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Can Lysol Spray into Shoes to Kill Germs and Odor

You all must have faced the problem of smelly feet and odor from shoes. The total number of sweat glands in each foot is 250,000, and they are enough to stink your shoes. Shoe odor can be embarrassing sometimes; hence, keeping the shoes free from odor is very important. Many germs and bacteria are found on shoes, which leads to odor. Sweating from feet is regarded as one of the major factors behind shoe odor. It is very important to eliminate the germs to get rid of the odor caused by shoes. An antibacterial or disinfectant spray like Lysol can be used to kill the germs present on shoes.

Method to Use Lysol Spray for Eliminating Germs and Odor

Lysol is a famous disinfectant and antibacterial spray used for various cleaning purposes. It has ethanol as its main ingredient, which is useful for killing the germs and odor from inside of shoes. To clean the inside of your shoe, spray Lysol into shoes, and let the shoes get try totally. Do not wear wet shoes. Once the shoes get completely dried, they are free of germs and odor. To get an extra fresh experience, keep your shoes inside one plastic bag and place them in the freezer. Let it stay as it is overnight, and Lysol will leave your shoes fresh and odor-free.

Causes of Germs and Odor in Shoes

  • Sweating is a normal process in human beings and is a major reason behind stinky feet, which leads to germs and bacteria build-up in shoes. Foul smell is also a result of sweaty feet. It is almost impossible to eliminate sweating, and it should not be eliminated as it is a natural process and is required for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Humidity is also responsible for wetness in shoes. The wet shoes are a perfect invite for germs and bacteria growth, along with a bad smell. It is best to avoid wearing shoes or any other covered footwear made of cotton or any other absorbing fabric during the rainy season. It is very difficult to dry the shoes during rainy reasons, so they should be avoided during the monsoon season.
  • Overuse of shoes, dirt accumulation, and no space for air circulation are primary reasons for shoe odor. The growth of germs rises with these factors. If someone wears a specific pair of shoes more than others, it is obvious that it would get accumulated with all the germs and odor. The accumulation of dirt also leads to the poor condition of shoes and makes the shoes prone to germs and bacteria. Good air circulation is required in shoes to keep them dry and free of odor, but if there is no proper space for air circulation, it leads to stinky shoes and bacteria build-up.

Uses of Lysol Spray

  • Sweating of feet leads to the dwelling of a lot of moisture and germs in the shoes. The use of Lysol spray can help to sanitize shoes, kill germs and eliminate odor. The Lysol spray has disinfectant properties. Hence it is a good option to disinfect shoes and remove the bad smell, as well.
  • Lysol spray can be sprayed into shoes like sneakers as it is a great disinfectant and prevents the growth of germs and bacteria. The Lysol spray is suitable for almost all shoes but does not spray it on the outer surface of shoes made up of substances like leather or any other expensive material, as it may remove its polish, but it is safe to spray inside the shoes.
  • Lysol spray is claimed to be 99.9% effective; hence it is a good choice to disinfect and sanitizes your shoes. Many doctors also recommend the Lysol spray to spray inside the shoes to keep them fresh and prevent them from accumulating germs and foul smells.

Methods to Prevent Shoes from Germs and Odor

  • The best way to preserve your shoes from germs and odors is to keep them dry and avoid wearing them during rain. The amount of moisture is comparatively more in the air during the rainy season, and it is best to wrap up your shoes inside a plastic bag and keep them in a moisture-free place during the rainy season.
  • Sweating is the most common reason behind the stinky smell and germs in shoes. After wearing your shoes, leave them to dry in the sun or the open air. Always try to wear dry shoes and wear socks. Ensure your feet are dry before wearing the shoes.
  • Timely sanitization and cleaning of shoes should be done to keep germs at bay. The timely cleaning of shoes helps to prevent the accumulation of any dirt or bacteria. It is best to clean and disinfectant your shoes with Lysol spray at least once a month.

Other Methods to Kill Germs and Odor from Shoes

  • Wash your shoes, inside and out. Use warm water and a detergent mixture to wash the shoes. You can use a washing machine for the shoes that are machine washable. Shoes like sneakers, cloth shoes, and even running shoes can be washed in a washing machine. Do not use a machine dryer, instead let your shoes dry in the air. Avoid washing leather or plastic shoes in the washing machine.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to wash the shoes to kill germs and remove odor. For sensitive material, use a rag to apply rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is a good option like Lysol spray to treat the bacteria and foul smell of the shoes.
  • A mixture of water and bleach can be a powerful combination to curb the germs and bacteria growth and eliminate the foul smell from shoes. Use this combination only inside of shoes and not outside as it could bleach the stains present on the outer surface.
  • Deodorizing shoes using elements like vinegar can be helpful to treat the bacteria and odor of the shoes. A small quantity of vinegar to soap and water mixture is an effective method to fade the shoe odor and remove the germs. The smell of vinegar will gradually fade.
  • Dryer sheets should be placed inside the shoes as they absorb the foul smell and give a fresh smell to the shoes. While wearing the shoes, remove the dryer sheets, and you are good to go.

I hope this article has cleared all your doubts regarding Lysol spray use in killing germs and odor from the shoes.

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