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Why do we need digits or toes on our feet?

Everything comes with use. Nothing is useless. This goes for the toes of our feet as well. Have you ever thought of the need for toes on your feet? Is it just for the better appearance or look of our feet? Why do our feet have them? Do feet without toes affect our work and body? Do they have a purpose? Are they just a part of our body without any function? There are so many questions that strike our minds when we think of toes and are still unclear about the answer. Am I right? Every question has an answer. Through this article, you will surely know the answer to your question, why do we need digits or toes on our feet? Now, if you have clicked on this topic, read the full article. So, here we go.

Toes do not exist to show off the nail paint or to fill the branded shoes. Each part of the body has its uses and functions. There is a very important need for our toes. Not even a single body part is there, which is of no use or remains idle. Most parts of the body’s functions can be felt and seen, but few parts seem to be useless, but they are not. Toes are one of such body parts.

In the following article, we will discuss the practical functions or uses of toes to answer all your questions regarding toes.

  1. Balance and Support: Toes provide balance and support to our bodies while walking, standing, and running. But it is less noticed. If we observe our feet clearly while walking or running, we will find that our toes touch the ground about 75% of the time. A human can’t walk or even stand without toes, and a person will be out of balance. Toes exert pressure in a similar way as metatarsal foot bones. In short, if we are walking, standing, or running, toes play an important role in that. You will lose balance even if you try to stand without toes for few seconds. Big toes provide maximum balance than other toes. It is difficult to balance without big toes. Injury to any of your big toes will make you walk funny. Pinky toes are of less use, but it doesn’t mean these are of no use. It gives support to our body whether it is less or more, doesn’t matter.
  2. Bear the body weight: Toes help feet to bear the weight of the body. Big toes are of most importance because these toes bear twice the amount of weight as the other toes together. Pinky toes are of less use as they bear the least weight, but they contribute to bearing the weight. People who are not having pinky toes do not feel any problem in any activity done by feet and toes, but if any other toe, especially thumbs or big toes, are not there, this may result in difficulties in walking, standing, and running. Just in case, if your toe thumb is injured, have you noticed the change in your walking style? Your feet will start paining if your toes are missing. It is because of the reason that toes are the main part of feet. All the pressure will be exerted on the rest of the feet, which will lead to excessive pain in the feet. Physical training or a foot doctor can help get rid of this pain and surely suggest better measures to perform all the activities performed by feet and toes.
  3. Increase the length of the feet: Toes increase the length of the feet. An increase in length helps a person run faster or walk easily. When a person uses their whole feet to run, toes effectively increase the length of the feet and contribute to a rise in running speed. It is unnoticed till now. But try to notice while running. One will not be able to run without toes. It is not impossible to run without toes, but it is very difficult to run. Try to run without using toes. You will understand the role of toes. You will be impressed.

We have read the functions of toes. After reading till here, a question must have struck you.

What if a person lost toes in an accident or not having from birth? Are they now helpless?

The answer is that if a person does not have toes, it doesn’t mean they are deprived of all the work done on their feet. Without toes, people can still function normally even though their feet do not have 100% support. People can walk, stand, and even run if not all the ten toes are there.

It is rightly said that a doctor who studies feet seems to be a great person to ask about the toes. According to foot doctors, toes play an important role in providing balanced and support to the feet. Balance and support are also important for everyone because a person will not be able to walk normally or even stand adequately without them.

Foot doctors usually come across people who have missing toes or need a toe extraction; this does not mean people have no hope now. There are ways that foot doctors can help people walk so that balance can be achieved when a person exerts force or pressure on the feet. Instead of losing hope or feeling useless without toes, consult a foot doctor to understand how to walk, stand, and run to manage to work somewhat. It might be difficult, but nothing is impossible.

You all must have come across a question, which is your favorite body part or which body part you liked the most? Some might have said either eyes or ears, but nobody would have answered toes. The reasons must be lack of awareness of the functions of toes, toes seem useless, they are stinky or dirty, and many more. But in this article, we have come across all the functions and uses of toes that might make you proud of your toes. Now, it must be clear that toes play a very important role in our bodies.

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