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Can You Put Crocs In The Dryer?

Crocs, they’re so hot right now; everyone loves them. Everyone has at least one, and some people even have more than that. You can’t walk into a store without seeing anything but these shoes everywhere you look. It’s like, get over it already. But whatever, I’m not here to talk about the big craze that is Crocs.

I’m here to talk about an age-old question on the minds of young, would-be croc owners everywhere: can you put Crocs in the dryer? It’s a question that has been debated for years. Some people swear by it, while others say it will ruin your shoes. So what’s the truth?

Can you put Crocs in the dryer?

Crocs are made from a special type of foam that is designed to be durable and water-resistant. That means that they can usually be machine washed and air dried without any problems. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can always just hand wash them and let them air dry.

Still, many people say that one of the best ways to keep your Crocs clean and fresh is by putting them in the dryer. You can put them on low to medium heat, never higher than that, for about 20 minutes. This will help kill fungus and bacteria like the athlete’s foot. It will also kill any mold that might be developing inside your shoes.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to wash them or put them in the dryer, it’s important to take care of your Crocs, so they last as long as possible. A good place to start with this is by following the cleaning instructions provided by Crocs. You should also avoid wearing Crocs when you go swimming or hiking because they aren’t designed to be worn in wet conditions.

What not to do when you put Crocs in the dryer

It’s happened to all of us. We’re in a hurry, and we toss our Crocs in the dryer with the rest of our laundry. Only later do we realize our mistake, and by then, it’s too late. The Crocs are melted into a sad, misshapen mess.

If you’ve ever made this mistake or if you’re just careful enough to never have done it yourself then you’ll want to read on. We’ll tell you what not to do when you put Crocs in the dryer. So that next time, you’ll be able to avoid disaster altogether.

  • Don’t use high heat-The high temperature of a regular clothes dryer can cause the glue used to stick pieces of foam together to melt, destroying the shoe beyond repair. Keep it at a medium or low setting instead.
  • Don’t force it into the dryer– If there’s a problem getting your Crocs inside, then don’t keep forcing them! Get someone else to help or stop trying altogether. Only hurt can come from this.
  • Don’t keep your Crocs in the dryer for too long– The longer you leave them in, the more chance there is that they’ll be destroyed beyond all help. We recommend around 10 minutes as a maximum time to put your shoes in.

Now that you know what not to do when putting Crocs in the dryer, hopefully, next time won’t go so wrong.

Disadvantages of putting Crocs in the dryer

If you’re like most people, you probably put your Crocs in the dryer to get them nice and crispy. But did you know that there are some major disadvantages to doing this? In fact, putting Crocs in the dryer can actually ruin them! Here are four reasons why you should never put Crocs in the dryer.

1. It ruins the foam

The first reason why you should never put Crocs in the dryer is that it damages or even destroys the foam rubber. While your Crocs may come out of the dryer feeling crispy and looking good, they will quickly lose their shape and firmness after a few hours of wear. And this can lead to some serious comfort problems.

2. It warps the material

The second reason you should never put Crocs in the dryer is that it warps the lightweight PVC material that they’re made from. As a result of being exposed to intense heat and extended time in the dryer, this material will distort and warp so much that your Crocs will most likely be ruined.

3. It damages the elastic

The third reason you should never put Crocs in the dryer is that it severely damages or even ruins the elastic band at the back of your Crocs shoes. As a result, this band will lose its stretch and can cause frequent tripping (if it’s still attached at all).

4. It could damage the soles

Another reason you should never put Crocs in the dryer is that they can damage or ruin your entire shoes! While this may not seem like a big deal to many people, damaged shoes are definitely something to avoid. And if they do get ruined, you can bet that you’re not getting much of a refund, if any at all.

Advantages of putting Crocs in the dryer

A lot of people seem to think that putting Crocs in the dryer is a bad idea. But is it really? I did some research, and I found that there are actually a lot of advantages to putting Crocs in the dryer. Here are just a few:

  1. They’ll last longer – Putting your Crocs in the dryer will help them last longer. The heat from the dryer will help to seal the rubber and make them more durable.
  2. They’ll stay cleaner – Crocs that aren’t put in the dryer tend to get dirty faster, and they’ll smell. The heat from the dryer will kill any bacteria and microbes that may be hiding out in your Crocs and keep them smelling fresh.
  3. They’ll keep their shape – As long as you use a low heat setting, putting your Crocs in the dryer won’t damage them at all. In fact, it might even help! The heat can help to preserve the original shape of your Crocs.
  4. They’ll go faster – Crocs are great because you don’t have to tie them up or bend over to put them on or take them off, but if you never put them in the dryer, it takes a really long time for them to dry out. Taking them in and out of the dryer will cut down on that time significantly.

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