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Dangers of a DUI for Nurses in California | RN License Defense Attorney

Can You Be a Nurse With a DUI

Not everyone comes with a clean background, and that is quite understandable. However, that background should, under no circumstances, cause a hindrance in you having a chance of a better future.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is defined as the act of driving, controlling, or remaining in charge of an automobile while under the effect of alcohol or drugs to the point where the driver is unable to properly operate a motor vehicle.

Today, in this article we will be discussing whether or not having a DUI charge on your profile will cause any hindrance in you becoming a nurse.

Can You Be a Nurse With a DUI?

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and alcohol, whether accused or convicted, can have a significant consequence on your life. A DUI might have a negative influence on your career. You can still work as a nurse if you have a DUI, but you will have challenges. It can be challenging to earn your license and find work as a nurse if you have a DUI in your background. If you presently work as a nurse, you may be obligated to disclose your DUI or face disciplinary punishment.

To precisely answer the question that whether you can be a nurse with DUI or not, the laws differ from state to state, and the organization of nurses’ regulations are also important.

First and foremost, a nurse must be disciplined in accordance with state and municipal regulations, just like any other individual. Financial penalties, prison sentences, obligatory counseling, and numerous other therapies and community activities are all part of a DUI conviction. A conviction or charge of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol has a significant impact on one’s life. If you’re a student nurse and have been convicted with DUI and are now enrolled in nursing school or planning to enroll for it, you’ll need skilled DUI lawyers to help you get through the difficulty.

What Happens When You Have A DUI Charge?

If you’re eager to continue a great nursing career or are presently in school, a DUI may or may not influence your education. Nevertheless, you must investigate the school’s criminal conviction rules before applying for admission. Many institutions will not deny you admission if you have a misdemeanor DUI record. Furthermore, if you are presently a student and have surrendered your driver’s license, you will be obliged to take a term or even a year out. This is contingent on your ability to secure reliable school conveyance.

Another difficulty that DUI causes is the termination of scholarships. And if you depend on external scholarships to cover basic expenditures, you must be prepared for the possibility that you will not be awarded such grants if you have a DUI on your background. You must still seek employment along with many other applicants, and you must disclose your DUI history. The instantly removes you from the hunt for a variety of companies and professions. This is especially likely if the facility receives government financing and does not allow staff to have DUIs on their records when the job necessitates driving.

For a variety of additional reasons, a DUI does not automatically guarantee that your RN candidacy will be rejected. However, it will not be high on the priority list. Even if a person has had a DUI, they may find that it comes back to haunt them during nursing job interviews. When it comes to employing nurses, each employer has its own set of needs.

During the application procedure, the paperwork will almost certainly include inquiries about DUI, and all potential hires will likely be subjected to pre-employment screening. It is critical to respond accurately to such queries because occasionally erased records are little more than background check assertions that say DUI is clear. Even so, the applicant’s previous DUI would be present.

Some businesses, on the other hand, allow potential employees who have been charged with DUI to file a complaint with the Nursing State Board. As a result, before applying for a job, it’s a good idea to look over the job criteria to see what to expect during the interview. Many states demand applicants to provide a certified explanation of the offense as well as a certified version of the court’s final records. The court documents are delivered in a secured envelope straight from the court.

What to do When You Have a DUI Charge?

If you are a student nurse preparing to register for your RN license and take your boards and you have a prior DUI conviction, be aware that your preliminary candidacy may be rejected, and you will have to challenge that refusal to obtain your RN license. The most likely outcome of your appeal is that you will be allowed to take the boards, but the results will not be made public until the case is resolved. Furthermore, the RN license may be provided on a probationary basis if the appeal is granted.

All of this is contingent on how long ago your DUI conviction occurred, whether it was erased, and what you did in the interim. The higher the age of the DUI, the safer. It is preferable to get the DUI erased. Completing all of your probationary obligations, paying all of your penalties, remaining in counseling, continuing in AA, and possessing your probation examined by a professional are all beneficial. Furthermore, statements of encouragement and productivity assessments from current and previous employers and academics are beneficial.


This article contains in-depth information on whether or not you can be a nurse with a DUI. To simply answer this question, you can be, however, you will have to go through some struggles. Having such a record on your history will cause some hindrances, but remember to not hide it and be open and clear about it. You can thrive in this career despite this setback.

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