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Kansas Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for KS

A total of over 4,062 active medical practitioners are recorded in 2022 in Kansas, and it keeps growing by the day. While working in medicine has its joy and perks, being a practitioner in Kansas couldn’t be more favorable since the state allows its physicians to have more flexibility.

The Kansas Board of Medicine has strict laws and regulations before handing out a license to a capable practitioner. As such, you can only work with the proper licensure in Kansas.

But part of having a license is that it does expire, and you need to renew it. Practicing medicine without a license is illegal, and you will be dealt with accordingly to the state’s law if found dealing with patients with an expired license.

You need to follow specific steps and procedures to renew it. In this article, we lead you through the course of action of getting a license in the state of Kansas and how to renew it.

How do I get my license in Kansas? The steps and procedure

The Kansas Board of Medicine regulates and handles the licensing in the state, so to be a part of the medical practitioners in KS, you need to apply for licensure with the Board.

The purpose of this is to safeguard the public from unprofessionalism and educate and discipline the state’s physicians for the well-being of their patients.

The Board does a background check to ensure you have no criminal records, and there are guidelines for first-timers looking to get themselves licensed on the official website.

However, we have made it easier for you to understand if you find yourself lost with the guidelines they have provided. Below are the steps you need to take to get yourself licensed in the state of Kansas:

  • Secure and confirm that all your documents are ready to be sent when you apply for your license. The Board takes this seriously, and failure to submit all the required information may lead to processing delays or, in the worst-case scenario, rejection.
  • Ensure that you pay your application fee. The Kansas Board of Medicine charges you an application fee which you can pay through the official website. They accept all kinds of cards, including credit, debit, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and checks.
  • In the case of not using FCVS to verify your credentials, you will need to submit the original copy of your different examination results as directed on each of the forms or contact each of the correct examination entities to send the Board a certified transcript of your scores directly.
  • A national criminal background check is required to ensure that only an ideal citizen gets a license to work as a physician. This also provides public safety and well-being.
  • In case you don’t have the same names in all your documents, it is required for you to send the Board a copy of your certified legal name change document, which can be a divorce decree, a marriage certificate, or a court order.
  • The application process takes an average of 4-8 weeks since various organizations and individuals are applying for the same thing and sending in information for the Board to verify. The key is to have patience.

What is the procedure to renew your license in the state of Kansas?

The Kansas Board of Medicine takes its laws, rules, and regulations strictly; therefore, if you want to continue your career as a medical practitioner in Kansas, you will have to renew your license annually.

The renewal period starts in May, on the 15th and ends on the 31st of July. For the late renewal, the Board charges you a late fee, starting from the 1st of July till the 31st.

As of the 1st of August, if you fail to renew your license, you will no longer be a practitioner in Kansas until you apply for a new license.

The Board asks for a renewal fee which you can pay on their official website, and practitioners need to have the proper credits, which need to be filled in different categories as required by the Board.


How long does the renewal of the license for MD in Kansas take?

You will get notified once the process is completed, or you can check the official website the next business day after submitting your application.

How do I change my address?

You will need to complete the Address change form and submit to their office or by email.

Wrap up

The Kansas Board of Medicine is meant to issue licenses to various practitioners, and they take their jobs seriously to prevent slip-ups and unprofessionalism among practitioners for the public’s well-being. Practitioners under the Board of KS are strictly monitored and qualified to give the best care.

For more information on the license renewal in Kansas, you can visit their official website.

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