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Nurse Salary in Assam

The salary of a Nurse in Assam is slightly higher than that of a similar professional in any other state in the country. If you have a higher education, you could earn more by becoming a nurse in Assam. In addition to that, you can also earn more by working in other states. Here are the states that pay the highest nurse salaries. In Assam, there are many reputed universities and hospitals.

Nurse Salary

Assam is a state that offers a great opportunity for unemployed candidates to work as a nurse. The salary range for nurse jobs in Assam is higher than the average pay in other states. The state’s health department posts various recruitment notifications each year, and the average salary range for nurse jobs in Assam is 21000 to 69000 rupees. If you are interested in working as a nurse, then you may find the latest recruitment notification on Sarkari result.

The average Nurse salary in Assam is around 22,700 INR per month. This is what is left over after taxes for nurses. About 75% of nurses earn more than this figure. The demand for nurses is expected to increase as the population increases. The average salary for a nurse in Assam is Rs. 16,200. This salary is slightly higher than the national average. If you have experience as a nurse, you may find Assam to be a great place to work.

Nurse salaries vary by experience level. Nurses with less than 2 years of experience can expect to earn about 15,500 Indian Rupees a month. However, nurses with five years of experience can earn more than INR 19,600 a month. An experienced Nurse will make about 25,800 per month. After fifteen years, they can expect to earn around 30,300 INR a month. It is important to note that nurses in Assam earn more in government hospitals than in private ones.

Registered Nurse Salary – Operating Room

A staff nurse RN – operating room in Assam makes between INR 19,778 and INR 25380 per month. This salary is close to the national average of INR 22,283. The highest paid Operating Room Nurses to make INR 6.1 lakhs per year, while the lowest paid are paid only INR 0.2 lakhs per year. Here is a look at some of the key facts about the Operating Room Registered Nurse salary in Assam:

As a registered nurse in an operating room, you’ll be responsible for the care of patients during the entire surgical process. Some RNs specialize in certain areas such as circulating, scrub nursing or first assistant. If you’d like to specialize in one area, you can focus on perioperative care or pediatrics. In Assam, you’ll likely be working with surgeons in an operating room.

The average Operating Room Registered Nurse salary in Assam is INR 23,179. This is well above the national average and is higher than in most places, including Omaha. Of course, you’ll also have to factor in the cost of living. But if you’re considering relocating to a new city, you can expect to earn more. After all, your salary is tied to the cost of living. If you’re moving to a new city for your job, consider the cost of living there, too.

Clinical Nurse Salary

Assam government has been reluctant to pay more to BSc nurses despite the high demand. After the 7th Pay Commission recommended higher grade pay for BSc nurses, they began an agitation demanding the same salary as BSc nurses. An agitated nurses’ delegation walked to Janata Bhawan and met government representatives. It included principal secretary (health) Samir K. Sinha, commissioner and secretary (health) Anurag Goel, and director of medical education Anup Barman.

The pay scale for registered nurses in Assam is slightly larger than the average salary of nursing professionals in other states. Several factors contribute to the difference between salaries in these two states. Those with more years of experience earn more than those with less education. The All Assam Students’ Union and Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti support the nurses’ cause. These two groups have urged the government to pay more to clinical nurses.

The average entry-level RN salary in Assam is Rs. 129K. It rises to Rs. 172K in mid-career and increases by 30% to Rs. 224K in senior-career positions. It is important to note that this salary is based on years of experience, so be sure to check for updates on Assam’s staff nurse salaries. There are also numerous opportunities in the state. If you want to join the Assam healthcare system, then the clinical nurse salary in Assam is higher than the national average.

Registered Nurse Salary – Medical/Surgical

The minimum salary for a registered nurse in Assam is Rs. 20,000 per month. However, this salary is comparatively less than what is paid for the same profession in other states. Despite the low basic salary, nurses can earn a comfortable living in the state, with some advantages over their private sector counterparts. Here are the benefits of becoming a nurse in Assam.

The average salary for a Registered Nurse in Assam is higher than the salary for a Medical/Surgical nurse in other states in India. It is estimated that over 194,000 openings will occur by the end of the decade, with many openings being created by workers leaving the workforce. To find salaries by specialty, state, and education, visit O*NET. You can also view salary data by location.

Licensed Practical Nurse Salary

Licensed Practical Nurse salaries in Assam are higher than their counterparts in other states. However, if you are interested in working as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Assam, you should be aware of the local salary scale and other factors that will affect your total cash compensation. Listed below are some important facts about Licensed Practical Nurse salaries in Assam. You can also find the corresponding salary scale for other states here.

Registered Nurse Salary- Home Health

A Registered Nurse’s salary may vary by city. In Assam, the average salary is INR 23719, but in Assam, the highest paying city is Guwahati. This salary range reflects regional differences in wages, which may not affect advancement opportunities.

While nursing is a very rewarding profession, it is not for everyone. In Guwahati, you may earn more than the average salary in Assam. However, you can earn higher salaries in the capital of Assam if you want to work in a maternity home. If you live in Guwahati, you may be able to find contract work in a nursing home.

A Registered Nurse’s salary at Home Health in Assam may be lower than in other cities, but it is a solid starting salary. Many home health agencies provide substantial benefits, including paid sick and vacation time, onsite childcare, and prescription coverage. Some home health agencies also provide tuition reimbursement and onsite childcare. Registered Nurses in Assam can choose from a number of paths depending on their level of education and desired compensation.

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