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Nurse Salary in China?

In China, salaries for nurses vary greatly according to education and experience. Most nurses need to undergo two years of continuing education after their initial training. This article will give you an idea of the average salary for nurses in China. Also, you will learn how the salary of a nurse varies across various regions and sexes. Listed below are the salary ranges for a Nurse in China.

Nurse Salary Distribution in China

In the country, there are approximately 1.3 million nurses working at government-owned health centers. These nurses earn low salaries, and many intend to switch occupations or seek jobs outside China. However, the cost of living in China is relatively high. The average annual cost of living in Beijing is Y=486,896 CNY. In addition, there are additional factors affecting the salary of nurses in China. Below is a breakdown of the nurse salary distribution in Beijing.

In contrast, the Chinese government has organized programs to send English-speaking nurses overseas to work in foreign hospitals. The government, however, charges between 10 to 15 percent of the annual salary as “handling fees” for overseas employment. These contracts last for two to three years, and the vast majority of Chinese nurses return to their home hospitals after a few years. But there are several reasons why Chinese nurses don’t stay in foreign hospitals.

Nurse Salary Comparison by Years of Experience

As you can see, China pays nurses a very low median salary. However, there are some differences. For example, the top-paid nurses in China earn nearly seven times as much as the lowest-paid ones. Also, the median salary is not a good indicator of nurse pay in China. It is important to know where you fit in the pay scale to determine how much money you can expect to earn in China.

In China, a nurse’s salary typically doubles every ten years. The figures listed here are averages based on the change in salary over time. Of course, salary increases will vary based on your experience. Nonetheless, Chinese nurses can expect to receive 9% annual increases in their salaries. This increase in pay is about double the national average. If you are looking to advance in your career, a nurse should consider this.

The highest salaries are earned by nurses with more than two years of experience. Those with less than two years of experience can expect to make 288122 CNY. However, this figure does not include the cost of additional continuing education. A nurse who has worked in China for over two years will typically earn approximately five thousand dollars per year. However, the pay gap will widen if you’ve changed jobs a few times.

Nurse Salary Comparison By Education

If you are considering a career in nursing in China, you might be surprised to know that salaries can vary greatly. Regardless of the location of your nursing school, you can find out about the average salary by education in China. The country also offers several graduate nursing programs that follow the same curriculum as U.S. nursing schools. While the number of Chinese nurses is relatively low, the shortage of qualified nursing professionals has left many young graduates without jobs and older nurses losing their positions to younger competition.

The average registered nurse salary in Beijing, CN is Y=254,791 per year or Y=122 per hour. This is nearly 13% higher than the national average and includes a bonus of Y=4,179. The salary estimates are based on surveys conducted with anonymous employees. Entry-level registered nurses earn Y=182,612 per year, while senior-level registered nurses earn Y=318,851.

The study also compared the salaries of nurses at four different educational levels. Nurses with bachelor’s degrees earned higher salaries than those with associate’s degrees. In general, nursing salaries in China are lower for associate’s degree holders than for those with master’s degrees. Nurses with master’s degrees in nursing, on the other hand, make more than those with doctorates. In China, the salaries of these professionals are similar across different educational levels, but the salaries are slightly different.

Nurse Salary Comparison By Gender

As in other developed countries, there is little debate on whether increasing funding for nurses at the hospital level will increase the number of jobs available. In China, however, the shortage of nurses in the workforce is mainly due to an oversupply of positions. The government has organized overseas employment activities and a new program to provide free nursing education to 150,000 new recruits each year. Unless these measures are implemented, the shortage of nurses will continue to increase. In addition, the Community Health Service will greatly increase the demand for nurses.

The current study was conducted in both the mainland and Macau regions. Interviews were conducted with twenty-four clinical male nurses from a variety of health institutions in the two regions. Interviews were semi-structured, and similar interview guidelines were used on both sites. Nvivo11 Plus software was used to analyze data. The results of this study are presented in Table 1.

The survey included a total of 10 percent of nurses in each of the three major departments. These samples represent a large percentage of the total number of nurses in China. The average salary for nursing falls into the “below-average” category. However, in China, a nurse with at least three years of experience earns around 2024 CNY per month. This salary is slightly higher if the employee lives in a coastal area.

Nurse Average Annual Salary Increment Percentage

In China, a Nurse who works as a level 2 registered nurse earns an average of Y=254,791 a year, which is about Y=122 an hour. This is nearly 12% more than the national average. This salary is not including bonuses, which may be as much as 4,179 Y. Based on anonymous employee surveys in Beijing, CN, a Nurse at the entry-level earns Y=182,612 per year. On the other hand, a senior-level registered nurse earns Y=318,851 a year.

The Chinese nursing shortage is severe. While the population of China is 1.3 billion, there are only 2.18 million registered nurses. This shortage has led to an age-discrimination problem among nurses. Younger nurses tend to be paid less than their elder colleagues and are often forced to take less challenging positions. Age discrimination is also a big problem in China, and Chinese nurses may be less than ideal in terms of salary, so it is important to have up-to-date knowledge of nursing in the country.

Despite these challenges, the demand for nurses is high in the country, with many nurse graduates seeking overseas jobs. The shortage of qualified staff makes the nursing workforce in China unstable, so the country must improve nursing education. As of 2011, China had 862 diploma programs and 307 advanced diploma programs, while just 192 baccalaureate programs existed. There were also only 65 master’s and ten doctoral programs, so China needs more nurses to fill nursing positions.


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