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Nurse Salary in Luxembourg


It can be a bit challenging to become a nurse in Luxembourg. Numerous rules in the country forbid those who do not satisfy the standards from working there. However, the nature of the work you want to undertake is crucial, there are many ways you must follow to become a nurse.

In Luxembourg, becoming a nurse is a regulated profession. You require a diploma that has been approved by the Ministry of Health to work as a nurse. To qualify and register themselves as a nurse in Luxembourg, overseas nurses must first prove their competence and technical, physiological, and mental well-being.

A Summary of Nurse Salaries:

The typical nursing wage in Luxembourg is around 4,750 EUR per month. The minimum normal pay is 3,050 euros, while the salary is 9,140 euros.

The mentioned amount represents the usual monthly compensation, which typically covers lodging, transit, and supplementary perks. The wages for miscellaneous nursing occupations vary greatly. If you’re interested in the remuneration for a certain role, have a look at the salaries for the numerous occupation roles below.

Job Designation Average Income
Assistant Director Nurse EUR 6,950.
Case Administrator Nursing EUR 5,770.
Intensive Care Nurse EUR 4,310.
Emergency Care Nurse EUR 4,280.
Registered Nurse EUR 3,170

Salary Scale:

In Luxembourg, nursing wages vary from monthly 3,050 EUR (lowest average income) to 9,140 EUR monthly (median income limit; the real threshold is greater). Nursing staff in Luxembourg earn a median of €81,737 per year and €39 per hour.

Average Income:

Nursing in Luxembourg pays a mean total compensation of 4,840 EUR, meaning that 50% of individuals working in the area make less than this amount while the other 50% make more. The centroid of the pay range is the median salary value. Everyone would typically like to be in the category on the graph’s right side, where salaries are greater than the median.

Factors That Affect the Salary of a Nurse in Luxembourg:

Degree of Experience:

The most essential criterion in deciding income is the degree of experience. Naturally, the amount of pay is directly proportional to the level of experience i.e. the higher the degree of experience, the bigger the salary.

  • Over entire professions and specialties, those having expertise ranging from 2 – 5 years typically earn up to 32% above the apprentice and subordinates.
  • More experienced professionals generate 36% additional income than individuals having five years fewer of work experience.
  • However, your compensation rises by 21% when you hit the threshold of 10 years, and by a further 14% when you reach the mark of 15 years.
  • If you have fifteen and twenty years of expertise, you can expect to earn 5,210 EUR a month, which is 6% higher than somebody who has ten to fifteen years of practice.
  • Finally, individuals with even more than twenty years of professional experience earn 5,670 EUR per month, which is 9% higher than those who have fifteen to twenty years of experience.

Let us elaborate it further via table for your ease:

Experience Salary
0-2 years EUR 2,060
2-5 years EUR 2,840
5-10 years EUR 4,050
10-15 years EUR 4,930
15-20 years EUR 5,210
More than 20 years EUR 5,670


Although it shouldn’t, still ethnicity does possess an effect on income. So, who among males or women earns more money? Male nursing staff in Luxembourg earn 4% below their female coworkers on average. Where it is vice versa in other fields as men are paid approximately 5% higher than women on average in other professions.

But staying on point to nursing, Male staff get paid EUR 4,640 meanwhile, EUR 4,850 are paid to female nursing staff.

In Contrast to Education:

Almost everyone knows what better education can do to lead to a greater wage, but in which additional value does a degree boost your earnings? To provide a contrast, we divided Nurse income by education level. A person must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree to practice nursing in Luxembourg. Details are illustrated below:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: A Nurse’s average monthly pay is 2,840 EUR with their education level being Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Master’s Degree: A person with a Master’s Degree earns 5,210 EUR a month, which is 83% more compared to a Bachelor’s Degree.

Other Advantages:

Despite a healthy pay record, Luxembourg offers the following perks for the nurses working there:

Appraisal Rate:

In Luxembourg, the national average yearly raise for all professions combined is 8%, which is given to employees every 17 months. Whereas, Nurse(s) in Luxembourg is at a benefit for they may expect a pay rise of about 9% every 19 months.

World’s No: 1 Country to Highest Pay the Nurses:

This little state in Western Europe rewards its nurses exceptionally highly, now dominating the list of nursing pay countries worldwide.

Finding work as a nurse is quite challenging due to the small size of the nation and its tax avoidance regulations. Despite being practically impossible, nurses might have to wait a while for a post to become available.

Need for Foreign-Qualified Nurses to Work in Luxembourg:

  • It is also crucial to remember that foreign nurses desiring employment in Luxembourg must possess the requisite language abilities, including fluency in either French, German, or Luxembourgish. The Minister of Health will require testing of the nurse’s language skills in any of these 3 languages.
  • However, either under a basic system or as professional nurses only, overseas nurses must get a license to work in Luxembourg.
  • Toto receives a job offer from a company, you need to have one year of clinical experience.


Even though Luxembourg is not a very huge state in Europe, it still pays a huge amount to its nurses. Mentioned above are the must-to-know points for you about the salaries affecting factors, benefits, and other queries you often rush to satisfy.

We have categorized the salaries of nurses in Luxembourg on multiple designations too. So, we hope to answer your frequently asked questions to provide an all-in-one article for you.

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