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How much does OB-GYN Nurse make? 

OB-GYN nurses earn a high salary rate as expert practitioners with specialized qualifications and knowledge. These nurses earn higher than registered nurses having no such specialized skillsets. The salary of OB-GYN nurses depends on the facility where they work and their educational level.

What does an OB-GYN nurse do?

OB-GYN nurses are expert registered nurses whose specialization is in female reproductive health. The word OB-GYN focuses mainly on childbirth, gynecology pregnancy -everything associated with the typical reproductive health. This is why the term comes from close specialties of obstetrics.

Responsibilities of OB-GYN nurses

The duty of OB-GYN nurses is similar to that of registered nurses. Both OBGYN nurses and other registered nurses provide women health care during pregnancy.

Some other duties include the following-

  • Medicine administration
  • Records and take the medical histories of patients
  • Making patient care plans
  • Assist pregnant ladies during labor as well deliveries
  • Manage and develop postpartum care for newborn babies as well as mothers

These nurses offer vital details and suggestions on physical health, fertility treatment, birth control, sexual health, etc. They provide a wide range of treatment plans, taking tests like mammograms, ultrasound, HPV vaccination, and taking care of women from puberty to menopause.

Where do OB-GYN nurses work?

OB-GYN nurses are appointed in various specialties like private medical centers, hospitals, and physician’s offices. The role of the nursing profession is full-time, but for OB-GYN nurses, the nature of work is unpredictable due to delivery and labor issues. This means these nurses have to work 24*7, and they have the flexibility to choose among options like part-time hours, shift hours, etc., which is appealing to many nursing pursuing candidates.

What is the average salary for an OB-GYN nurse?

The demand for OB-GYN nurses is continuously increasing, and so it can be expected that the job position for OB-GYN nurses will increase in the future. It has been known that OB-GYN nurses earn the national average salary, which is about $1750 weekly. The salary rate varies according to the experience of the nurses as well as the setting in which they are appointed. The best-paid nursing job for every OB-GYN nurse is a government job where nurses get the top average nursing salary. OB-GYN nurses who work in private, state, and local educational services usually get a low salary scale; however, these jobs offer flexible and regular working hours and specifically don’t include emergency patient care and night shift duty. This is the reason why the Bureau of labor statistics has predicted that salaries for OB-GYN nurses will increase higher than the average rate of salaries of certified nurses.

How does location affect the salary of an Ob-Gyn nurse?

The pay scale for OB-GYN nurses varies greatly from one state to other. Higher salaries are offered to salaries who reside and work in an urban location, and nurses working in rural areas generally receive low wages as the cost of living is low in rural centers. As per the bureau of labor statistics and indeed, the average income of OB-GYN nurses varies according to States such as -Nurses in Alabama get a weekly wage of $1711. In contrast, in Alaska, the wage is $1896. The earning potential of these nurses greatly depends on several factors like professional experience, the location where they work, and their educational level. OB/GYN nurses in California get an average salary of $102700 yearly, while these nurses get an average annual salary of $88770 in Oregon. They are paid the worst in Alabama, with an average salary of $57890 yearly.

Requirements to become an OB-GYN nurse.

If you want to earn a lucrative career with job security and a good compensation package, then choose the career of OB-GYN nurse and complete the following steps to get a degree in this field.

Get a degree in nursing.

Candidates desiring to become OB-GYN nurses get many degree options and initial training needed for every registered nurse. You need to complete your high school diploma and gain adequate nursing qualifications. Aspiring nurses opt for a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in the nursing profession from a reputable education Institute. Some nursing students undergo nursing diploma programs from hospitals and medical centers. You can complete your diploma and associate degree program in just two years; however, in-depth coursework is needed for a bachelor’s degree that takes four years to complete. Nurses holding a bachelor’s degree can easily earn high-level nursing roles.

Complete the licensing process

After completing the education and qualification needed for a registered nurse, the next step is to take the NCLEX-RN exam (National Council for licensure examination) to earn a license for nursing practice. This examination covers nursing skills like health promotion, respiratory/diabetes disease management, preventive treatment, care, health maintenance, promotion, etc. are covered by this examination. You have to pass the six-hour-long examination to earn a license in nursing from the state board of nursing.

Gain experience as an OB-GYN nurse

OB-GYN nurses can be certified only after gaining a minimum experience of two years in their relevant work environment. OB-GYN nurses can gain this experience by practicing in maternity wards, inpatient obstetrics departments, and hospital birthing centers.

Gain certification as an OB-GYN nurse

After meeting the qualification requirement and experience criteria, you can take the certification exam, covering a wide range of topics like maternal care, inpatient obstetrics, and neonatal care. OB-GYN nurses are not required to compulsorily gain certification however, completing the RNC-OB will help these nurses to find work easily. This is valid for 3 years and can be renewed again by taking a new exam.

What is the salary for Ob-Gyn Nurses?

Ob-Gyn nurses get the national median salary of close to $73350 annually. In other words, the hourly salary is close to $35.36. Although these nurses are not the topmost paid nurses, the maximum salary is given to Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Their salary is $165950 per year; however, they earn a good compensation package and job security.

Job Outlook for ob-gyn nurses

As per the Bureau of labor statistics reports, the number of job openings, especially for registered nurses, is expected to increase by 12% from 2019 to 2028, higher than the increase in job rate in other occupations. This makes the career of ob-gyn nurses be rewarding one. This is because professional medical help will also be increasing with the growing population.

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