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New York Board of Medicine – License Lookup and Renewal

A physician’s license is a legal requirement in the state of New York. You can lookup or renew your license through the New York Board of Medicine. To find out if you’re in good standing, check your license online. You can find the license number and renewal date by clicking on the “search” button above. To renew your license, follow the steps below. You can also find out if you’re required to register with the Federal Credential Verification System.

Requirements for obtaining a New York State medical license

To practice medicine in New York State, you must obtain a New York medical license.

  • You can apply for this license by completing Form 1, paying a $735 licensure fee, and providing relevant information.
  • The license application should be completed completely and correctly, and all required documents must be submitted along with the application.
  • It is essential that you submit all documents and information requested, including your date of birth (DOB).
  • The application process can take up to six weeks, so you should allow enough time to complete all the required components.

If you have completed CME credits, you can use these credits to improve your clinical knowledge and skills. New York does not specify a specific number of hours for CME credits.

Requirements for Renewal

  • You can renew your license every two years, with your second registration falling in the month before your birthday.
  • However, your second registration may be shorter than your full licensure cycle, as it will match your birthday.
  • To maintain your license, you must also complete training on barrier precautions and infection control every four years. For example, you must complete 2 hours on child abuse in order to get your license.

You must be a resident of the state where you intend to practice

To obtain a license, you must be at least eighteen years old. You must complete your prelicensing education and pass the appropriate license examinations. To obtain a license in New York State, you must be a resident or have been licensed in a different state. Your current license must be in good standing in your home state. You must also meet the required education and training requirements in your home state before applying for a license in New York.

You must also complete supervised clinical clerkships

These must be an integral part of your medical education program. These internships must be performed at an accredited general hospital or other acceptable health care facility, and they must be performed in accordance with local laws. The requirements for this internship program vary by specialty, so make sure to check with the licensing jurisdiction before applying for this license. However, the internship should be done within the state and the country where you intend to practice.

You must also complete Form 3A if you have previously practiced medicine in another country

If you have a valid license from a country other than New York, you must file Form 3A. The licensing authority should submit this form directly to the Office of the Professions. If you do not have a license from another state, you must complete the application and provide documentation. It is important to keep the necessary documentation with your application as it is required.

Requirements for renewing a New York State medical license

If you are thinking of renewing your New York State medical license, you might want to know the requirements. These requirements are governed by the New York State Board of Medicine, which is part of the New York State Education Department. New York physicians must meet strict guidelines in order to be licensed to practice in the state. For more information, visit the New York Board of Medicine. There, you can search for physicians in the state and find out what is required to renew their licenses.

Renewal process

  • Once you have completed your online renewal, you should pay the renewal fee using a MasterCard or Visa credit card and enter your current UID number.
  • If you are renewing online, you will also need to enter your continuing education course. After you have submitted your application, the Department of State will review it and send you a new Certificate of Registration.
  • Depending on how quickly you complete the renewal process, it can take up to two to four weeks to receive a new license.

If you haven’t renewed your license yet, now is the time to make that move! The Board of Pharmacy will notify you via certified mail or their website that your license is about to expire, so it is best to renew your license as soon as possible. If you do not renew your license within the 90-day window, the Board of Pharmacy will charge you a late fee, and you will not receive your pocket license.

In addition to meeting CME requirements, 

  • New York also requires that physicians take a course in child abuse awareness and prevention. This training is mandatory for doctors in New York, but it does not include the actual CME credits.
  • Instead, the Office of the Professions requires that physicians complete an additional CME course in professional medical competency.
  • Those who choose to renew their license will have to complete an additional two hours of course in this area.

To renew your New York medical license, 

  • You must have taken USMLE Steps 1 and 2.
  • You must also have passed the NCCPA certificate. You must complete USMLE Step 3 as well.
  • You must have completed a residency program that is accredited by the CAAHPO or NCCPA.
  • If you have completed the required educational requirements, you can apply for a New York State physician license and begin practicing medicine.

Applicants for physician licensure and limited practice permits must complete approved continuing education. These courses must cover topics like infection control, barrier precautions, and preventing HIV/HCV transmission. New York State Law requires medical license applicants to take a course in child abuse prevention and child protection. The new online licensing system is easy to use and allows physicians to complete renewal requirements without having to visit the office.

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