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NURSES are more likely to have affairs than women in these careers |  Express.co.uk

How Often Do Nurses Inclined To Cheat?

Nursing is as noble of a profession as it gets, but statistically speaking, nurses are more inclined to cheat than athletes or even musicians. The naughty healthcare professionals are the third most likely of the uniforms to have an affair.

It’s not only the nurses. According to recent data, most healthcare professionals are prone to cheat within their proximity. A survey among more than 5000 professional women revealed that two-thirds of the unfaithful personalities were nurses with businesswomen being the distant second.

The Safe Heaven:

Hospitals are safe heavens for cheating, no one can enter the premises without proper identification and causality. If your suspect your spouse to be unfaithful, there’s not much you can do about it except come forward with your suspicion.

That means the nurses and doctors get a lot of room to carry on with their infidelity without their spouses knowing anything about it.

The Night Shifts:

The patients are generally asleep at night. Having an affair privately is not necessarily a problem in the hospital premises. You can get a lot of time to cheat at your workplace.

The Grey Area:

While it’s fine to have affair on the hospital premises, having an affair with the patients should be a genuine concern. The patients are there to treat themselves, and you are there to provide them the service. You can get fired if caught having sex with a patient.

Why Do The Nurses Cheat?

Working long hours and not being able to go home is one of the perfect excuses nurses come up with. While it’s true that long hours may induce frustrations and in turn affairs, but working closely with doctors and patients certainly catalyzes the situation.

The usual unavailability of nurses and doctors at home is also a reason for them to cheat in the workplace.

The stress they have to bear every day is immense. The physical and emotional stress leaves them overwhelmed, so, they might not be able to make the best decisions in the heat of the moment while having an affair with their co-worker.

Medical professionals understand the responsibility and stress of each other, which is tough to say assertively for the spouses.

Sometimes, medical professionals engage in affairs to fill the voids of their life. The absence from home, the stress at work, everything converged towards infidelity.

Signs of Cheating:

While your partner might not be a cheater, it’s always safe to be sure.

1. They accuse you of cheating constantly:

The common trait of cheaters is that they accuse others of cheating. It’s termed “gaslighting”, which means diverting focus to others even if they are the ones in question.

2. Becoming more judgemental: 

Every marriage and relationship has problems, but if your partner is lighting up the issue more than diminishing it, he/she might be cheating on you.

3. Your relationship is suddenly better: 

If you see your relation getting better within days, it could be an affair they are hiding. Possibly they are getting what you aren’t able to provide from somewhere else.

4. Losing conversations:

A long relationship loses its initial spark naturally over time, but not having a conversation should never be acknowledged. Also, avoiding certain conversations is not a good sign for your relationship.

The typical reaction to the confrontation of a cheating spouse is anger.

5. Guarding their phone:

It’s easier than ever to carry on an affair with the technology available now. Although your spouse is entitled to privacy too, guarding their phone as if it holds some emotional value for them or as if they are defending their phone with their life and/or the usage of social media has increased significantly for them. They might be cheating.

6.  Insisting you to getaway:

If your spouse is encouraging you to take a trip away from her, make sure it isn’t to spend more time with their cheating partner. Cheating spouses are more prone to make this kind of opportunity happen.

7. Sudden changes in routine:

Keep track of the time they are returning home, this is especially true for nurses and health professionals. If they are diverging from their usual routine more and more, it’s time to confront them about this.

8. Telling you the same story again:

If you find your spouse telling you stories or events they have had already, they are probably cheating. Most people love to share their daily events with their beloved persons. The repetitions occur when they aren’t sure of which of you they have told their story to. So, they eventually tell again just to be sure.

Most of the time, when a nurse is cheating, it’s either a doctor or a co-worker. Take time to follow their social media trails to get to the root of it.

What Does it Do for You?

Not everyone is a cheater. Having a spouse involved in healthcare as a nurse doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating on you.

It is even possible that they are spending long hours at work due to legit issues, whatever be the case, you shouldn’t jump to a conclusion right now.

If your spouse confesses about them cheating on you, consider giving them enough time to explain the cause and effects. Ask them what they want before pushing your decision onto them. It’s certainly possible that what you consider cheating, it’s not for them. Set ground rules before jumping into a relationship.

You may have a gut feeling about all of this, but don’t jump the gun just yet. Not every nurse cheats in the workplace, but it’s more usual than you might think.

It’s advised that you set the rules of the relationship beforehand to avoid miscommunications about what is termed as cheating. While some understand that no excuses legitimize the relationship with co-workers and patients at the workplace, on the other hand, in the healthcare industry, some fantasies about superiority and uniforms are present. Some cheat to secure a better position for the future. All things considered, a nurse gets much more opportunities to cheat than any other professional woman.

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