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Nurse Salary in the Netherlands

Considered a surprisingly good country to serve as a nurse, Netherland currently desperately needs additional nursing personnel. Because of the rising need for medical and public health, the nursing sector of the healthcare business is one of the most popular ones today. To pursue a lucrative profession in the long term, countless immigrant children have decided to comprehend nursing in the Netherlands, informally Holland.

Nursing As a Profession in the Netherlands

The field of nursing in the Netherlands entails several significant duties within the healthcare system. It collaborates with other medical specialists to care for, safeguard, and help sufferers in various circumstances. Hence is called a noble profession whose requirements must be fulfilled to practice there.

Gross Expected Salary of Nurse in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the average monthly income for a nurse is about 3,920 EUR; the minimum wage is 1,840 EUR, and the maximum is 6,190 EUR.

  • The median net income for nurses working in the Netherlands is € 62.308 or € 30 per hour.
  • The typical wage for an enrolled nurse as a fresh graduate, i.e. with around 1-3 years of experience, is €44.155.
  • The average income for senior-level nursing staff having 8+ years of experience is €77.098.

Salary Progress with Level of Experience in the Netherlands

It is, however, expected that the higher the level of experience, the greater the pay range. For easy understanding, let us illustrate it with a table:


(higher to lower)

More than 20 years EUR 5,840
15 to 20 years EUR 5,370
10 to 15 years EUR 5,080
5 to 10 years EUR 4,170
2 to 5 years EUR 2,930
0 to 2 years EUR 2,130

Salary Progress With Level of Education in the Netherlands

The usual salary of a registered nurse in the Netherlands stands around EURO 2,930 per month for Bachelor’s degree. In contrast, one with a Master’s degree has 83% more pay, which is EURO 5,370 per month.


Additionally, employees receive a bonus that is typically €1.022. Wage projections were compiled from confidential worker and employer responses to a paid survey conducted in the Netherlands.

Appraisal Rate

In the Netherlands, nurses may expect their pay to rise by around 10% every 17 months. In comparison, other than the nursing profession, employees receive a 9% yearly raise, which is the national rate for all occupations altogether, after every 15 months.

Family Nurse Clinician/Practitioner

A healthcare professional who has completed the specific practical and academic training needed to provide primary patient safety that is family-focused is known as a family nurse practitioner. Like a family doctor, a family nurse practitioner treats patients of any age to identify medical issues, treat disease, write prescriptions, and maintain health throughout the patient’s life span.

Family Nurse Practitioner’s Salary in the Netherlands

The average yearly pay for a family nurse clinician in the Netherlands is around 54,460 EUR, with the least yearly income being around 26,020 EUR and the maximum annual wage being 84,740 EUR.

By Experience

  • 1-2 Years of Experience: FNPs with less than two years of expertise might anticipate making around 26,280 EUR annually.
  • 2-5 years of expertise: The typical FNP annual income would rise to 37,740 EUR after two to five years of service.
  • 5-10 years’ service: The usual pay for an FNP with five to 10 years of experience is approximately 56,140 EUR.
  • 10–15 Years of Experience: The average income reaches about 67,360 EUR if one has over ten years of experience.
  • 15-20 years of expertise: FNP may expect to estimate 73,880 EUR with 15 to 20 years of expertise.
  • More than 20 Years of Expertise: The anticipated average income for a Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 20 years grows to 80,580 EUR.

By Education

However, even though education plays a vital role in the pay scale for a nurse as a family practitioner, it is also primarily based on your location and career path. Mentioned as following is the data for an FNP salary as of education in the Netherlands:

  • Degree of Bachelor: expect a typical of EUR 33,440 if you possess Bachelor’s degree and are serving as a Family Nurse Practitioner in the Netherlands.
  • Degree of Master’s: occupation of Family Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s degree pays you around EUR 51,080 on average.
  • Degree of Doctorate (PhD): Lately, the highest the degree, the major the superior would be the pay. A doctorate/Ph.D. level of education can make a Family Nurse Practitioner’s income about EUR 85,940.

Family Nurse Practitioner’s Bonus & Incentives in the Netherlands

In general perception, an amount of bonus or allowance is also crucial other than the incentive/salary for a professional making instant income. Nevertheless, Family Practice Nursing in the Netherlands is a mild bonus-gaining occupation where according to a survey report, 60% of the FP nursing staff have received bonus varying between 2% to 7% (based on excellence and performance) in the last 12 months where 40% gained no bonus in the previous 12 months.


Nursing is the backbone of healthcare and the medical industry worldwide. To meet the rising requirement of an elderly society, healthcare employment, which is currently in short supply, is predicted to rise significantly. Although there are many different careers in this field, most make above-average incomes and call for further training. Medical careers may be found almost anywhere, encompassing countryside and urban environments, although having less remote employment prospects than other professions. Despite the strong job stability that comes with professions in healthcare, these jobs sometimes require lengthy hours, including overnight and vacation shift work, especially for those who are just starting. But luckily, the Netherlands understands this struggle of the nursing staff. It pays a well-stable salary with a maximum of around EURO 4,144 and a minimum of approximately EURO 545 per month.

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