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Minnesota Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for MN

Minnesota ranks high among the best states for medical practitioners, and it is no surprise that the number of physicians is increasing daily. The state offers an extremely strong economy, high numbers of insured patients, and the best community that supports proper health care and safety.

A bonus is the Minnesota Board of Medicine which not only issues licenses but promotes strict maintenance of law and regulations among its physicians. This ensures the safety and the best healthcare for the public/patients.

If a practitioner violates any of the rules or regulations the Board has set, he/she will be dismissed from service or will not be granted a license and take strict disciplinary action. One of the laws states the same for a practitioner who practices with an expired license.

Therefore, it is important to note that the renewal of your medical license is important, and you should tread carefully.

In this article, we walk you through how to get a license issued by the Minnesota Board of Medicine and the renewal process in MN.

So what are the requirements to get yourself licensed in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Board of Medicine oversees everything related to licensure, regulates, and issues the license according to the candidate’s eligibility. They must go through certain steps and procedures to ensure they can deal with patients up to the Board’s standards.

Since the Board takes the public’s well-being and healthcare seriously, these steps are well needed to maintain professionalism and check if they are competent enough to handle the responsibilities.

Minnesota now does not allow applicants to be there physically unless they are resolving an issue, so the application is processed online through their portal. The instructions are also mentioned on their official website.

However, to save time, we made this easy guide to walk you through the application process. Below are the steps you need to take to ensure to get yourself licensed in Minnesota:

  • For an easy and quick approach, you should have all the documents requested and send them together while applying. This approach makes it easier and faster for your licensure process. However, it also saves you the trouble of getting delayed or rejected in the worst possible outcome.
  • The Board will charge you a mandatory fee during the application process. The fees are not refundable, must be in US currency, and carefully make sure the checks are payable to the Board.
  • A mandatory criminal record check ensures the candidate is an upstanding citizen. The Board ensures that they do not grant licenses to practitioners convicted on criminal sexual conduct offense charges on a felony level, and the Board carefully examines candidates who have been disciplined in other states.
  • The Board accepts additional documentation like court orders, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, etc., if your documents provided do not have the same name.
  • International graduates must have an ECFMG certificate and must have completed USMLE, FLEX, LMCC, or the state exam. The Board also requires the international graduates to have graduated from a medical school in the WFME along with other documents.

How to look up the license of a practitioner in MN?

The medical license look-up is done through the Medical Board of Medicine’s official website. You can look up any practitioner’s license in Minnesota and their medical background.

Through their portal, you can verify a practitioner’s license by searching his/her license number, town, or simply putting in his name. All the information about the physician will be shown to you, including his/her board certifications, license expiration date, education, etc.

What is the procedure to renew your license in the state of Minnesota?

A physician’s license is renewed every two years to ensure safety and quality practices. The Minnesota Board of Medicine handles this case with extreme sincerity.

The Board requires each practitioner to acquire 75 hours of continuing medical education (CME) every three years. The medical practitioners should renew their licenses annually, based solely on their birth month.

You will pay a fee for the renewal process, and no practitioner is given a grace period after the mentioned renewal date and month. Any physician who has not renewed their licenses after midnight must apply for a new registration to continue their medical career.

You will need to send additional documents as required along with the application form, which is filled out and submitted on their website. This process usually takes an hour, and you are notified.

If you are not notified, you can check their website for updates.


Minnesota is a great state for all medical practitioners, and the Minnesota Board of Medicine keeps its standards high to ensure that the people of the state are well taken care of by their professional and content physicians. Feel free to visit their official website for more information on the process.

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