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Nurse Salary in Poland


The nurse has become a much-needed profession in the era of the coronavirus pandemic prevailing in the world. At the same time, the number of nurses in the Polish health service is constantly decreasing. According to estimates, the average age of a nurse in 2030 will be in the range of 58-60 years.

So, the question here is how Much Does a Nurse Earn? Due to the frequent protests of this group of medical workers, this topic is often discussed. Nurses’ earnings still generate a lot of excitement. Does this profession pay off? What is the salary of nurses concerning the growing demand?

If you want to pursue a nursing career, then you’ve come to the right place. Just keep reading!

A Peek at a Nurse’s Salary

Nurses are one of the main pillars of health care. Their duties include activities such as changing dressings, administering medications, and performing various measurements. However, the role of the nurse is not limited to the most basic activities. They also play an important role during surgery, where the doctor often needs their assistance. Much of the work they do depends on their specialization.

The profession of a nurse is not simple. It requires a lot of knowledge and empathy towards other people and is also burdened with great social responsibility. How Much Does a Nurse Earn? High pay in this profession is quite important because it increases the commitment, and thus – the focus and effectiveness of the help provided. Nurses’ wages, however, still spark protests in Poland.

Most of the health service is under state control. The amount of the salary is therefore determined by the regulations set by the government. The real earnings of nurses, however, differ from the government standard, where specialization and seniority are important.

Young nurses can rather count on earnings close to the minimum. Among specialized nurses, the anesthesiology nurse can count on the highest earnings.

The monthly total remuneration (average) for this position is PLN 4,990 gross. A nurse receives a salary from PLN 4180 to PLN 5820. 25% of the lowest paid nurses earn less than PLN 4180 gross. The group of 25% of the best-paid nurses can count on earnings above PLN 5,820 gross.

Below is a table of salaries of nurses according to their specialization or field.

Job Salary/Year
Registered Nurse 92,486 zł (PLN)
Home Nurse 90,037 zł (PLN)
Licensed Nurse (LPN) 48,899 zł (PLN)
Surgical Nurse 93,221 zł (PLN)
Obstetrics Nurse 90,201 zł (PLN)
Anesthesiology Nurse 201,789 zł (PLN)
Pediatric Nurse 89,792 zł (PLN)
ICU Nurse 90,527 zł (PLN)
Nursing Assistant 48,567 zł (PLN)

Salary Increment

  • A nurse having a master’s degree in nursing or a midwife with the same (master’s) degree in obstetrics with the required specialization in the field of nursing or the field of applications in health will get an increase from the beginning of July 2022 which will be PLN 7,304.66 gross.
  • A nurse or midwife with the required higher education (first-degree studies) and specialization, will have a minimum monthly salary of PLN 5,775.78.
  • A nurse practicing a profession requiring higher education at the first-cycle degree and a nurse or midwife practicing a profession requiring secondary education, who does not have the title of specialist in the field of nursing or a field applicable in health care, will be subject to a basic salary amount of PLN 5,322.78 gross.

How Does Education Evaluate Salary?

On May 25, 2022, MP Czesław Hoc presented the real scale of the increase in salaries of healthcare workers. The increases for nurses in 2022 are to depend on the qualification group and range from 17% to 41%. It is planned that the lowest basic salary since July this year will increase by an average of 30%.

Nurse With a Master’s Degree and Specialization

A nurse or midwife with a master’s degree with the required specialization, a master’s in physiotherapy, pharmacy, laboratory diagnostics, or clinical psychology with a specialization, will earn PLN 1,827 gross more per month.

A Nurse With a Master’s Degree and No Specialization

The monthly increase in the salary of the Master of Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and Laboratory Diagnostics, who do not have a specialization, will be PLN 1,590 gross per month.

A Nurse With Secondary Education

The nurses with secondary education will earn PLN 1,590 gross a month more than before.

Nurse’s Earnings and Experience

According to a report, the salaries of younger specialists and nurses with the greatest experience do not differ as much as they might seem. The median salary of a nurse depending on the position is:

  • A junior specialist is the median of PLN 3,500 gross.
  • The median earnings of a specialist oscillate around PLN 3,960 gross.
  • A senior specialist reaches an average of about PLN 4,150 gross.

Seniority Allowance

The maximum seniority allowance can be up to 20%. This means that the maximum seniority allowance will be higher by PLN 365 gross per month.

Bonus for Work on Sundays and Public Holidays

What else is worth knowing in the context of the 2022 nurse pay rise? For example, the allowance for work on Sundays and public holidays is 45% of the hourly wage. Nurses work on average two-weekend shifts a month, which gives a total of an additional 24 hours paid.

Taking the above into account, it can be concluded that the increase in the salary of a nurse legally qualified will amount to PLN 123 gross per month.


By all the details given above, we can conclude that nurses’ salaries have improved very drastically in recent years. It is considered to be of historical importance because never before have wage increases been so significant. Guaranteed basic salary will depend on the education, specialization, and area of expertise (e.g., pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, house nurse, etc.)

If you’re looking for a career in nursing then this would be an accurate time to do so. With the proper skills and training, you can do so much for the healthcare industry. Hope you will find all the necessary information about a nurse’s salary in this article. Good Luck!

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