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Can Nurses Have Colored Hair?

Culturally, nurses are represented as angels, or at least that is what I believed growing up. These supernatural nurses would swoop in and take care of the sick, wounded, and dying. No problem was too big for them to handle, even if they were experiencing their own personal issues. Nurses are like superheroes—or superheroines?

Hair color is not something that comes up in any other field. Some might consider nurses to be one of the “most natural” looking careers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take care of their appearances too.

Can nurses have colored hair-Many workers in the medical industry tend to use their looks to their advantage. Whether it’s attractive doctors or cute nurses, their attributes are used to get the job done. But there are limits. Sadly, for many of them, it seems like even though they find themselves making more money than usual, they still can’t get away with dying their hair however they want. You might be thinking your favorite nurse would look hot with pink hair or that your doctor should be able to wear whatever he/she wants. However, while some hospitals might let you do just that, other workplaces will continue to follow their rules and regulations when it comes to appearance.

Many nurses have a differing opinion about their own hairstyles. Some know that they can’t have a haircut or a hair color that “is distracting or might be offensive to a patient, a colleague, or anyone else”. At the same time, some nurses also know that many patients from different cultures and religions prefer them not to shave their head. Thus, most of them try to find a compromise between professionalism and personal characteristics with their own hair style.

In the past few years’ nurses were not allowed to dye their hair. Most of the hospitals and clinics have clearly mentioned in their policy that nurses cannot have unnatural hair color. They find it offensive for the patients and other staff members and think that a nurse should look professional. Colored hair makes you look unprofessional.

But now some hospitals have changed their policies. Now the nurses can dye their hair because they think that the job performance has nothing to do with the appearance. But this relaxation doesn’t mean that you can dye your hair red or yellow. The color of your hair should look more natural and not too sharp. Nurses do have many limitations about their being dressed up and also their hair style. If they want to keep their hair open then the length should not be more than the shoulders, if they have long hair, they should tie it by making a bun for a neat and professional look. The nurses who are not sure about the policies of hair styles and hair color in the hospital, should talk to the hospital management directly.

Rules associated with colored hair of nurses

So, from the above discussion it is clear that you are allowed to dye your hair as a nurse, but there are some limitations. Using a professional hair dye while you’re on the job can be a hazardous task. Out of all hair colors, nurses have to deal with the greatest number of chemicals. That’s why we created rules for nurses to dye their hair. Now, before you add or remove from the list, check the tips for each section so it will be successful. We have worked hard to create an interesting and educational way to inform other professionals about the things they should know about hair color. Remember, A good beginning is Halfway There!

Women who work in hospitals do not have the luxury of changing their appearance at will. They must comply with strict criteria that dictate that they appear professional at all hours. One of these rules is that nurses must maintain well-groomed hair.

  • This means no unnatural colors or hues, which would go against the profession’s idea of acceptable looks.
  • Dying your hair for a special occasion is not permitted, and faded highlights are never allowed.
  • Nurses may dye their hair, but only before it is below the collar and out of sight.
  • Your roots must be blended.
  • Synthetics are not permitted at work.
  • The color, or shade of color chosen should be light in tone so it doesn’t look too garish.

Can student nurses dye their hair?

As a student nurse your hair plays a very important role. Not only does it give you a unique look, but it is a source of comfort and confidence. However, much fun you may have with your hair now, remember that the time will come when you will need to conform to professional standards. As a student nurse under training much of your time will be spent in the following environments: clinical placement, hospital wards and classrooms. In these locations strict professional guidelines for appearance apply intensifying the importance of your hair color. These guidelines are used as a measure of professionalism and as such student nurses are expected to follow them.

Yes, there are rules when it comes to hair color. Your school will probably have its own set of policies on when you can alter your look, so when in doubt, ask – don’t risk getting thrown in the naughty corner just because you’re in a new part of the country and want an Ombre look or some Sombre highlights that could really brighten up your day!

So, the best you can do before entering nursing school is to ask the school policies and can change your appearance accordingly, if your school doesn’t have restrictions about colored hair, you are so lucky. In such cases you can look around your neighboring hospitals because their appearance policies may affect you.

Why can’t nurses dye their hair?

Nurses often give patients medical advice based on what they learn at work and what they read, and because nurses handle medications and equipment, it is important to follow specific safety rules. According to the hospital management Hair dyes may contain harmful chemicals, which could cause something to go wrong if a nurse applies those dyes right before working. This isn’t just about the aesthetics of having colored hair as a nurse, as some dyes may rub off onto patients or other items that should be kept sterile. To prevent this from happening, many hospitals and health care facilities have strict rules against nurses having colored hair.

These restrictions are not confined just to hair color, but also to nurses makeup and nail paint color. They are not allowed to wear loud makeup, sharp scents and loud colored nail polish. Because it seems to be unprofessional and a nurse looks like she is going out for a party not for the hospital.

It’s not just the hair color, hair styles, makeup etc., but also the tattoos. The hospital management also restricts the nurses from getting tattoos. Tattoos are the way of expressing yourself. And wearing makeup or dying hair also represents the nurse. Nurses want to look good and confident. And these are some ways to make them confident.

All the focus of the management is upon the appearance of the nurses about the body art, makeup and hair dye. But these limitations were applied years ago when they focus more on appearance than on professionalism.

But now people have become aware that appearance has nothing to do with the profession. All that matters is the performance of the nurse. A nurse will work with all sorts of patients in a variety of situations including accidents, emergencies, surgeries and so on. The bottom line is they are there to do what is needed to care for their patient. Their hair color has no bearing on their ability to give quality care.”

So, in the end it is clear that focusing on nurse hair dye is totally beside the point, it is the values and behavior of the nurse that matters. If the management focuses more on the problems of the patients rather than the appearance of the nurses then it could be much better for the staff as well as the patient.


To conclude, nurses can have colored hair. For the past 75 years it was considered unprofessional for the nurse to have colored hair, but nurses can now show their patients that they like to “express themselves” with colored hair.

Nurses can dye hair, piercings, and tattoos. Their appearance has nothing to do with their job and it is pretty obvious the world doesn’t need to know about their personal business. Some folks actually think that because nurses have such an important job, they all must be serious and dreary people. That’s not true at all! In fact, many nurses look great with brightly colored hair. So, what do those fancy hairdos have to do with good nursing care? Nothing. Nurses can wear non-regulation hairstyles and still give you good nursing care.

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