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Nurse Salary in Hawaii


The authorities of Hawaii give special varieties of salaries in the discipline of nursing, which you may see on the tables beneath. If you need similarly proof or records approximately nursing specialty, the content material desk is a gift beneath which you may use. The desk offers you entire certain records approximately in the Nursing specialty.

Some specialties are as follows, Nurse Practitioners, RN, CRNA and LPN/LVNs- The given income statistics are the handiest for the authorities of Hawaii. The chart beneath demonstrates the assessment of presidency and country-wide common salaries for every nursing specialty and additionally explains the interruption of employment and income rate.

Registered Nurse (RN) Salary in Hawaii

An RN’s regular income in Hawaii is $96,990 that’s nicely beneath the country-wide common. In Connecticut, 10,800 registered nurses are running in a lot of industries. The statistics in the chart represent the assessment of the presidency and country-wide stage salaries of Hawaii. This chart handiest represents RN nurse salaries in Hawaii. This chart only represents the salary of RN.

60min Pay Weekly Pay Once-a-month Pay Yearly Pay
Hawaii offers to pay RN $46.63 $1,865 $8,082 $96,990
RN salary US $35.36 $1,414 $6,129 73,550
Normal Salary of US National $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

RN Incomes in Urban and Non-Urban Zones of Hawaii

The number of representatives or business figures is displayed beneath. The table contains the accompanying data, ordinary compensation information, continuously, workweek, calendar month and yearly pay rates in the Urban and non-Urban areas of Hawaii. The worker’s number and their Hourly and Yearly Salaries or compensations in Hawaii are exact.

State Quantity of employees Hourly Pay Yearly Pay
Urban Honolulu 8,400 $47.21 $98,190
Hawaii/Kauai Non-Urban area 1,610 $44.78 93,130
Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina 710 $47.21 $91,360

Salary of Nurse Practitioners in Hawaii

The public authority of Hawaii (HI) offers $122,580 normal compensation to Practitioners and Nurses. Roughly, 410 Nurse Practitioners are working under the government of Hawaii, as per the most current figures. The table underneath shows the pay rates of Nurse Practitioners in Hawaii.

60min Pay Weekly Pay Once-a-month Pay Yearly Pay
Hawaii offer pay to Nurse Practitioner $58.93 $2,357 $10,215 $122,580
Practitioner salary US $51.68 $2,067 $8,957 $107,480
Normal Salary of US National $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

Hawaii Urban and Non-Urban Zones’ Nurse Practitioner Salaries

The outline underneath exhibits the numbers for representatives, and typical compensation information, in the city and non-City zones of Hawaii. The worker’s number and their Hourly and Annual Salaries or pay rates in Hawaii are precise.

State Quantity of employees Hourly Pay Yearly Pay
Urban Honolulu 340 $60.84 $126,5


Hawaii/Kauai Non-Urban area 50 $51.58 107,280

LPN/LVN Salary in Hawaii

$49,200 is the normal salary of a Licensed Nurse (LPN) in Hawaii. The recent digits demonstrate that around (LPN) in Hawaii. The recent figures show that around “1,270” LPNs are working under the government of Hawaii.

Hourly Pay Weekly Income Monthly Pay Annual Income
Hawaii offers to pay LPN/LVN $23.65 $946 $4,100 $49,200
US offer pay to (LPNs/LVNs) $21.98 $918 $3,976 $47,710
Salary Trends in the United States $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

LPN / LVN Salaries in Urban and Non-Urban Zones, Hawaii

The chart beneath represents the figures for employees and normal pay data in the Urban and Non-Urban zones of Hawaii.

State Quantity of employees Hourly Income Yearly Pay
Hawaii/Kauai non-urban zones 350 $24.18 $50,300
Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina 180 $918 $3,976
Urban Honolulu 740 $973 $4,218

CRNA Salary in Hawaii

In Hawaii, the usual salary of a CRNA is around $196,640. The chart below represents the recently updated figures that about “90” CRNA are working under the government of Hawaii. This cart only represents the incomes of CRNA in (HI).

60min Income Weekly Income Once-a-month Income Yearly Income
Hawaii offer pay to CRNA $94.54 $3,782 $16,387 $196,640
US offer pay to CRNA $81.47 $3,258 $14,120 $169,450
normal salary in the US $24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620

CRNA Salary in Urban and Non-Urban Zones of Hawaii

The complete numbers of workers and normal CRNA pay information in Urban and Non-Urban zones of Hawaii are given in the chart below. The chart beneath only represents the CRNA nurse specialty data.

State Number of Employment Hourly Income Annual Income
Urban Honolulu 80 $94.07 $197,170


Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system. We all depend on this hardworking profession to keep us alive. Nurses are continuously working in the hospital to provide patient care. They work long hours and, in some cases, are not given the wages that they deserve. In the United States, the average wage for a nurse is $55,000 a year. In Hawaii, the average salary for a nurse is $49,000 a year.

Hawaii has the second-highest cost of living in the United States, second only to Alaska. Nurses are worth every penny of their salaries and deserve to be treated with the respect they deserve.

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