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Nurse Salary in Los Angeles


In a booming state like LA where opportunities are available at every turn, nurses are the backbone of the medical profession and are highly coveted. The nursing profession demands a high level of intelligence, quick response and unwavering dedication as these individuals play their part in helping doctors and treating patients.

Does this profession interest you? But you would like to know what the future holds for you as a nurse in Los Angeles? Well, you are in the right place, for today we will be discussing nurse salaries in Los Angeles. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Nurse Salary- A Quick Look

A noble and dedicated profession, nursing can demand a lot from you because you need to be at your best at all times while handling human lives. You are responsible for providing care to the patients and seeing their well-being all the time when they are under your care.

In the state of Los Angeles, there are many medical organizations so it should come as no surprise that nurses are in extremely high demand. Their need is always so dire that California State passed a bill recently where they gave billions of dollars to the medical field so they can give those funds as a bonus to the healthcare professionals.

If you want to know how much a nurse can make in LA then a person earns around $110,000 yearly and that is just an average. The nurse salaries can range anywhere from USD 70,100 (which is the lowest average) to $212,000 (which is considered the highest average.

The numbers can go even up depending on the organization or hospital and their budget for nurses. This salary can incorporate the allowances for travel and housing or even other benefits. On average a nurse can make around $53.01 per hour and it can increase owing to their experience level.

However that’s not all, below we created a table for you which will help you understand the different wage scales depending on your field of nursing expertise in LA.

Jobs Average Wage
Home Nurse $88,800
Licensed Nurse- LPN $78,740
ICU Nurse $102,110
Nurse Practitioner $114,600
Critical Care Nurse $97,230
Nursing Assistant $78,601
Registered Nurse $92,890


Naturally, you would want to know what the increment situation will be as you go along and if the nursing profession has the increment situation going well, don’t worry for we will cover that too. In LA, nurses can expect around 8% after every 19 months. This is just a general number and organizations and hospitals can pay more depending on their specifics.

Nurse Salary Progression in LA

Experience is key, so as you keep gaining it and work as a nurse, you increase your chances of better pay and better opportunities. Below we tell you all about how salaries progress as you advance in years in the nursing field.

Individuals with over two to four years of experience in nursing can expect around 31% more than their juniors working in the same department as them. Nurses with over five years can have 37% but when you cross the decade of experience mark then things go even bigger. Not only does the salary progress by 20% but you also get extra and increased allowances for various benefits.

These figures have culminated after in-depth research of averages so you can expect that the actual number may be even more depending on what kind of place you work for and how much they pay their nurses.

Experience is the name of the game in the nursing field so the more seasoned you are, the more sought after you are and you can even get the salary you desire. Moreover, when you are efficient in your specialization and have ample knowledge and expertise, you can even land higher administrative level positions.


When it comes to bonuses in general for the nursing field, it is not too big of a bonus giver. After all, bonuses are awarded to people that have a direct role in generating revenue for the organization. However, for the nurses in LA, the bonus situation is a little unique and we will touch on that in a little detail.

Sign On Bonuses

Many hospitals or medical organizations can offer their nurses a sign-on bonus depending on the specialization or job specification. This is an agreement with the nurses and a bonus awarded to them in exchange for their commitment to working for the organization for a specific period.

These bonuses can be huge and are often a big thing in places where nurses are in shortage. Organizations have known to offer $1000 to $20,000 sign-on bonuses to their nurses. Such bonus situations are big where an organization has a shortage of nurses and needs them onboard quickly.

Referral Programs

Some hospitals have a policy where if you work there and refer someone for a nurse position and they successfully make it, then the hospital pays you a specific bonus with your salary. This not only benefits the nurses working already but allows the right people to get hired as well.


This is sort of a standard bonus and it depends solely on what kind of performance you give in your role. If you fulfilled your duties after getting hired and how well you set in your role. This is a rather common form of bonus for all professions. This can also be based on all that you promised you will achieve in your role during the interview and that you successfully delivered.


And there you have it folks, we have detailed everything you could want to know regarding the nursing profession in LA. Reading this article will serve as a guide and give you a general outlook of what you can expect when you step into this field. We hope this information helps and we cheer you on as you dive into the medical world and serve humanity.

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