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Maryland Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for MD

Maryland is known as the “free state,” and being a medical practitioner here has its perks. The average salary of a physician’s career is top-notch in the state, and the Maryland Board of Medicine does not lack in being stern.

The Board of MD sets strict laws and regulations, and practitioners are tasked to follow these guidelines. Strict measures and disciplinary actions are taken if any practitioners are found guilty of breaking any laws.

One of the strict measures they take is to fine practitioners at least $50,000 if any is found practicing with an expired license. It is important to note down the renewal process and how to do it to avoid this hassle.

In this article, we walk you through the process of getting yourself licensed as a medical practitioner and how renewal for your license is done in Maryland.

So what are the requirements to get yourself licensed in Maryland?

The Maryland Board of Medicine issues the license and regulates the activities done by practitioners. This ensures all the state physicians meet the requirements to provide the best healthcare services for their patients.

Conning through your way with the Board would be rather questionable and impossible at the same time. You need to go through the right process and apply for a license. The official website has guidelines and instructions you can follow while applying.

However, for most of us, it may be a little complicated to read it ourselves, so we made an easy guide to walk you through it.

Having all the basic requirements in hand

  • Education

You must have an education from a medical school to get licensed in Maryland. So make sure you have a copy of your original school document.

  • Exams

Candidates must go through a pick-and-choose exam out of the 5 tests, which are the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), Medical Council of Canada (LMCC), Federation Licensing Exam (FLEX), National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME/COMLEX).

  • Post-graduate

Post-graduate training will solely depend on whether you graduated from the US or a foreign-based medical school. Applicants from the US have at least 12- months of hand training, which is 24 months for a candidate studying abroad. However, both applicants have the same two accreditations.

  • Criminal history.

The Board will require your criminal history records, so you must complete your criminal history check to ensure that you’re a law-abiding citizen. The Board does this check to prevent problems concerning the patient’s safety, and it is unethical to hire a criminal with a record.

  • Your application

With everything in hand, you can proceed to fill out your application and submit all the necessary documents for a smooth licensing process. Failure to submit any documents may lead to delay or rejection.

There are two ways to apply for a license if you’re a new licensee:

  • The UA (Uniform Application through FSMB)
  • The standard application.

After filling in all the details, you can mail them or send them through their email.

Additional supporting documents include:

  • Examination transcripts are requested to be sent directly to the Board through the testing organization that conducted the test for you. The Board might also ask for diplomas from your medical school directly, so start calling.
  • If you have different names on your document, you need to provide them with a marriage license, divorce decree, or court order as proof.

What is the procedure to renew your license in Maryland?

There is also a procedure to renew your license from the Maryland Board of Medicine. The board requires you to renew your license every two years to maintain public safety and the standards kept for physicians.

You can renew your license on the official website of MD. Practitioners whose last name starts with A-L must renew on even years by September 30, and those whose last name starts with M-Z must renew on odd years by September 30.

You’ll have to pay a fee for the renewal application to process. Unfortunately, Maryland does not offer a grace period, so once you hit the last date and fail to renew your license, you can no longer work as a physician unless you get reinstated.

The Board also requires its practitioners to go through CME (Continuing Medical Education) before renewal. This means you need to earn at least 50 credits to be eligible.

First-timers must complete the New Physician Orientation course before the renewal process. The renewal process takes around an hour to complete, and you are notified once it is processed.


Maryland is the spot for you to have a great medical career and the Maryland Board of Medicine ensures this quality. For more information on the renewal and issue of licenses, visit the official website.

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