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Oregon Board of Medicine: License Lookup and Renewal for OR

Obtaining medical licensure from the state board of medicine is vital for medical professionals. And every state has a regulating body to monitor and provide guidelines. So, if you’re planning to work in Oregon, the first important step you need to take is getting a medical permit from the authority.

The Oregon Board of Medicine is the regulating body in Oregon. And if you plan to work in the state, you should adhere to rules and regulations set by the Board. Apart from granting a medical permit, it also regulates license renewal. A licensee needs to renew their medical license, and failing to do so is against violation of the law.

If you’re a new applicant and planning to work in the state, perhaps this article will clarify your licensure process. Read on to know more about the licensing process and procedures.

Oregon Board of Medicine

The Oregon Board of Medicine regulates medical professionals and ensures that it adheres to rules and regulations. It also listens to the complaints and grievances of patients against doctors or nurses. The Board provides guidelines and standard practices that every licensee must follow.

It consists of fourteen members and is appointed by the Governor with confirmation by the Oregon Senate. The member consists of ten physicians, two DOs (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), and one DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine). A PA (Physician Assistant) was added as a member in 2016. The members are elected for three years and can serve for the second term.

Furthermore, it is vested with the responsibility to provide public service to patients and is crucial in the medical profession. Additionally, it regulates the license renewal process, which is mandatory for all licensees. The Board regulates this process, which is crucial for physicians, surgeons, nurses, etc., and failing to do so may lead to several consequences.

How to obtain an Oregon medical license?

Are you a new applicant and thinking about how to obtain a license from the Oregon Board of Medicine? If so, we have it covered! The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have all the essential documents. Additionally, ensure that you have met all the eligibility requirements.

We recommend checking the official website of the Oregon Board for detailed instructions. Here is how you apply to obtain a medical license:

  • You need to fill out the license application form.
  • Payment of fees is mandatory.
  • Submitting documents to support your claim.
  • Submission of criminal background documents is vital.

Follow the processes above when applying for a medical license. While submitting documents, ensure that you submit the copy and not the original one. Once your documents are with the Board, they will not return them. They will use it for review and cross-verifications.

Once the application is submitted, it will take three days to process. They will send a link to the applicants to check their report status after it’s done processing. The whole review process will probably take a month or two to determine whether to grant licensure.

The process is quite simple, and you have to be patient while waiting for the result. If you have fulfilled all the said requirements, your application will be approved by the Board. The Oregon Board of Medicine’s official website has all information and instruction, and we recommend checking it out.

Medical License renewal requirements in Oregon

Medical license renewal is done every two years and is mandatory for every medical professional. The Board is vested with the responsibility to regulate the renewal process. It notifies the licensee through mail about it when the expiration period approaches.

You can apply for renewal online by visiting the official website of the Oregon Medical Board. Once it approves your license, you will get an email notification providing instructions to print the new certificate. Cross-check your details to ensure that there is no error. By logging onto Applicant/Licensee Services on the official website, you can review your licensure details.

Applying for a renewal process is more or less the same. First, fill out the application form and pay the fees. You are also required to submit documents to back your claim and a criminal background check document.

Additionally, CE (Continuing Education) is vital for the renewal process, and you are required to submit the report. Licensees should complete their CE hours to get their license renewed. It’s a crucial process and one should get it from a Board-approved education provider.

You can also keep your medical license to inactive status. All you have to do is fill out the inactive license status application. There is also an option to work intermittently in Oregon but reside in a different state. You need to opt for Locum Tenens status, and the licensees should notify the Board. They should give in writing the location and date of their practices in the state.

Apart from license renewal, you can opt for different licensure processes, and you visit the Board’s official website to know more.


Every medical practitioner should get approval from the state board of medicine to practice their medicine. And each state has a regulating body to oversee this along with the medical license renewal process. The Oregon Board of Medicine is the authority in the state, and they handle all medical licensure processes.

If you plan to practice medicine, getting a medical permit from the Board is vital. And without approval from the concerned authorities, you cannot pursue your medical career. However, you need not worry about the medical licensure process if you have all the required documents.

Additionally, it is essential to continue your practice in medicine. And we hope that through this article, you have learned the vital process and steps to applying for a license and its renewal process.

We wish you luck in obtaining medical licensure or the renewal process. And hopefully, this article has helped you sort out your doubts.

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