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Is Vaseline Good for Dry Feet

Dry feet are something that all of us have to face once now and again. Some people suffer more than others, but it’s still a condition that can be quite annoying to deal with. Some conditions may cause dry feet. Some medical causes for dry feet are eczema and athlete’s …

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Most comfortable brand of women’s shoes

The market is flooded with numerous brands having different styles of shoes, each with their distinguishing feature. It is essential to look at not just the beauty of the shoe, but also the functionality it offers. The massive market for these shoes can leave us confused concerning which shoe to …

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Why are Converse Called Chucks?

Early years of Converse The converse is a famous American shoe company that designs and distributes many types of shoes all over the world. It was established in February 1908 (approximately 111 years ago), by Marquis Mills Converse, of Malden Massachusetts, at the age of 47. He was previously a …

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How long do Woodland shoes last

Introduction Woodland is a very famous company, and many customers flock to Woodland stores to buy shoes for a special occasion or a casual outing. It is the top company for many shoe lovers. The company has been impressing people with their expert craftsmanship for almost 25 years now. The …

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Are Woodland shoes made of leather?

About Woodland The Aero group has established a brand name in the Canadian shoe industry since the early 50s. The main international trade by the Aero group during that time was exporting leather to the Soviet Union. The aero group decided to enter the Indian market in 1992 after the …

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Who made the first shoes?

It is believed that the first shoes were built around 8000 BCE. Archaeological excavation has found evidence that looks similar to shoes and boots. Those boots were made from woods and canvas. The ancient people were using them. It was realized earlier that feet need protection so that people tried …

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Crocs – Healthy footwear or just comfortable? : Do these attractive shoes hold a place in good foot care? Here we shall find out about the reviews of both doctors and consumers at the same time. The Crocs or the clog-like shoes with bright and vibrant colors might not be …

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Are Crocs good for your feet?

What are Crocs? Crocs are rubber clogs that are loved for their floating abilities and comfortable fit. They were introduced to the market in 2002 and have been in use since then. They can be used by anyone, from toddlers to men in the dusk of their lives. They can …

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Why do nurses wear compression socks?

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Most nurses work 12-hour shifts or longer, that keeps you on your feet most of the time. Working for long shifts can not only make you feel exhausted, but it can also hurt your health. When you spend most of your shift hours on your feet, either walking or standing, …

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