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Nurses Salary In Fresno, Ca


Being a nurse is a great job with many perks. A report from the U.S. Department of Labor says that it is also one of the most stressful jobs. But being a nurse is very rewarding and gives you many chances to grow and move up in your career. As the need for nurses keeps going up, so does their pay. In Fresno, CA, the average nurse makes about $65,000 per year. Let’s look at what else you need to know about becoming a nurse in this city and what kind of chance it gives you as an individual.

How Much Does a Nurse Make in Fresno?

How much money a nurse makes varies based on a variety of things, like how many years of experience they have, where they work, and how many hours they work. In Fresno, CA, for instance, a nurse with a bachelor’s degree can expect to make about $67,000. A nurse with a master’s degree, on the other hand, can make around $72,000 per year. Nursing is one of the health care jobs that pay the most. It’s also one of the fields with the most growth. So, there are more jobs for nurses, and their average pay is also going up. The average nurse in Fresno, California, can make $65,000 per year.

What is the Average Salary for Nurses in Fresno?

Here are some average salary numbers for nurses in Fresno and the surrounding areas: –

  • Bakersfield – $71,000.
  • Fresno – $65,000
  • Hanford – $66,000
  • Los Angeles – $82,000
  • Modesto – $70,000
  • San Francisco – $80,000
  • San Jose – $75,000
  • Santa Barbara – $79,000 –
  • Stockton – $66,000
  • Visalia – $64,000

What are the Highest Paying Jobs for Nurses in Fresno?

Cardiologists, anesthesiologists, and orthopedic surgeons make the most money as nurses in Fresno, California. About $131,000 a year is what these nurses make. Some other well-paid jobs are: –

  • Emergency room (ER) nurses: These nurses provide medical attention to patients who have recently arrived in the emergency room. Therefore, they are obligated to provide the patients with care and watch over them. ER nurses make a salary of approximately $97,000 per year on average.
  • Intensive care unit (ICU) nurses: These nurses are responsible for monitoring patients who are in critical condition and providing treatment for those patients. ICU nurses typically earn a salary of approximately $96,000 per year.
  • Pediatric nurses: These nurses take care of children who are recovering from injuries or who have unique requirements for their medical treatment. Pediatric nurses typically earn a yearly salary of approximately $95,000.
  • Operating room (OR) nurses: These nurses assist the surgeons and other medical professionals who operate in the operating room (OR). They have an annual income of approximately $94,000.
  • Staff nurses: These nurses go to work in a variety of settings and provide medical attention to patients who aren’t in critical condition. The average annual salary for a staff nurse is close to $88,000.
  • Wound care nurses: These nurses are highly skilled in assisting patients who are coping with long-term wounds. Wound care nurses typically earn a yearly salary of approximately $88,000.
  • Registered nurses (RNs): This is the most common type of registered nurse. Patients who need medical treatment and care are provided by registered nurses (RNs). R.N.s get approximately $88,000 per year in salary.

How Many Nurses Are There in Fresno?

As was just mentioned, the demand for registered nurses is on the rise because their services are required in virtually every area of the healthcare sector. Because it has more than a million registered nurses, California is the state that has the most nurses of any other state.

Fresno is home to over 25,000 registered nurses. Because people are living longer and maintaining their medical needs for longer periods, there is a growing demand for nurses. Additionally, there is a rise in the number of working mothers who require child care while they are away from their jobs.

Why Becoming a Nurse a Good Career Move?

Because they provide patients with essential care, registered nurses are an essential component of the healthcare team. They assist individuals in resolving their health issues and making progress toward recovery. In addition to this, nurses are responsible for checking on patients and administering medication to them as required. When a patient is brought into a hospital, they are the first members of staff that the patient encounters.

In addition to this, they assist individuals in managing the health issues that they are experiencing and in generally improving their state of health. In addition to this, nurses are responsible for checking on patients and administering medication to them as required. Because they are the first to offer assistance to those in need, we can never have enough of them. They are also some of the persons in their respective industries who enjoy the highest levels of credibility.


Because there are more and more people who require nursing care, becoming a nurse is a wonderful professional decision to make. Because there are not enough nurses in a sufficient number of professions, there is a demand for nurses in a variety of settings. You need to start looking for nursing programs in your area if you want to pursue a career as a nurse. You’ll perform far better at this task if you get a head start on being ready as soon as possible.

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