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Can You Be A Nurse With A CPS Case?

Nursing is a passion where you enjoy lots of facilities and opportunities that secure your career and future. Many nurse practitioners complete their qualifications to get hired by a hospital that has a good reputation among the public. But in some cases, nurses do not pay attention to their home while working in the hospital and put themselves in a trouble. This is the opening of the CPS case.

Now the question arises that can she pursue your career with a CPS case? This article is about CPS cases how it affects the career of a nurse practitioner. Stay here and read the article to know the effects of CPS cases on the professional life of a nurse practitioner.

What is the CPS?

CPS is an abbreviation of the CHILD PROTECTING SERVICES. It is one of the social services that work to make the society trustworthy to live in and minimize the number of crimes by knowing their reasons. Similarly, it takes action and carries out investigations related to child abuse. The abuse can be sexual, mental, or physical. After investigation, Child Protecting services can proceed according to the laws of the state.

Role of Child Protection Services (CPS):

The role of CPS is to take actions to make sure that:

  • A child has been abused or not.
  • Provide medical facilities and mental counseling
  • Protect the child from any harmful situation

How neglect and abuse can be defined?

Abuse is the physical, sexual, or mental torture to the children. You need to take the necessary steps to protect your children from child abuse.

Neglect is defined as the situation in which you do not take care of the mental or emotional needs of the child.

Effects of CPS case on nursing career:

The nurses are trusted by their patients and their families. However, some nurses do not work diligently and run into a problem. If a nurse has a CPS case then this is going to affect his license badly.

Hospitals are very conscious about the reputation among the people and other hospitals. So they also tend to hire nurses with clear working history. If you are a nurse with a CPS case then hospitals will not allow you to work in the hospital anymore. Because it is a matter of reputation of the hospital and trust of the people on the medical staff.

If the Child Protection Service (CPS) takes the case to the court then there are more chances that the license of the nurse will be canceled and all the hard work she has done in this field will be wasted within no time. That is why attentiveness and diligence are the important skills of successful practitioners.

What to do if the Child Protection service is investigating you?

If you are under investigation by Child Protection Service (CPS). The first thing is to know, that what the rights of the children are being violated? Only one report from the teacher, doctor, or any concerned person will result to lose your child. If you get into this situation, the first thing that you have to do is to contact any legal advisor and inform him about the situation. If the case is serious, you can also be imprisoned for 15 years for the accusation of hurting the child and violating the rights of the child.

If you are a loving parent and do not want to lose your child, then take immediate steps to close the CPS case of your child because it will not only leave you frustrated and angry but will also put you in a lot of challenges that you never expected.

How do pending CPS cases affect nursing licenses?

If you are a nurse and have a CPS case that is under investigation then a possibility is that you will not lose your job till the investigation is done and the decision is made by the Child Protection Services (CPS).

However, it can also affect your work history and will create difficulty if you want to switch your job to any other clinic or hospital they will check your previous experience and then will recruit you after strict scrutiny. Or it is possible that they will not allow you to take care of children.

If your job is ending and you are going to look for a new job then you should tell the staff about the pending CPS case because it is necessary for them to know about the person whom they are hiring. They may help you after hearing about the case that is pending and will try to resolve the issue.

Can a CPS case be reopened?

Yes, here are the possibilities that the CPS case can be reopened even after years of its closure. But it happens if they get any new evidence about the case. The re-opening of the case may also change the decisions of the court and you will be declared as the guardian of the children. Moreover, if the CPS observes changes in your behavior, then it will be helpful for you to win your case.


If there are any pending Child Protection Services cases, it is not going to be a piece of good news for you and your career. Your qualification will not be helpful if you have any pending CPS cases in the present or the past.

Many hospitals will not recruit you to work as a pediatric nurse and most probably they will not recruit you because the hospital management will recruit any nurse practitioner who was accused to abuse children then they will be hurting the reputation of the hospital among the people. Moreover, the people will not trust the staff of the hospital and will prefer to change their hospital. If you are working in the children’s hospital specifically, then you will end your job with the opening of a CPS case.

In the end, the question answers that the CPS case will not revoke your license but the indication of CPS case will create a lot of difficulties in your career and future.

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