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Are crocs good for your back?

Crocs have been around for a while and are known as very comfortable shoes. But are they good for your back? There are a lot of different opinions about whether Crocs are good for your back or not. Some people say they’re terrible for your back, while others claim they’re …

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Best books about becoming a nurse 

Books and Supplies | Lakeview College of Nursing

Nursing books have great significance like any other profession. These books help nursing candidates stay current and up to date as per industrial standards. It is therefore critical to read nursing books frequently and gain professional development. However, there are plenty of options available in the market for nursing books, …

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Are Clogs Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Introduction There’s no denying that clogs are a wonderful invention. Because they don’t have laces or straps, they are simple to put on and gently support our tired feet while we walk. They transport us from the beach to the grocery shop with no difficulty. However, it is true that …

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Are Crocs Good for Bunions?

Best Shoes for Bunions Based on Styles and Needs

Introduction The general public widely recognizes crocs shoes. We’re all wanting to get our hands on some. When people travel, they want to be in them as much as possible. We’ve all formed the impression that they’re laid-back and uncomplicated. What, on the other hand, is the situation with them? …

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NP Vs. APRN- What’s The Difference?

NP vs APRN - What's the Difference? - The NursingCE Blog

Nurse practitioners (NP) and advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) are both highly-trained nurses, but there are some key differences between the two roles. Nurse practitioners often have more autonomy than APRNs and can diagnose and treat patients independently. APRNs may have more limited autonomy and may only be able to …

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How To Prioritize Nursing Diagnosis

Prioritize Hypothesis | How To Write A Nursing Diagnosis To Answer NCLEX,  HESI & ATI Questions - YouTube

Prioritization of nursing diagnoses is an important skill for nurses. It can be difficult to determine which diagnosis is the most important, but a few things can help make the decision easier, which you will look at in this article. First, let’s understand what nursing diagnosis is? Nursing diagnosis is …

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What Is GNM Nursing?

GNM - General Nursing and Midwifery Course - GoToUniversity

GNM, or the Global Nursing Model, is a type of nursing that focuses on the needs of patients globally. GNM nurses attend to patients who suffer from chronic illnesses and medical emergencies, even if they come from different cultures and backgrounds. Claudia J. Arocha-Bravo created this type of nursing, and …

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Can Nurses Use Marijuana?

Cannabis Nurses Will Soon Be In Demand | | New Jersey State Nurses  Association

During the last decade, the proportion of states that have legalized marijuana for recreational or therapeutic uses has increased. Furthermore, despite federal regulations categorizing marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic and forbidding its use of it, states are moving toward decriminalization. Before smoking marijuana, cannabis, CBD oil, honey oil, or …

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Can Physical Therapists Smoke Weed?

Marijuana - Not as harmless as you think - Washington University Physicians

Introduction Obviously, therapists should not conduct sessions while under the influence of any substance. And every mental health professional association has strong ethical guidelines barring therapists or counselors from continuing to practice if they are harmed by substance abuse. Moreover, physical therapists use marijuana to help in the healing of …

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Acute Care Vs. ICU

What is the ICU and why are COVID-19 patients there? | OSF HealthCare

When it comes to healthcare, there are a lot of acronyms and abbreviations that can be confusing. Two of the most common are ACUTE CARE and INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (ICU). But what’s the difference between them? ACUTE CARE is a type of hospital care that provides short-term treatment for a …

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