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Nurse Salary in Las Vegas


Apart from primary health care services and disease control, the nursing profession also includes the assistance of the ill, disabled, and people on deathbeds. However, counseling, fostering a secure atmosphere, research, involvement in determining health policy, administration of patients and healthcare systems, and training of patients are all involved in nursing.

Nursing In Las Vegas:

Nursing in Las Vegas is an occupation that calls for a big spirit, a lot of empathy, and understanding with dedication. Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare industry by helping doctors and clinicians with a wide range of medical processes and giving patients the necessary care.

Nursing staff may have Licensed Professional Nurses, Trained Nursing Assistants, and Registered Nurse according to their experiences and they get paid according to it. Moreover, Nurses that are specialized in ICU, pediatrics, and medical-surgical nursing are some of the more popular options. Here in this article, we will analyze nurses’ salaries in Las Vegas, USA.

A Quick Peek at Nursing in Las Vegas:


The territory of Las Vegas has varying nurse wages from area to region. The region with the highest pay for registered nurses is Carson City, where there are now 780 registered nurses working and the average income for registered nurses is $86,410. With 4,490 recruited registered nurses and an ordinary registered nurse pay of $84,590, the Reno region is at second rank.

Remember that at $82,750 (or $39.78 per hour), Las Vegas registered nurses make 9% more than the national average registered nurse pay.

Salaries of Nurses by Level of Experience in Las Vegas:

With an update of August 19 ‘2022, a registered nurse in Las Vegas can expect to make $42.21 per hour on average, plus $12,000 in overtime pay per year, 901 wages were recorded as per the report.

Let’s elaborate on the pay scale of nurses in Las Vegas with the help of a table chart as per their experience and skills:

Experience Level Salary per hour
More than 10 years $49.86
6-9 years $44.59
3-5 years $43.04
1-2 years $41.01
Less than 1 year $38.15

The specialty that registered nurses choose to practice determines their daily duties. Nurses that specialize in ICU, pediatrics, and medical-surgical nursing are some of the more popular options.

The Highest Paid Cities for Registered Nurses in Nevada:

Regions at Nevada Average Salary per hour
Las Vegas $42.21
Reno $41.73
Boulder City $40.08
Eiko $40.07
Carson City $39.21
North Las Vegas $38.63

As shown above, the highest paying region in Nevada, United States is the city of Las Vegas followed by other cities ending up in North Las Vegas.

How Many Registered Nurses Are Currently Working in the United States?

As the US population grows, there is an increasing demand for highly qualified healthcare professionals. With a population of over 323 million, the United States now has 3,047,530 registered nurses.

Which Sectors in Las Vegas Employ the Most Registered Nurses?

All around the country, Registered Nurses can find employment in a wide range of businesses. Compared to other sectors, such as the insurance business, some of these sectors—such as private hospitals—require far more registered nurses overall. It is sometimes preferable to look for work in a sector where demand is higher if you wish to have fantastic job security and a competitive pay rate.

The largest employers of RNs are private hospitals, private medical practices, home health care, government-owned hospitals, and nursing homes.

Why Is Nursing the Most In-Demand Profession?

There are practically no limits to the professional options one might pursue, but as of 2022, more people than ever are interested in a career as a licensed nurse. Although there are other explanations for this, the top 18 are mentioned below.

  1. Improve Individuals’ Lives: Every day across the nation, registered nurses save lives, which means they can improve more lives than any other profession
  2.  Respect in the Community: As a result of media coverage, including social media, more people than ever are aware of the hard work that registered nurses put forth to deliver top-notch care. They get a lot of respect in their communities as a result of this.
  3. Several Employment Paths: As a Registered Nurse, you have a plethora of career options at your disposal. You may pursue a career in teaching or management, pursue a medical specialization, or even return to school to become a physician, surgeon, or nurse practitioner.

Other Benefits:

  1. Flexible Schedules: Although RNs may put in long hours, many companies are fairly accommodating, and working for a private physician’s office rather than a hospital or nursing home can also assist to guarantee an excellent schedule.
  2. Paid Time Off Almost all registered nurses are qualified for paid time off after a specific amount of time, however, every workplace is different.
  3. Allowance (medical, life, dental, and vision): The outstanding benefit packages that RNs get from their jobs often cover everything from health, dental, and vision coverage.
  4. Incentives for Progress: From RN to head nurse, nurse manager, and a variety of other jobs, you might quickly work your way up the professional ladder. To go further, you can also obtain credentials or return to school.
  5. Retirement Benefits: The majority of businesses now provide their RNs pensions, 401(k)s, and other retirement savings programs that are intended to give them a financial safety net when they reach retirement age.

Which Las Vegas Jobs Are the Top 5 Highest Paying Related Registered Nurse Jobs?

At least 5 occupations in the Registered Nurse job category pay more than the average Registered Nurse wage in Las Vegas, Nevada per annum.

Job Designation Hourly Income Weekly Income Monthly Income Yearly Income
Registered Nurse Practitioner $59.08 $2,363 $10,240 $122,891
Cosmetic Nurse $54.62 $2,184 $9,467 $113,604
Aesthetic Nursing $53.53 $2,141 $9,279 $111,349
Registered Physician $53.29 $2,131 $9,237 $110,848
Remote Nurse Practitioner $53.20 $2,127 $9,220 $110,648


There is all we can guide you about the salary of nurses in Las Vegas. Knowing the value of the most valuable role played by the paramedical staff with a major part of nurses, Las Vegas pays well to its medical team.

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