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Nurse Salary in New Orleans

Nursing is the career of professionals who dedicate themselves to care to restore and maintain people’s health. They generally work in a multidisciplinary team with other health professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, etc. If you’re interested in becoming a nurse but still confused about its paying benefits, you have come to the right place!

So, without wasting more time, scroll down to see what you seek.

A Glimpse of Nursing Salary

The primary role of a nurse is to take care of people and help recover patients. Its principal activities will be to take care of patients and monitor the evolution of their clinical condition. Do you want to work in promoting health, making dressings, giving injections, working in emergency services, and even leading teams? If your answer is Yes, nursing is the best choice for you.

Nursing professionals can work in various contexts and places, such as in clinics, hospitals, private companies, universities, laboratories, and even in patient’s homes, known in the country as home care or nursing home.

The salary can vary depending on factors such as experience, area of ​​expertise, specialization, and even the size of the contracting company.

According to a survey, these professionals earn an average income ranging from US$ 104,000 to US$ 159,000 a year. This amount is equivalent to the US $13,000 per month.

Below is the chart which will give you an idea of nursing salary according to career path.

Jobs Average Salary/year
Home Nurse $72462
Licensed Nurse- LPN $50,208
ICU Nurse $100562
Nurse Practitioner $114,987
Critical Care Nurse $79400
Nursing Assistant $33,703
Registered Nurse $73,770
Psychiatric Nurse (NP) $112,810
Obstetric Nurse $76200

Salary Increment

The expression ‘Yearlypayraise’ usually directs to the increment in 12 months, but because it hardly happens that employees get their wages rechecked precisely in one year.

Nurse(s) in New Orleans is expected to see a pay rise of around 9% every 18-calendar months. The nationwide typically early increase meant for all careers joint is 8%. It is given to personnel every 16-calendar months.

Salary Progression

Does experience affect your pay? Of course, it does!

The learning and skill level is the most powerful tool in establishing the salary. Needless to say, further years of practice give you extra. We sort out Nurse earnings by years of working experience they have. Keep reading!

A nurse with a minimum or below two years of experience makes roughly $44,300 annually.

But a nurse with experience in the middle of 2 and 5 years is assumed to get $57,900 annually – 31% more than a nurse with experience of fewer than two years.

Going ahead, a nurse whose expertise is in the middle of 5 and ten years gets a pay of $81,000 annually – 40% higher than a nurse with 2 to 5 years of practice.

Furthermore, a nurse with a proficiency level between 10 and 15 years earns a payment equal to $97,400 annually – 20% higher than somebody with 5 to 10 years of practice.

If the expertise degree is between15 to 20 years, the likely pay is $106,000 annually, 9% higher than somebody with experience between 10 to 15 years.

Finally, workers with higher than 20 years’ worth of qualified expertise earn pay of $114,000 annually – 8% higher than people with 15 to 20 years of working experience.

Impact Of Education on Salary

Everyone knows that greater schooling makes equally a greater pay range. However, it is hard to determine the actual increase in your salary. We narrowed down nurse wages by comparing them to degree levels. If your schooling equals a bachelor’s degree, the expected standard wage will be $54,700 annually.

An individual who has received his master’s degree earns $97,000 annually, 77% higher than someone with a bachelor’s.

Nurse Wages According to Gender

In reality, gender manages to impact salary, although it must not. Thus, which gender gets compensated more: males or females? Male Nurse employees in New Orleans get paid 6% lesser than their feminine colleagues.

Bonuses and Incentives

The nursing profession is assumed to be a low-slung incentive-built job because of the usually restricted contribution to immediate profit making, including omissions. The individuals who make the top incentives are generally one way or the other involved in the revenue creation phase.

Individuals who got incentives described amounts varying from 1% to 3% of their yearly salary.

Kinds Of Bonuses

Personal Accomplishment Bonus

One of the most customary kinds of incentive in which the staff is presented is established by their remarkable accomplishment. A nurse can be given a specific amount for their performance. Among the bonuses of this type is the famous “employee of the month” — indeed, you must have seen its examples in various organizations.

Business Performing Bonuses

One way to encourage the growth of employees, especially newcomers, is to offer bonuses for the evolution achieved in the company, month by month. Advantages like this make employees want to improve their performance because, in addition to the bonus, they will be highlighted in the company for their high performance in their activities.

Goal-Based Bonuses

Talking about hitting targets usually brings us back to the commission. But you don’t have to hold on to this benefit. Depending on the business, this is trivial and doesn’t represent anything new. Also, not every company offers commissions to employees.

Holiday / New Year Bonus

They are kinds of extras awarded for no apparent reason and generally seem like what you call an admiration gesture.

Overtime Pay

Generally, hourly personnel in New Orleans are entitled to a separate overtime pay fee for any hours done over a total of 40 in one work week.

A registered nurse in New Orleans earns approximately $1200 yearly for overtime.


So, above is all you need to know about nursing salaries in New Orleans. If you want to join the profession, you go ahead. It is an essential field in the health care industry.

I hope you will find everything you need to know about salary from a nursing perspective.

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