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Should I Be A Nurse Quiz - ProProfs Quiz

Should I Be A Nurse Quiz?how to know if nursing is not for you

Nursing is a noble career. Just like doctors, having enough knowledge is not a critical part of getting into the healthcare industry. You need to have compassion, empathy, and good decision-making capabilities to shine in the nursing career.

You could be a bedside nurse, nurse educator, and more. In this article, we will ask you 20 questions about your personality and professionalism, which you should be asking yourself before applying for the job.

1. Do you like to do things hands-on?

A. Yes, you love to help others and that is what motivates you to go.

B. No, you are more of an observer than a doer and love to push others to do the job for you.

2. Do you feel bothered when others don’t work hard for themselves?

A.  No. Although you should be, in nursing, you need to remember that the patients are in need of your help.

B. Yes, You are expected to help others when in distress, who won’t be able to pull their own weight.

3. How would you react when you see someone vomiting blood or having a bowel movement at the same time?

A.  You jump out to help them clean up with whatever you have handy. You should join nursing today.

B.  You call the nursing staff to help them while you supervise. Nursing is not a job for the weak of hearts.

4. How do you perform under extreme pressure?

A. You are motivated to handle pressure while working hard and keeping an optimistic attitude towards everythingIf you think you can handle the pressure in tense situations, nursing could be for you.

B. You tend to crack under extreme pressure and are easily triggered. Nursing is an extremely demanding job and you need to stay focused and tranquil always.

5. What is your general view of people?

A. Everyone has their own story to tell, own experiences to share, judging them without putting their shoes on in unethical. You will be able to view patients as human beings and help them regardless. Go and apply for the job.

B. Mostly, people are selfish and out there to get what they want, even if they hurt someoneThroughout your nursing career, you will stumble upon many such persons, but regardless of their nature, you are expected to help them in distress.

6. What is your motivation to become a nurse?

A. You like to help people in general. The monetary benefits are important, but not the most important for youIf you prioritize your hours before patients, this is not a profession for you. You might be needed at unusual hours while working as a nurse.

B. You are in desperate need of a job that pays well. Health benefits, bonuses, and job security is your priority. While these things are needed to survive in today’s world, the nursing job is not about these only.

7. What is your personality like?

A. You are generally not rude to people and that’s what people like about you. Being a nurse is all about managing patients with a smile.

B. You are in everlasting conflict with people and you see the practical side of lifeYou might not be cut out for nursing.

8. How would you feel about a job that expects you to work 12 hours a day

90% of the time on your feet, calling, taking notes, monitoring, lifting, walking, cleaning up sick patients, keeping track of their medication, and educating rude patients with their families?

A. You would be able to deal with that. Believe it or not, this is the job.

B. Sounds like everything you would never do.

 9. How would you deal with rude patients?

A. You would place yourself in their shoes and try to assess the circumstances why she is behaving like this. You would even attempt to talk to themNot everyone is considerate as you, carry on with the application.

B. You would leave them alone and wait for them to need something. It would be nice to assume for you that they need to be left alone. The nurse’s job is much more than cleaning up the patients and feeding them.

10. How do you like to handle work?

A.  You keep a positive approach and finish them as soon as possibleNurses are doers, they get it done as fast as possible before going to the next work.

B.  You keep delaying the job until it’s absolutely necessary. When you are assigned 5 patients, you can’t delay what needs to be done as fast as possible.

11. Do you prefer to work alone?

A. No, you like to keep company. You work better that wayYou will certainly enjoy the nursing job.

B. Yes, you like your colleagues, but you don’t find them to be helpful at allNursing requires you to interact with several people, including doctors, patients, family members.

12. What’s your point of view on blood, needles, and body fluids?

A. No, You don’t feel like anything, it’s like seeing waterYou have a stomach for nursing.

B. You feel like fainting and nauseated seeing blood. Blood and needles are a common occurrence in the healthcare sector.

13. Would you be comfortable doing repetitive tasks?

 A. Yes, you love routinesWhen assigned to several patients, you will be needing to give them medications, test them repeatedly throughout the day, every day.

B. No, you don’t work well constrained to a routine. The nursing job is all about taking care of the patients in a routine manner.

14. How good are your organizational skills?

A. You are a leader among your peersIf you like to take the initiative to organize things, nursing is the career for you.

B. You like to stay back while your friends organizeYou are going to be a great employee, just not a nurse.

Checking for results is simple, if you’ve answered most of the questions – ‘A’, you are good to go.

While this quiz is intended to shed some light on whether you are cut out to be a nurse, this is far from being the holy grail. If you think, you have what it takes to be a nurse, don’t let this list hold you back.

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