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Nurse Salary in Oman

Due to the latest medical care system and growth in nursing as a profession since the 1970s, Oman is among the high-ranked countries where nurses from other countries desire to practice.

Apart from all, Oman is erratically growing in population. Thus, the problem of managing the country’s health care services is a big issue now. However, the state’s Health Ministry is trying to resolve the problem of significant demand and less supply with support to nursing education and training for future hiring, along with recruiting qualified foreign nurses.

Nursing Sector in Oman – Types

There are multiple types of nurses in general, but some of the major nurses hired by the Health Ministry of Oman are under. Once a person is accepted as a nurse in Oman, the Ministry assigns the job designation. Their allocation depends on the need of nursing staff in various departments.

  • Staff Nurse
  • Nurse serving in the Delivery Room
  • Acute/ Intensive Care Nurse
  • Dialysis or CCU Nurse
  • Healthcare Service Nurse

Average Yearly Income of Nurses in Oman

With the least average yearly pay being about 10,320 OMR and the most average annual compensation being 24,860 OMR, a nurse in Oman can expect an average income of 16,720 OMR per year.

Average Monthly Income of Nurses in Oman

In Oman, the average monthly salary for an employed nurse is about 1,710 OMR. From 1,100 OMR (the lowest total) to 3,290 OMR (the highest average), there are various pay scales (the usual maximum salary may be higher).

Average Hourly Income of Nurses in Oman

In Oman, the standard hourly rate (pay per hour) is 10 OMR. Accordingly, Omani worker makes about 10 OMR for each hour they put in their service.

Determinant Factors for the Nurse Salary in Oman

There could be some other reasons affecting the salary of nurses in Oman, yet here are some of the most common factors:

Salary Based on Academics Level

With a higher educational degree comes a heightened sense of duty, upgraded knowledge, and the expected income. Therefore we, in this article, are closely looking for the difference between the salaries of two distinct levels:

  • Bachelor’s Level Salary: Oman pays a Bachelor’s degree-owning nurse for around an average of OMR 12,000.
  • Master’s Level Salary: A Master’s degree holder nurse may make the usual of OMR 21,400.

Salary Based on Expertise Level

The export sector significantly impacts the variation in experience-based remuneration between places. In short, with a variation in experience level, the other factors that hugely determine a nurse’s salary in Oman are the sector s/he chooses and the region to practice. Here is the data relying upon the expertise level income:


(higher to lower)

More than 20 years OMR24,840
15 to 20 years OMR 23,080
10 to 15 years OMR 21,380
5 to 10 years OMR 17, 860
2 to 5 years OMR 14,540
0 to 2 years OMR 8,880

Salary Based on Gender

We are aware that there must never be a salary disparity between both men and women in the present day. Sadly, there remains a significant pay gap between men and women in many industries when comparing their incomes for equivalent positions. Simultaneously, here is the comparison for nursing professionals based on gender:

  • A male nursing assistant in Oman can expect an average salary of 16,880 OMR, while a female nurse can expect to make about 15,920 OMR.

This indicates that a male nursing staff makes around 6% more money for doing a similar job than female nursing staff.

Approximate Appraisal Rate for Nurses in Oman

According to an analysis, a nurse in Oman typically receives a wage boost of 8% every 21 months. However, the average salary increase for all occupations and sectors is about 7% every 19 months in Oman. In this instance, it is clear that there are more than the usual 12 months of average wage increases.

Nevertheless, it is clear that a nurse may anticipate a 5% wage increase on average every 12 months in Oman.

Benefits Other Than Salary Allotted to Nurses in Oman


With only 23% of nurses reporting receiving bonuses in the last year, nursing is a modest bonus career in Oman. 77% of those surveyed said they hadn’t gotten a bonus in the preceding year. The reported bonuses for the staff who earned incentives during the preceding 12 months varied from 1% to 2%.

Moreover, in another survey, when asked if they had obtained any rewards or incentives in the preceding year, 52% of the nursing staff who responded to the study indicated no. In comparison, 48% said yes, whereas bonus recipients reported rising employment that ranged from 3% to 5% of their annual incomes.

City-Wise Income of Nurses in Oman

If you are looking for a specific city in Oman to work and earn as a nurse, we have got you! Comparing different cities paying their nursing staff, we have discovered and brought the data for the following:

  • Salalah pays approximately 17,860 OMR to nurses.
  • Masqat pays around 15,700 to its paramedical staff.

Salaries for Particular Nursing Jobs

Contemporary nursing occupations pay radically different wages in Oman. See the salaries for different occupational positions below if you’re concerned about the pay for a particular role:

Assistant Director Nurse OMR 2,450
Head of Nursing Staff OMR 1,540
ICU Nurse OMR 1,480
Ward Nurse OMR 1,380
House Nurse OMR 1,320


There you go! The above-mentioned are the basic things you must know if you are employed as a nurse in Oman. We have provided information from scratch on hourly pay to the yearly salary of nurses, indicating the factors that hugely comprise the wages, introducing you to their appraisal rates, and even the other data we suppose you need. Although Oman runs short of paramedics, a qualified foreign nurse must satisfy their recruitment procedure.

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