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Minnesota Board of Dentistry: Licensing Renewal Requirements for MN

If you are a dentist registered in Minnesota, you shouldn’t miss out on the renewal process. And if you’re wondering how to do it, look no further as we are here to guide you on how to do it. Note that renewing your dentist license is vital so that the regulating board doesn’t revoke your license, and you won’t be able to practice.

Every State has different laws and regulations for the license renewal process. So, if you’re a Minnesota registered dentist, you should follow their renewal requirements to get approved.

Read on as we help you sort out the needs and requirements for renewing your dentistry license in Minnesota.

Minnesota Board of Dentistry

The Board of Dentistry is the regulating authority in Minnesota, and every dentist registered with the State should abide by it. This regulating body was established to set standards for the dental professionals within the State. It strives to uphold ethical practice and give licenses to competent dentists.

They make sure that every dental professional in Minnesota has fulfilled the minimum requirements set by the board for safe practice. The Minnesota Board of Dentistry monitors everything with due diligence, from permitting license to the renewal of license. It’s been reported that Minnesota has 3,342 licensed dentist professionals.

For instance, if you want to get a dentist license from the Minnesota Board of Dentistry, here is what an applicant should have:

  • They must be at least eighteen years old.
  • An individual should be a dental school graduate recognized by the American Dental Association Commission.
  • An individual should pass three exams:
  • ADEX Dental Licensing Examination
  • Dental National Board of Examination
  • Minnesota Laws and Rules Examination

The board is meticulous with its needs and requirements to avoid any discrepancies. For the safety of the public and to provide competent dentists, the regulating body sets norms and standards. With strict guidelines, it avoids unethical practices and illegal behavior.

License Renewal Requirements for Dental Professional in Minnesota

The Board of Dentistry in Minnesota has made it mandatory that every registered dentist should renew their license every two years. The renewal period is between January and April. So, if your renewal date is approaching, make sure to update your status.

It’s vital to update your license on time so that you can continue your practice. Furthermore, your eligibility status for the dental board needs to be updated first before you apply for license renewal.

Additionally, if you’re a licensee practicing outside Minnesota without license renewal, you’ll have to take several exams. After passing the exams, you will be recertified and practice again in the State.

To apply for license renewal, you can visit the official website to download the application online. Before that, you also need to complete CE (Continuing Education) to qualify for the renewal. It is set by the board, and you have to fulfill it to get your license renewed. Furthermore, you need to complete your background check with the State authority to see if there is any criminal record.

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements for Dentist in Minnesota

Every dentist professional must take CE courses to get their license renewed.

  • Dentist

A dentist should complete fifty hours CE course every two years and should complete at least two courses within the renewal period. Additionally, a dentist should choose two different subjects. Here is a list of subjects:

  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Infection control
  • Patient communication
  • Record keeping
  • Management of medical emergencies
  • Ethics

These are the subjects a dentist must choose for the CE course. They can choose only two and not more than that plus the subjects should be from different areas. For example, if you choose infection and control for the first subject, the second subject should be record-keeping.

Furthermore, if you’re a controlled substance prescriber, you must finish a one-time requirement of topics related to opioid prescribing and controlled substances. The credit course is for two hours, and it covers a vast aspect of opioid prescribing. The board made this requirement effective from January 1, 2020.

  • Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienists

Dental assistants and dental hygienists should cover twenty-five hours of CE course every two years for license renewal. Like a dentist, they must cover a minimum of two subjects from different areas. Here is the list of subjects to choose from:

  • Ethics
  • Infection control
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Management and medical emergencies
  • Record keeping
  • Patient communications

The list of subjects is the same as the dentist, but the completion period is lower.

Accreditations and Approvals

We know that many of you might be wondering about education providers approved by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry. But don’t worry, as we tell you, the ones recognized by the board.

The State Board accepts courses from NetCE as it is ADA (American Dental Association) recognized. Furthermore, they give assistance to the dental professional in identifying good education providers for their CE course. Note that Board Dentistry of Minnesota accepts any course provider approved and recognized by ADA.

NetCE is ADA approved and recognized by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry. You can complete your education through courses offered by this provider.

When you’re planning to take a CE course, it’s always advisable to see that the board approves the course provider. Whether dentistry or nursing, make sure the State regulating board approves it. If you take up a course not approved by the board, it will become null, and you have to retake the CE course.


So, if you’re a licensed dentist from Minnesota, this is some of the information you need to know. For license renewal, you need to complete the CE course to get approval from the board. The subject list is the same for a dentist, dental assistant and dental hygienist. So, you can choose any two courses you like but make sure that it’s from a different area. We hope this article was helpful and wish you all the luck to your renewal path.

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