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Can You Be a Nurse with Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition. It affects your mood, making you feel extremely happy or sad or both. Feelings of depression and mania often come suddenly and change quickly.

You may have mixed symptoms of both depression and mania, such as feeling very good and productive one day and then suddenly very low the next.

Nurses are very important members of the medical team. They are influential in almost every aspect of health care, which makes their mental health particularly vital to the quality of patient care. The role that nurses play in health care continues to expand.

Nurses are undertaking new tasks and responsibilities, including patient education, research activities along with taking on leadership roles within the hospital setting. Well, there is a serious question, can you be a nurse with bipolar disorder?

Can You Be a Nurse with Bipolar Disorder?

The answer is Yes, you can legally work as a nurse and no one has the right to judge you on the basis of you being bipolar.

Some people don’t like to hire a nurse with a mental disorder, because they want a perfect person for the protection of patients. Sadly, many nurses who suffer from this disorder find it difficult to have jobs.

People with bipolar disorder suffer a lot, they have to face a lot of difficulties. Many people don’t realize that a bipolar person is very talented. That person has not only overcome an array of daunting mental issues but also learned how to keep balance in life, how to keep your personal life away from your work. Some employers take this disorder as a positive thing because the struggle of a bipolar person really inspires them.

In the UK, employers have nothing to do with whether a person is bipolar or not. They look at the present condition of the person. They look for your recent medical reports. If you have been hospitalized due to your mental disorder several times recently, they will not prefer you. But if you don’t have such issues in your recent reports they will hire you happily. Because they really prefer and oblige the work of disabled people.

Many nurses with bipolar disorder found their way into nursing because they have a passion to take care of others who might be going through emotional struggles similar to their own. Being a nurse with bipolar disorder is absolutely possible. It just takes dedication and willpower to cope with the stresses that the job involves. It just takes dedication and willpower to cope with the stresses that the job involves. Living with Bipolar Disease needn’t be a barrier to your nursing dream.

Effects on the work of nurses with bipolar disorder

Being bipolar is difficult. It can affect many things in your life including your personal relations like family, friends, relatives, and also your job. One day you will show that you are the best person for the job and doing all your duties perfectly. But the very next day you might feel that you don’t want to communicate with people. your attitude will be totally indifferent and change. Suddenly you will be totally another person. No one can fire you because you are bipolar, but you feel disturbance inside your mind and cannot work properly.

To avoid such complications, you should take proper training or therapy before getting into a job. Once you get into this job a bipolar nurse can be proved more efficient in her work than a normal nurse. Because a bipolar nurse knows better, what it is like to be suffering from a disease.

A nurse has a serious responsibility towards patients, and if they fail to perform the duties assigned to them it will cause problems for them as well as the patients. So to overcome such things a nurse with mental sickness first has to accept that she has some sort of problem and consult a good psychiatrist, by doing so they can easily overcome their problems.

Nursing, a job that touches people’s lives in a very profound way, is a career where the nurse must be there during the good and the bad times. It can be emotionally exhausting to work in an environment that provides relief from these emotions. The RN has a specific role in the medical team that revolves around providing care to individuals with bipolar disorder. They work hand in hand with psychiatrists and family members to create a group therapy plan for the patient. Unfortunately, the stress of working next to patients with bipolar disorder can affect their ability to remain positive while caring for these individuals.

Nurses with bipolar disorder face certain challenges when they are in the workplace. Nurses with bipolar disorder can be more productive if they are able to successfully manage their symptoms. However, most people with bipolar disorder stop working long before they try any alternative strategies for stability since they feel that they will not be perceived as competent.

If you are a nurse who has bipolar disorder, you may be scared of how it might affect your career. But having a mental illness does not necessarily mean that it will affect your job performance. According to research, people with bipolar disorder can work successfully depending on the symptoms they have. As long as you are working closely with your doctor, have supportive co-workers, and have the ability to learn the symptoms of your bipolar symptoms will contribute to your success at work.


You may have a bipolar disorder that can be very inconvenient with your day-to-day life. However, you will not be prevented from any jobs because of your condition. If you were to be a nurse with bipolar disorder, you would only need the help of your employer and support from them since it may take a long time before you can fully return to work if you do have a depressive episode.

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will have all your questions concerning whether or not you can become a nurse if you have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder answered. So what are you waiting for? Start planning to get the job.

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