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When Did You Start Feeling Like a Competent Nurse?

Nursing is a much-diversified profession in which the people working there get to explore different environments each day. Some days a nurse would experience less patient traffic, while on other days, the flow of patients is extreme. A nurse has to be mentally prepared all the time, either if they are in the hospital or at home. I am saying this because they can be called in an emergency at any time of the day when the cases are severe. Not just this, but a nurse is also supposed to have a very calm personality as they have to deal with different people, including patients and other medical professionals.

A nurse is also seen as the middle-level manager in a hospital. The reason why I am saying this is that they get to transfer details about patients to the doctors, and the recommendation is given by the doctor to the patients. They are responsible for connecting a doctor with a patient by creating ease in compunction between them.

When a question like when did you start feeling like a competing nurse is asked to a nurse, it gets difficult for them to answer. The reason behind this is that many aspects are involved in a nursing profession, and thinking about the competency level a nurse has requires a deep thought process related to the characteristics involved in making a person a competent nurse.

What Is Nursing Competency?

Nursing competency refers to the personality, skills, and professionalism of a nurse currently practicing. A nurse is tested routinely based on the abovementioned things. A competent nurse is responsible for doing tasks on time without any error. They have not made sure that any data or serious complication is never caused due to a mistake made by a nurse.

Many organizations use tests and programs to assess nursing competency. One of the ways is seeing the stats about the errors made by a nurse within the given period in a working facility. These programs also include specific educational courses through which nurses can learn good skills. Any nurse who is not trained enough can get the training they might have routing.


The primary thing that a nurse should have to comment on is professionalism. It is built around behaving in a manner that is expected by the profession. When it comes to professionalism in nursing, a nurse must deal with patients to the best of their abilities; it enables the nurse to treat every patient similarly despite different ages, caste, races, or backgrounds. It also allows the nurse to keep the confidential data of patients protected. This and professionalism also include a nurse giving quality care to the patients.


The environment in which a nurse works can sometimes be challenging. Lack of focus can result in medical errors. Even experts in the health care field often result in naming mistakes that create problems for the patient being treated. To give the best possible care, the nurse needs to remain focused and deal with the patients with full attention and to the best of their ability.

Effective Communication

A person who works in an environment where they have to deal with different people should have practical communication skills. A nurse is a person who gets to meet and interact with other people every day. When it comes to the competency of a nurse, they need to take the proper time to listen to understand patients’ concerns. This also includes addressing the issue of patents in the right way and at the right time.

Not just this, but a burse also has to work with a team of medical professionals. History and details about every patient should be adequately communicated to the doctors. Effective communication helps in reducing the percentage of medical errors and making nurses competent in their profession.

Promote Health and Prevent Illness

Every health care professional is responsible for taking measures to prevent health care issues and promote health and fitness. The nurse also plays a vital role in making a preventive healthcare system effective. A competent nurse can educate people around them about promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing illnesses by giving extra health care support to people. An early diagnosis of this disease helps professionals treat it in the best manner. Nurses are supposed to improve patients’ health by evidence-based recommendations and encourage them to follow preventive measures.

Leadership and Management

People think that nurses can never be top-level management when they have to lead a team and become their representatives. This is not the case every time. A nursing career also has higher-level nursing roles that land you opportunities of being a leader and handling a team under you. This is also when a nurse becomes competent. But you need to have a few skills to be a leader. It would be best if you had the talent to make people of different mindsets work together for a collective goal. Not just this, but as a leader, a nurse has to manage the time and resources available.

These were the characteristic based on which a nurse should judge themselves. The moment they realize that they have the following things in them, they can confidently call themselves competent nurses.

Final Thoughts

Competency in a profession doesn’t come overnight. It requires a lot of hard work, experience, knowledge, and skills to reach a level when you can call yourself competent for a field. Nursing is a much-diversified profession. You learn different things every day by treating various kinds of patients. Your professional skills get enhanced by meeting other people and working in multiple settings.

Overall, the nursing profession is famous for its sound career growth. This is why being a competent nurse is not easy, and a nurse should invest a reasonable amount of time and effort to reach this level. We hope that now it is straightforward for you to know when precisely a nurse starts feeling competent.

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