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Choosing Between Nursing Vs Pharmacist

Many people who join the medical field, get confused between these two professions. If nursing is an ethical and honorable profession, Pharmacists are also in high demand. So they cannot make the right decision. This article is for those people who are confused to choose the best career for them.

If you are also confused between these two professions and want to get the answer that what is the best profession for you then carry on, read the article, and in the end, you will be able to solve your problem and choose the profession that suits you. Let’s take a look at the differences between Nurse practitioners and Pharmacists.

Duties of a Nurse:

A nurse performs the following duties:

  • Physical examination of a patient
  • Prepare reports of patients
  • Talk to doctors
  • Counseling patients

Educational requirements to become a nurse:

Nowadays, many universities and medical colleges offer Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in nursing. After getting these degrees you can apply to hospitals or schools to get a job. However, many medical colleges offer diplomas to become a nurse. These diplomas are

  • Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
  • Licensed Practical nurse (LPN

If you have passed these diplomas you can also apply to become a nurse.

Where Nurses can do a job?

Nurses are not confined only to hospitals but they have a lot of options in the workplace. They can work in a

  • School
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies

Nurses are to assist patients, treat them and counsel them. They can help patients in schools in clinics and hospitals as well. These are the places where they can utilize skills to be a successful nurse practitioner.

Types of Nurses:

If you want to be a nurse but do not know that which is the best type and which you should choose then the following information will help you a lot. You can be a

Nurse anesthetist to deal with anesthetic procedures.

Pediatric nurse to help children.

Labor nurse to help in labor rooms at the time of childbirth.

Neonatal nurse to help newly born sick children.

Ambulatory nurse to deal and treat in emergencies.

If you want to choose any one of these types then should have a bachelor’s degree.

Reasons to become a nurse:

The nurse is one of the noble professions like teaching. Nurses work a lot in the hospitals from normal check-ups to dealing with emergencies. Moreover, nursing is the most rewarding profession where you get a lot of opportunities. Nurses could be the reason to completely change a patient’s life. Nursing practitioners are trusted and honored by the people. It provides you with the opportunity to work full time or part-time so you do not feel any difficulty maintaining a balance between your personal life and job life, you can give equal time to your family and patients. Most hospitals offer their nurses, free medical treatment and medicines. All these things make nursing more beneficial.


A pharmacist can also be called a chemist. Pharmacists deal with the medicine prescription, storage, and. Moreover, pharmacists provide pharmacological information and healthcare strategies.

Duties of a pharmacist:

A pharmacist performs the following duties:

  • Provide medications to treat a disease.
  • Monitors drug therapies
  • Give pharmacological information
  • To counsel patients
  • Read prescriptions

Types of Pharmacists:

Pharmacy Assistants to help pharmacists. You can become a pharmacist assistant after completing your high school degree.

Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy technicians work to prepare, weigh and measure medicines. You can become after getting a diploma, degree or training certificates.

Pharmacists You must complete your Doctor of Pharmacy degree to become a licensed pharmacist.

Education requirements to become a Pharmacist:

If you want to be a pharmacist in the future. You need to get a high school degree and after that, you can take admission in any medical college or university offering PharmD courses.

You will study Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, and Biostatistics as a major subject. After completing your degree you will need to get licensed to open your pharmacy.

Where can Pharmacists do a job?

Pharmacy is also a health-care related field. After getting your required degree you can work in a

  • Hospital
  • Independent pharmacy
  • Research labs
  • Clinics

These are the places where you can go to start your career in pharmacy.

Reasons to Become a Pharmacist:

If you want to serve humanity, nursing is not the only option. As mentioned earlier pharmacy is also a health-related field. You can be a pharmacist if your mission is to help others. You can play a major role to bring people towards their life by prescribing their medicines.

About 45-50% of the pharmacists work in independent pharmacies. It will give you an option to work in a stress-free environment but attentiveness is necessary everywhere. Whether you are running a retail pharmacy or working in a hospital as a pharmacist. Being a part of the team, helping people to maintain healthy life you will have a responsibility to counsel your patients and prescribe the right medicines to avoid any negative effect on health.

What Should I Choose Between Nursing Vs Pharmacist?

This article has explained the major differences in the field of pharmacy and nursing. Both fields are related to health and medicine. These fields are in high demand and open new opportunities in practical life. Both fields require attentiveness and a sense of responsibility to help people.

Both careers are suitable and secure your future. The main difference between pharmacy and nursing is that nursing brings you in direct contact with the patient however, in pharmacy it is not necessary to be in direct contact with the patient. Secondly, after studying pharmacy you can start your pharmacy store after getting licensed but nurses cannot do so.

It will be useless to say that this profession is better than the other. Both these disciplines are equally beneficial. But if your priority is to earn money in the future then you should choose nurse practitioner as your career because, according to a survey, nursing is among the highly paid professions even more than pharmacists earn.

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