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What Do You Call A Male Nurse?

It’s not always easy to know what to call someone, especially when it comes to jobs. For example, what do you call a male nurse? Some people might say “man nurse,” but that term is considered outdated and offensive by many. So, what is the right term to use? The truth is, there isn’t one definitive answer. Depending on where you are in the world, you might hear different terms being used to refer to male nurses.

Some of the more common terms include “male nurse,” “male nurse practitioner,” and “registered nurse.” However, it’s important to be aware that these terms can also be considered offensive by some people. In addition, some people might not feel as strongly as others as to what they consider acceptable.

In fact, as the Society of Male Nurses and Associates explains on its website, “The terms ‘male nurse’ or ‘male nurses’ is an expression that has been used since the founding of modern nursing with the first recorded reference in 1796. It would follow then that there are many references to male nurses throughout historical documents.”

According to them, “However, opinion varies widely on whether it is appropriate or offensive.” Meanwhile, another term for men who work in nursing is “man-midwife,” which was common until around 30 years ago. However, midwifery became a female-dominated profession, so this term fell out of favor and usage.

Male nurses can also be called “male healthcare professionals” or simply “healthcare professionals.” These terms are preferred by many because they don’t cast judgment or demean the profession instead, they focus on the job, not the gender.

Why a male nurse is a good idea

You might be thinking, “Why does this even matter? Male nurses are awesome! They can do everything a female nurse can do!” Well, actually, yes, but no. We all know men and women are different in every possible way, so obviously, nursing will be different depending on the gender of the nurse taking care of you. Before we talk about what makes male nurses awesome at their jobs, let’s look at why they’re awesome as people.

First of all, no one would ever argue that nurses aren’t kind, patient, and gentle by nature. And who is more naturally caring than a mother? A lot of male nurses have mothers who were nurses themselves or were the caregivers for their siblings while growing up.

So not only are they naturally nurturing people, but because a lot of them grew up around women in the nursing profession, they know everything there is to know about being a good nurse. They have an advantage over other men in the workforce just from that alone!

The benefits of having a male nurse

When you’re in the hospital, sometimes it can feel like all the nurses are interchangeable, and there’s no real difference between them. It’s true that each nurse brings slightly different things to his or her job as a nurse, but if you start to take note of which nurses really brighten your day and improve your health outcomes while you’re hospitalized, chances are good those will be the male nurses.

Even though men might not have as much life experience as female nurses do, they still know how to talk to patients and how to behave around them better than other men because of their upbringing and profession. Plus, research has shown that male nurses can help reduce anxiety in patients.

How male nurses help with recovery

In addition to making patients feel less stressed, male nurses help in other ways when people are recovering from illness or injury. They can provide patients with the extra support they need to get better faster because men are more goal-oriented than women and thus more likely to push their loved ones to recover quickly.

That’s not always a good thing (don’t we all wish some of our family members were just willing to relax and take it easy sometimes?), but in this situation, it means that even if you’re feeling awful and things don’t seem like they’ll ever get better, your nurse will encourage you through it so you’ll get back on your feet again.

What does having a male nurse mean about your care?

Although many men might be nervous about being cared for by a man, you shouldn’t be. In fact, male nurses are specially trained to provide patients with the same quality of care as female nurses do. They have to go through the same amount of schooling and clinical training as their female counterparts in order to be qualified for their jobs.

Because they’re so well-educated and experienced, you don’t need to worry about your male nurse making a mistake or thinking that something is wrong when it’s really not just because he doesn’t understand what a woman might be going through. If anything, having a male nurse can actually lead to better outcomes for patients because men deal with pain differently than women do.

Why should you choose a male nurse?

As we’ve already said, male nurses are just as capable of providing high-quality care as anyone else. In addition to that, they can bring a unique perspective to the nursing profession. As more and more men become nurses, we will see new techniques being introduced in hospitals around the country for how to treat patients who have certain illnesses or injuries.

And finally, if you want someone caring for you who have a proven track record of being gentle and comforting while still meeting your specific needs, then male nurses might be exactly what you’re looking for!


In conclusion, male nurses can be called the same name as female nurses. They are well educated and experienced in their jobs, they can reduce anxiety in patients and improve recovery times, and they provide the same high-quality care as anyone else would.

They bring a unique perspective to the profession, and although some people might be nervous about being cared for by a man, rest assured that male nurses go through the exact same amount of training and education as everyone else does.

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