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Why Do Nurses Gain Weight?

6 Weight Loss Tips for Nurses: : Is the Night Shift Making Me Fat?

Nurses work long hours Nurses often work 12-hour shifts, and they may have trouble finding time to exercise or stick to a healthy eating plan. On average, shift workers get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep each night (which is one reason why shift workers are at risk …

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How much anatomy does nurse need to know?

9 Ways Your Job Is Nothing Like 'Grey's Anatomy' | Monster.com

Introduction Completing an Anatomy program is required to become a registered nurse. You’ll really have to learn anatomy language and get a deeper understanding of complicated physiological functions to do just that. The study of Anatomy explains that how the body of a human is made. This training is required …

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How to become a nurse with an exercise science degree?

Exercise Science | CONHS | Ashland University

Introduction One out of some of the good parts about nursing is that it encourages and facilitates passage into the field (as well as career growth once you’re there). This is visible in bridge programs developed expressly for working nurses to enhance their education, as well as advanced or second-degree …

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What do doctors think of nurses?

How Immigrant Doctors Became America's Next Generation of Nurses - The  Atlantic

Introduction The nurse is a well-known term, and we are all aware of it. In hospitals and care homes, we’ve witnessed nurses. She dresses up in a white uniform that has its own grace. Throughout the day and at night, she works extremely hard. When she is called, she pays …

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Do Nurses Get Turned On by Patients?

Take care of our nurses, so they can take care of us — The Stand | The Stand

Some people often get influenced by erotic stories, pictures, and pornography, so much so that they tend to cross the line of fantasy and reality and start to think about everything sexually as if they are the main character of their fantasy. They think other people might respond in the …

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Hot Nurse Stories

Bonjour Planet Earth: Ad for "hot" nurse in Sweden titillates controversy...

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. From patient monitoring to helping doctors in surgery, giving medications to patients, nurses cover a huge role in a hospital. Representing healthcare means maintaining professionalism throughout their duty hours. Well, is it all true? It is hard to maintain a strong persona …

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What is nurse and teacher appreciation week

Learning from the Nursing Profession in the New Teacher Strike Era - NCEE

Nurse Appreciation week International nurse day is an internationally observed day worldwide every year on the 12th of May as the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale to mark the contributions of nurses to society. Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing. She is also known as “The Lady with …

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Can a nurse press charges against a patient?

Nurses say patients are getting more abusive, and simple questions can set  them off

Doctors, as well as nurses, have a simple task to do – to help mankind. The medical staff personalizes a Godly figure on Earth, especially during these pandemic times. They can save people. They can perform miracles. They can do something which no one else can do. However, there are …

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Are Nurse Practitioners Respected?

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner Using Online Education

With the evolution of healthcare, there has been a push towards more progressive and modernized techniques in order to treat patients efficiently and save lives. Unfortunately, with this advancement comes a lack of respect for nurses, most notably nurse practitioners (NPs). NPs are individuals who act as primary care providers; …

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Can Nurses Go On Strike

Saint Vincent strike enters 12th week as both sides dig in - The Boston  Globe

Can nurses go on strike? Nurses, like all other employees in the United States, have the legal right to join a union and collectively bargain for better pay and benefits. When they feel their employers don’t listen to their concerns over working conditions, nurses may resort to striking refusing to …

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