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Nurse Salary in Panama Central America


The nursing career is still very much in demand in the job market despite being old. The role of the nurse is essential for the proper functioning of hospitals, medical clinics, health posts, etc.

A nursing job requires dedication and can be extremely rewarding for those who enjoy taking care of others. Many people are in doubt if it is worth investing time and money in the Nursing course even though it is a traditional career. The most apparent reason to have a career in nursing is that you learn to aid people.

Nonetheless, this job has some disadvantages. As you help some patients you will also have to manage angry patients as well additionally will also deal with blood, urine, stool, vomit, and other biological fluids.

One of the most frequent questions is whether this will be a profitable profession and what the day-to-day of a nurse is like.

If you are thinking about getting a job as a Nurse in Panama Central America and want to know everything about its wages, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn about nurse salaries and some other benefits as well.

A Glance at Nurse Salary

Anyone who decides to follow this profession must be prepared to deal with people in situations of extreme fragility. The nurse is in direct contact with patients during exams, treatments, and surgeries and provides all kinds of assistance.

A good nursing professional must be willing to help others and improve the health conditions of patients. It is necessary to have a good emotional balance to comfort and guide patients and their families.

A nurse’s work ranges from very simple activities, such as taking temperature and giving injections, to assisting doctors during surgeries and caring for patients with a high degree of complexity.

Nurses are highly sought-after professionals in several health institutions, such as hospitals, medical clinics, health centers, medical examination laboratories, etc. Registered nurses with BSN are extremely high in demand across the country.

The average salary of a nurse in Panama is around 2,050 PAB/month. The minimum average salary is around 1,310 PAB and the maximum average salary is around 3,940 PAB. These figures can change depending on the area of specialization and years of experience.

Given below is a table of nursing salaries according to different professions.

Job Salary/Year
Registered Nurse 32,409 (PAB)
Home Nurse 31,551 (PAB)
Licensed Nurse (LPN) 18,439 (PAB)
Surgical Nurse 32,666 (PAB)
Obstetrics Nurse 31,608 (PAB)
Anesthesiology Nurse 70,711 (PAB)
Pediatric Nurse 31,465 (PAB)
ICU Nurse 31,722 (PAB)
Nursing Assistant 14,187 (PAB)

Salary vs. Experience

The most important factor in determining the salary of a nurse is experience level. The more experience you have, the higher your salary will be.

In general, an employee whose experience level is between 2 to 5 years earns 32% (average) more than the entry-level employees in all industries and fields.

Employees with an experience level of more than five years earn 36% (average) more than their junior employees.

The salary is increased by 21% as you reach the ten years mark and 14% for those who have an experience level of 15 years.

Does Gender Have an Effect on the Salary?

Gender should not affect salaries. All employees should be paid equally regardless of their gender or race but in some countries and professions that is not the case. In Panama, Female Nurses earn 8% more than their male co-workers.

The figures given above are just general and may vary depending on an organization’s budget. The experience level is considered more important in the medical field compared to other professions. Because they are taking care of patients at the bedside or battling for patient rights, the nurse is in the profession of improving and saving lives.

Nurses play an exceptional and significant part in defining the health and well-being of people, families, and communities they work for. Therefore, experience plays a vital role in hiring nurses and in deciding their salary and benefits.

Annual Salary Increment

The annual increment rate in the salary of a nurse in Panama is approximately 7% which is applicable after every 22 months. The annual increment rate for other professions is also 7%, every 19 months.


There are several types of bonuses. Some companies have their criteria for giving a bonus and its amount. The most common are:

  • Holiday bonus: as the name suggests these are normally given to employees on public holidays e.g., Christmas.
  • Performance bonuses: these are given to individuals for their remarkable accomplishments during the month or year.
  • Company performance bonus: some companies give their employees bonuses to celebrate their profits or success.
  • Target-based bonuses: they are the type of bonus in which a person is awarded when he or she successfully achieves a given target e.g., the number of products sold.

Now let’s talk about a bonus for nurses in Panama and let me tell you it’s not that good. Nursing is not considered a massive bonus-based job because it is not directly involved in generating revenue. On the other hand, the jobs that are involved in revenue end up getting a good number of bonuses.

Surveys have shown that 48% of nursing staff said that they have not received any bonuses in a year while 52% said that they received at least one bonus.

The rates of bonuses ranged between 3% to 6% of the basic annual salary.


This article has everything needed to know about the salary of a nurse in Panama, Central America. The pay situation in Panama is good for the healthcare industry. Most nursing positions have a good salary and benefits package. This usually includes paid vacations, health coverage, and even a retirement plan.

Nursing is a profession that will always be in demand. Even when the economy is down, nurses are still required to care for the sick.

We hope this article will give answers to your questions and you will be able to follow a career in nursing. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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