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Nurse Salary in Pennsylvania

Nurses are hardworking individuals who dedicate their lives to their passion for helping humanity. If you or someone you know in Pennsylvania is leaning towards this profession then it is only natural to want to get an idea of the wages of nurses in Pennsylvania.

You are just lucky because today we will be going deep and illustrating through tables all the data you need on the nurse wages in Pennsylvania. Naturally, the wages differ for areas and specialties.

Let’s talk in detail about their wages.

Registered Nurse (RN) Salary in Pennsylvania

A registered has the standard income of $69,280, which is also a below-average rate.

The table below explains more.

Hourly Weekly Monthly Yearly
Pennsylvania offers to pay RN $33.55 $1,344 $5,813 $69,821
RN salary US $35.38 $1,415 $6,123 73,561
Normal Salary of US National $24.24 $972 $4,219 $50,630

RN Incomes in Urban and Non-Urban Zones of Pennsylvania

Next up we have the urban and non-urban data regarding the nurses’ wages in Pennsylvania so that we can bring you the most insight.

State Quantity of employees Hourly pay Annual Pay
Altoona 1,612 $30.40 $63,390
Bloomsburg Berwick 3,088 $28.17 $58,780
Chambersburg Waynesboro 1,223 $34.85 $74,540
East Stroudsburg 1,082 $36.40 $71,330
Erie 2,861 $27.12 $58,880
Gettysburg 340 $30.25 $67,020
Johnstown 4,390 $32.41 $57,690
Lebanon 1,200 $35.11 $68,850
Montgomery Co-Bucks Co-Chester Country 21,020 $36.70 $72,580
North Pennsylvania nonurban zones 3,210 $28.21 $59,270
Philadelphia 30,900 $39.46 $82,270
Pittsburgh 31,260 $31.45 $65,280

Salary of Nurse Practitioners

Moving on to another designation in the nursing domain is the Nurse Practitioner and there are currently 5,730 Nurse Practitioners in Pennsylvania. Below we bring you more details.

Hourly Weekly Monthly Yearly
Pennsylvania offers to pay Nurse Practitioner $47.25 $1,892 $8,148 $98,238
Practitioners’ salary the US $51.65 $2,061 $8,955 $107,491
Normal Salary of US National $24.33 $977 $4,212 $50,634

Pennsylvania Urban and Non-Urban Zones’ Nurse Practitioner Salaries

Read on for the detailed wages of Practitioner Nurses in the Urban and Non-Urban areas. Where you work as a nurse has a lot of impact on the level of wage you get.

State Quantity of employees Hourly Annual
Altoona 49
Bloomsburg Berwick 81 $53.51 $111,239
Chambersburg Waynesboro 46 $39.54 $82,238
East Stroudsburg 71 $53.88 $111,538
Erie 140 $37.44 $78,239
Lancaster 100 $45.37 $95,043
Harrisburg Carlisle 260 $47.01 $98,281
Philadelphia 1,270 $49.84 $103,137
Pittsburgh 1,260 $45.28 $93,948

LPN/LVN Salary

Licensed Practitioner Nurses have an average salary of $47,070 in Pennsylvania. If you wish to find out more details we have a table below for you.

Hourly Weekly Monthly Annual
Pennsylvania offers pay to LPN/LVN $22.66 $903 $3,939 $47,271
The US offers to pay (LPNs/LVNs) $21.49 $914 $3,929 $47,729
Salary Trends in the United States $24.38 $971 $4,248 $50,619

LPN Salaries in Urban and Non-Urban Zones

Below we dive into the wage situation in the Urban and Non-Urban areas to give you a better glimpse of the wages LP Nurses can expect in the state of Pennsylvania.

State Quantity of employees Hourly Annual
Altoona 660 $30.29 $63,190
Bloomsburg Berwick 340 $28.38 $58,780
Chambersburg Waynesboro 480 $35.83 $74,540
East Stroudsburg 320 $34.30 $71,330
Erie 1,010 $28.32 $58,880
Gettysburg 200 $32.23 $67,020
Harrisburg Carlisle 1,850 $27.75 $70,620
Johnstown 390 $30.51 $57,690
Lebanon 520 $33.11 $68,850
Montgomery Co-Bucks Co-Chester Country 5,710 $34.90 $72,580
North Pennsylvania nonurban zones 1,560 $28.51 $59,270
Philadelphia 5,620 $39.56 $82,270
Pittsburgh 5,970 $31.44 $65,280

CRNA Nurses Salaries

Lastly, we have the CRNA nurses who are more educated and have more experience therefore they get higher wages. The usual wage of a CRNA is around $163.768 and there are currently 2,361 CRNA nurses dedicating themselves to the medical field in the State. We have a table below to give you further insight.

Hourly Weekly Monthly Yearly
Pennsylvania offers to pay CRNA $78.32 $3,121 $13,918 $162,929
US offer pat to CRNA $81.44 $3,238 $14,130 $169,439
normal salary in the US $24.39 $974 $4,239 $50,581

CRNA Salary in Urban and Non-Urban Zones of Pennsylvania

If you need to find out the total amount of CRNA nurses and their wages in the Urban and Non-Urban areas then we have all the information in the table below for you.

State Quantity of employees Hourly Salary Annual Salary
Harrisburg Carlisle 80 $82.31 $171,300
Lebanon 30 $88.39 $184,630
North Pennsylvania nonurban zones 50 $81.09 $168,610
Philadelphia 250 $85.22 $177,200
Pittsburgh 570 $74.53 $145,060


Nursing is a noble profession and if it interests you then we wish you all the best in your journey. However, it is always important to know what the future holds and what the scope of the profession is in terms of wages. Everything you need to know about the nurses’ wages in Pennsylvania, we have explained all above and we are hopeful this article can be helpful and informative for you.

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