if they want to practice in Alaska. You can seek all the necessary information from the official website of the Alaska board of nursing, where all details about special registration to take nursing exams are announced periodically.

Licensure examination conducted by the Alaska board of nursing

A professional exam committee is formed to take examinations related to licensure. The agency helps the Alaska board of nursing to take exams, regulate nurses, grant licensure, and renew the licensure of every-

  • Licensed practical nurse (LPN)
  • Registered nurse (RN)
  • Vocational nursing professional

What are the nursing requirements needed to apply to the Alaska board of nursing?

  1. Every registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurse (LPN) should complete the desired pre-licensed hours, a minimum requirement. The Alaska board of nursing also accepts coursework related to the Alaska School of Health Profession.
  2. LPN candidates are also required in Alaska to earn a minimum educational degree by passing a post-secondary examination. This degree certifies that the licensed practical nurse has earned a degree from an accredited and reputable nursing school. LPN must apply to the Alaska board of nursing directly by visiting the official website if they want to pursue a CAN career without holding a baccalaureate degree
  3. Suppose you want to keep/maintain your license as a nurse in Alaska. In that case, you need to take various courses on crucial topics like how medical errors can be committed, Alaska rules and laws, etc.
  4. Alaska board of nursing requires the nurse to complete a minimum of one hour of continuing education if it is their first-time renewing nursing licensure. The continuing education needed for renewing the license must cover topics in HIV or AIDS.

How does the Alaska board of nursing renew licenses?

State nurses practicing in Alaska and holding nurse licensure in some other states are recognized by the Alaska board of nursing as long as they comply with all the rules. There are no disciplinary records or complaints made against them. The Alaska board also audits the applicant’s record of continuing education and whether the CE requirements have been fulfilled. After the audit, the applicant is sent a letter by the board followed by an updated and renewed nursing license. Nursing CE broker belonging to Alaska must be used by all applicants who want to renew their license from. Alaska board of nursing

Following things must be known in sequence for renewing a license

  • You must complete all CE requirements and check the official information from the official website
  • An application must be submitted for renewal
  • You are then required to pay the fees

Education, fees, and renewal requirements of APRN, RN, and LPN nurses in Alaska

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and Registered nurses (RN)

The APRN license lapses on 30th November of even year except for the newly issued license within ninety days. The APRN authorization will only be renewed when the RN license is renewed. It is also needed to hold and maintain national certification for renewing APRN license authorization. An APRN must hold a master’s degree or advanced graduation degree from an approved and reputable nurse education program. The fees paid by an APRN include-

  1. Application Fee (Non-Refundable) of $100
  2. APRN licensure fee of $100, if you apply for it
  3. Prescriptive authority fee of $100, if you apply for it
  4. Temporary permit fee of $100

APRNs must hold a certification in a specialty area and nursing education from a certified national body recognized by the Alaska board of nursing. Each APRN must provide proof of fifteen contact hours of education in the clinical management of drug therapy and advanced pharmacology within the last 2years before applying for authority. There are other requirements for APRNs.

Registered Nurse (RN) 

On the other hand, a registered nurse must hold an educational qualification from an approved nurse program. The fees paid by an RN include the following-

  • Non-refundable application fees worth $100
  • Licensing fee of $200
  • Temporary permit fee of $100 if you apply for it.
  • Fingerprint processing fee of $75

The renewal schedule of registered nurses takes place on 30th November of every even-numbered year.

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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 

The renewal schedule of licensed practical nurses takes place on 30th September of every even-numbered year. All authorizations and licenses expire on either 30th September (if applicable) or 30th November of even-numbered years irrespective of whether it’s been issued first except in an issue of a new license issued within ninety days of expiring date be given to the next biennium.

An LPN is required to complete an educational program 1year of time in the school of practical nursing for at least one year, as approved by the Alaska board. The fees paid by LPN include the following-

  1. Non-refundable application fee of $100.
  2. Licensing fee of $200.
  3. Temporary permit fees of $100
  4. Fingerprint processing fee of $75

What are NCLEX requirements required in the Alaska board of nursing?

As some states require nursing professionals to pass the NCLEX exam, which stands for the National Council of Licensure examination, Alaska is no exception. NCLEX is a standard test that professionals must give and pass to become licensed practical nurses and registered nurses to practice in Alaska. Alaska board of nursing requires candidates to take the NCLEX exam.

How can a nursing candidate obtain an Alaska nursing license?

Do you want to earn a nursing license in Alaska? In that case, you need to visit the Alaska board of nursing’s official website, and you are required to take an attempt in the corresponding examination. The examination cost is approximately 60 dollars, and additional charges can also be included for renewing the existing nursing license in Alaska.

How can nursing licenses be transferred to Alaska?

Nursing professionals can quickly and easily earn their license from the Alaska board of nursing to practice nursing in the state. They are just required to give evidence about working as a nursing professional for over two years without any issues or complaints against them with the licensing board. It brings more ease to both parties.

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