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Nurse Salary In Pittsburgh

The area of ​​nursing is one of the most challenging and empathetic professions in the healthcare industry. This profession is directly responsible for maintaining health and caring for patients’ lives, which are indispensable and irreplaceable in our society.

This article will enlighten you with everything you need to know about a Nurse’s salary in Pittsburgh, PA.

Nurse Salary-A Glimpse

Nursing is a profession that holds a unique place in the healthcare system of the United States. The nation’s 5.35 million nursing professionals work in different settings and are regarded as frontline healthcare service providers.

Nursing involves dealing with life-and-death situations, making difficult decisions, caring for people, and supporting and educating them. In addition, they must follow specific clinical, ethical, and organizational protocols, with a constant fear of accountability. Nurses have to deal physical and emotional stress of working in a challenging environment, where a medical error can lead to fatal outcomes. So, you would think that nurses must be highly paid for their services.

If you want to know specifically about the salary of nurses in Pittsburgh, read the next section.

How Much Does a Nurse Earn in Pittsburgh?

The answer to this question depends on various factors such as experience, higher degree level, and working hours.

The average annual pay for a nurse in Pittsburgh is $68,534 a year.

The majority of nurse salaries at this time range from $56,762 (25th percentile) to $79,940 (75th percentile), while the highest wage earner (90th percentile) makes $98,387 a year in Pittsburgh. However, the salaries can range from as high as $116,835 and as low as $33,584.

Nurse Salary Variation Due to Education level and Certifications/Licensing

The earnings can vary significantly between different nursing career routes because their education level, certifications, responsibilities, and working environment vary. We have it covered if you want to know about specific jobs and their wages.

A list is presented below to give you an idea of some of Pittsburgh’s nursing services’ salaries.

Jobs Average Salary/year in Pittsburgh
Home Nurse $71,131
Licensed Nurse- LPN $57,275
ICU Nurse $121,264
Nurse Practitioner $103,219
Critical Care Nurse  $73,191
Nursing Assistant $33,558
Registered Nurse $65,345
Psychiatric Nurse (NP) $133,572
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist $155,060
Obstetric Nurse $75,781

Nurse Salary Variation Due to Experience

With the increase in the working experience of nurses, their salary increases like any other profession. The more professional nurse works, the more they will earn.

The following chart presents the variation in the salary of a nursing professional with the increase in their experience.

Years of Experience Annual Salary/year in Pittsburgh
<2 years $44,300
2-5 years $57,900
5-10 years $81,000
10-15 years $97,400
15-20 years $106,000
>20 years $114,000

The Yearly Increase in Salary

Every profession in the United States gets a pay raise every year. So, it is evident that nurses also get a raise in their salaries. The question is, how much?

A nurse in Pittsburgh gets an annual pay raise of about 9% after every 18-calendar month. In contrast, the countrywide typical yearly increase intended for other career paths is 8% after every 16-calendar months.

Apart from salary, the other monetary benefit the nurses receive is bonuses. We look into two common bonus types.

Bonus Types

Best Performance Award

One aspect that is very motivating for nurses is when the company praises their performances and achievements and offers them benefits for it

Among the bonuses of this type, “employee of the month” is the most common performance award, offering intrinsic satisfaction and some monetary reward.


Talking about hitting targets usually brings us back to the commission. But you don’t have to hold on to this benefit because it depends on the type of business; not every company offers commissions to employees.

A good alternative is to offer advantages to those who do better in the activities vital to achieving the company’s goals. In this sense, it is possible to think of rewards, such as extra money in the salary or an event for the entire sector.

Christmas/Holiday Bonus

A holiday bonus is an amount the healthcare organization can give the nurses during the wintertime or vacation season. Holiday bonuses are mostly a put-in percentage of the yearly salary of nurses, though some organizations may add to this bonus depending upon the annual accomplishments of the nurses.

The bonus amount can vary depending upon the profession and seniority level.

How Can a Nurse Increase Earning Potential?

Now, we will present some tips for nursing professionals in Pittsburgh and other cities to increase the remuneration potential in their careers. Check out the ways to make nurses’ salaries much more attractive and get the best professional opportunities in nursing.

Do A Graduate Degree

As mentioned in the article earlier, the level of education is a factor that affects nurses’ salaries. Therefore, the first big step nurses can take to improve their pay is to invest in a graduate degree. As a result, they can conquer the best vacancies in the nursing market. A graduate degree will increase your chances of getting a better job or a higher salary. It will also open new doors for nursing professionals in the job market.

Invest In Specialization Courses

Let’s assume a nurse doesn’t have a graduate degree, and he or/she is unable to get one. It does not mean that the nursing profession is static. Nursing professionals still have the possibility of doing a specialization and still getting many benefits in their careers. These days, specializing is almost essential to ensure a competitive edge and prominence among other professionals in nursing practice.

Get Involved in varied Projects

This one goes to those still in the nursing student phase of their profession or starting their career, as they have time and passion for doing additional work. When possible, newly qualified nursing professionals should get involved in projects such as community health promotion campaigns, whether paid or voluntary. Many of these activities have the power to help them develop essential skills and competencies such as communication, leadership, and advocacy of patients. The learning from these projects adds value to the nurses’ skills and brings more professionalism to everyday life.


In conclusion, the average annual pay for a nurse in Pittsburgh is $68,534 a year. However, this figure can vary depending on experience, education, and specialization. The salaries can be as high as $116,835 and as low as $33,584 for nurses in Pittsburgh. Other than that, most organizations also give Christmas bonuses and performance rewards. The nurses who want to increase their salary can do a graduate degree, invest in specialization courses, or get experience from working in a variety of paid, unpaid, or voluntary projects.

Now, you know the average salaries for nursing professionals in different roles and how to increase your career’s remuneration potential. Start acting in these ways as soon as possible.

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