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How much does Kaiser pay RN with BSN?

Into on Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente, or generally Kaiser, is a United States-based comprehensive controlled care organization based primarily in Oakland, California. Their aim is to promote the wellness of their customers and the populations they assist by providing high-quality, inexpensive health care. They cater to their customers more than any other healthcare institution, due to their exceptional approach, national-leading prevention, as well as cutting-edge treatments.

Registered Nurse (RN)

A registered nurse (RN) is a nurse who already has completed a nursing program and meets the conditions for obtaining a nursing license as forth by a country, state, province, or other government-authorized licensing organization. The standards of practice of a registered nurse are specified by law and governed by a professional association or board.

Bachelors in Nursing (BSN)

A Bachelors’s degree in Nursing (BSN) will give you the level of education that many businesses look for in registered nurses (RNs). While an associate degree allows you to work as an RN, nurses with a BSN often have additional responsibilities, supervisory jobs, and higher compensation. They’re also in high demand. A four-year BSN program contains liberal arts courses to complete general education requirements as well as classes tailored to your nursing major. It’s a wonderful curriculum for entrance nurses who would like to make a difference in the ever-changing field of nursing by improving patient care.

General Pay of Registered Nurses (RN) with a Bachelors in Nursing (BSN)

BSN RNs should expect to be paid somewhere around $33,500 to $51,000 per year when they first start their nursing career. The easiest approach to understand how these nursing starting wages relate on a bigger scale is to look at how they compare. In the United States, the average base income for all entry-level employment is $40,153 annually. A BSN nurse’s beginning income is anticipated to be roughly $22.66 per hour, or $47,127 per year, according to reports. This is the sum of money you may anticipate to be paid for the healthcare service at the start of your career by most employers.

How Much Does Kaiser Pay RN with BSN?

The average Kaiser Permanente Registered Nurse with a BSN’s hourly wage is $51. At Kaiser Permanente, RN, BSN salaries can range from $36 to $94 per hour. This calculation is based on Fifteen Kaiser Permanente RN with a BSN salary item(s) or estimates based on statistical methodologies. An RN with a BSN at Kaiser Permanente can anticipate earning an estimated average pay of $51 per hour after bonuses and other compensation. An RN with a BSN’s wage varies depending on where they work and who they work for. The starting wage is $71,204 per year, while the highest possible level of seniority pays $72,404 per year.

Is It Worth Working at Kaiser?

Compared to 59 percent of workers at a conventional U.S.-based corporation, 80 percent of Kaiser Permanente employees feel it is a fantastic place to work. According to a study, Kaiser Permanente hospitals have a patient-to-nurse ratio of 4.03, which is 16 percent higher than Magnet hospitals and 21% higher than all of the other facilities (4.82 and 5.1 patients per nurse, respectively). Kaiser is the finest location to serve as a nurse in Southern California due to the obvious excellent compensation, perks, and pension. There is job satisfaction, the opportunity for growth within the organization, and work schedule mobility.

Why Should You Prefer Working with Kaiser?

In Terms of Pay

The estimated average annual pay at Kaiser Permanente, encompassing base and bonus, is $151,338, or $72 per hourly, while the average estimated compensation is $174,806, worth $84 per hour.

In Terms of Work Environment

The quality of your experience will vary dramatically based on your management staff, but Kaiser is a fantastic place to work with outstanding perks and support if you have good managers. Every department has incredible teammates who work as a team and create a true family vibe. Overall, the culture is welcoming and inclusive, with a strong emphasis on teamwork. The best aspect of the job is meeting new people and forming new teams, but individuals also appreciate the excellent perks and union stability.

As Per the Reviews of Present and Past Staff

  • During my time at Kaiser, I worked in three distinct divisions. Most of the sites and my coworkers were enjoyable to me. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot. I enjoyed my time here but only departed due to health concerns. If they would take me back, I would come back in a heartbeat.
  • The pay and perks are excellent. Workplace culture isn’t great. In the department where I worked, there was plenty of overtime available. The majority of individuals share this sentiment; everyone is there for the money and the experience.
  • It depends on one’s position. There is a general sense of belonging and mutual support. This organization offers some of the best pay, as well as opportunities for advancement.
  • Management believes in you, is encouraging, and is receptive to new ideas. Changes in facility and type of employment are quite easy to do. Pay and perks are adequate. The employees are valued by the company. There are numerous educational possibilities.
  • I spent 15 years at Kaiser Permanente. It was both a pleasant and difficult experience. KP’s people, patients, mission, and beliefs were what motivated me to get up in the morning. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the constant stress of navigating a difficult marketplace and dealing with office politics. I have no regrets about devoting a significant portion of my life to that wonderful institution.
  • I’m proud of Kaiser since we’ve made significant progress. Evidence-based medicine, computerized medical systems, and the merging of multiple disciplines were all appealing to me, as was the fact that I was paid a salary and may receive a bonus if I performed well.


Kaiser is no doubt one of the best places to work as an RN with a BSN. This article will serve as a detailed guide for all the information you will be needing regarding that. We hope you find it useful and best of luck with your nursing career.

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