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Nurse Salary in Greece

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world and nurses are the pillars of the medical world in Greece. These highly dedicated individuals devote their lives to caring for the ill and helping doctors in treating their patients with the utmost care and compassion. If you are interested in pursuing a nursing career increase but you are unsure about the prospects over the future holes then fret not. We have a guide that can help educate you about the nurse salary in Greece.

You can learn what to expect if you choose the nursing profession in Greece. So, without further ado.

Nurse Salary- A Glance

The profession of nursing demands continual attention and can take up the entirety of your time. Your job is to care for the patients and many of them are in such painful states that it is important to keep a lookout on them constantly. Therefore, Greece takes the importance and integrity of this profession and strives to pay their nurses well no matter their job specifications. Nurses are in high demand in Greece and are constantly coveted by medical centers, hospitals, institutions, schools, etc.

An individual working in the medical profession as a nurse person can typically earn around 2,380 EUR every month. These salaries can also range from 1,410 EUR which is considered the lowest average, all the way to 4,420 EUR which is the highest average. These numbers are the average monthly wage and they also include transport, housing, or other types of allowances specific to a job’s need. The average hourly pay in Greece is 14 EUR.

The salaries can of course also vary rather drastically between various nursing career paths. If you wish to know about particular jobs and their salaries then we have got you.

Below we have a table that sheds light on some of the nursing jobs and how they can pay in Greece.

Jobs Average Wage
Home Nurse 1,810 EUR
Licensed Nurse- LPN 1,740 EUR
ICU Nurse 1,960 EUR
Nurse Practitioner 2,210 EUR
Critical Care Nurse 2,130 EUR
Nursing Assistant 1,580 EUR
Registered Nurse 1,840 EUR


Everybody wants to know what the increments situation is and the nursing profession is no different in giving increments. For nurses in Greece, they can observe a salary increment of around 9% every 18 months. The country has the national average yearly increment for any profession declared at 9% after every 17 months. So no matter what, the increment has to be at least 9% for that is held at the national level. Depending on the organization you work for, your increment can be even bigger.

Salary Progression

When you keep working in the medical field and move forward in your professional life, naturally you would want to know what the salary progression possibilities are in Greece for you as a nurse. We will also shed some light on that aspect.

That experience is one of the integral factors in not only deciding your salary but also determining how you will progress. The more seasoned someone is, the more years someone has under their belt, and the higher their chances of more salaries and better positions in their career.

To put things generally, individuals who have over two to four years of experience in the field, get around 32% extra than newbies or juniors in all disciplines.

On the other hand, professionals who pack even more than five years can have 36% more compared to those with less than five years of experience in the field.

Moreover, as you keep on going and then hit your ten years mark then things can change on a different level salary-wise. Your salary can increase by 21% and then you get the extra 14% if you have crossed the fifteen years mark. In this period, your experience has increased much more and therefore you can get on high administrative positions which pay so much more.

This is just a general number, depending on an organization or institute’s budget, it can be much more. In the medical field, experience is given a little more important than in other professions. After all, you are responsible for caring for and dealing with treating human lives to help them get better, and that is not a light subject. Therefore, experience and knowledge are given a very high preference when it comes to hiring nurses and deciding their salaries and positions.


Now let’s discuss the bonus situation for nurses in Greece. The profession of nursing is deemed a moderately bonus-based field owing to its rather limited contribution to revenue generation. The nurses who receive bonuses are somehow involved in generating revenue and for that, they receive very good bonuses.

Studies have shown some nurses state they did not receive any bonus while some stated that they receive at least one bonus. Those that received the bonuses also reported that the range was from 3% to 6% of annual salary.

Let’s discuss the bonus forms below.

Types of Bonuses

This is a list of what kind of bonuses can be considered for nurses.


The standard form is based on an individual’s performance and the employee receives it depending on how exceptionally they fulfilled their duties.

Company Performance

Oftentimes, some companies choose to celebrate their excess earnings and profit with the staff in bonuses form which is given to everyone. This bonus amount varies from nurse to nurse and depends highly on the role they played in the organization.


If you achieve a certain milestone as a nurse then this can be rewarded as a bonus too.


Such bonuses have no reason but are granted as appreciation during holidays or at the year’s end to celebrate the dedication and hard work of the nurses.


This is everything to know about the pay situation in the nursing field in Greece. The country pays its medical professionals well and nurses are at the forefront of it all. We hope this guide helps answer the important questions for you and we wish you all the best in your nursing endeavors.

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