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Does Dansko Run Big or Small


When it comes to clogs, Dansko is the only brand that comes to mind. It has developed a loyal following in the United States since its release. Of course, given the company’s success in the footwear market.

These clog shoes are popular among office workers because of their comfort and ease of movement. The shoes are worth the money because of their cushioned footbed, a slip-resistant outsole, arch support, shock absorption, and rock bottom sole.

Even though this isn’t always a bad thing, Dansko clogs fit differently than other shoes. As a first step, let’s put it aside to get an idea of its scale and learn how broad a selection of sizes Dansko offers.

Danskos and Size-Everything to Know

There is always a debate regarding shoe sizes, so let us help break things down for you. The best option for choosing a Dansko is to go up a half size if you often wear half sizes. Conversely, Dansko clogs tend to run half a size large. According to the firm, a US 6.5 or 7 shoe would measure 37 in Europe, and a US 7 or 8 shoes would measure 38 in Europe, and so on.

Dansko shoes may be too big for first-time Dansko users. However, you may adjust your feet in the shoes to don’t walk with curled toes. Moreover, make sure that your shoes are correctly laced to provide a better fit. Your Dansko shoes may also benefit from applying shoe-stiffening fluids or a shoe tree.

Stretching Ability

The leather in the Dansko shoes will stretch with time. Two thin socks or one thick sock can pull the socks. You might try to break them to make them more comfortable in this circumstance. Furthermore, for a smooth stroll, you’ll need enough space for your feet. When wearing Dansko shoes, the wearer’s toes should not come into touch with the clog’s front section.

Measuring Your Feet for Dansko Shoes

Dansko has a wide selection of shoe sizes that may fit a variety of foot types. There are narrower sizes available for women, while wider sizes are available for men. The majority of shoe stores carry middle-width shoes. Doing This Serves No Use.

Squeezing your Dansko shoes might increase their performance. Although these shoes are handcrafted, this method may eliminate any variances between the left and right shoes. Those with wide ankles and high arches might also benefit from stretching.

They are stretched in what way?

Take your old shoes to a shoemaker or repairman to get rid of them. As an alternative, below are the necessary steps:

Freezing is done in a variety of ways.

Liquids expand as soon as a freezer door is opened. So you may preserve your Dansko shoes in the freezer by placing them in plastic sandwich bags and filling them with water. Use this method to stretch your shoe or add extra water for more outstanding results.

Using a hairdryer.

What if we told you there is a way to make your Dankso shoes last longer? Grab a hairdryer to heat them. While this may sound a little odd but this technique works! Keep in mind that you’ll need to wear shocks while warming your Dansko shoes if you use this method.

A hairdryer may heat the leather until it is supple enough to handle. Uneven walking helps to soften the shoe material after it’s warmed up. Your shoes should fit better after applying this method three or four times and you can even enhance the performance of your shoes.

Grab a mist

Do you know what makes stretching shoes even easier? A softening mist! It is a quick fix but comes with its aspects. The only downsides are that not many folks prefer adding such a chemical and neither is it readily available.

This shoe must be stretched out for at least an hour after using a conditioner spray to help soften its leather finish. The length of the stretcher may be altered by turning a knob. If you’re not satisfied with your first attempt, you can start over.

Is It Possible That Dansko Shoes Induce Knee Pain?

This question has popped up many times but lets us clear the air. For people with feet requiring more support than the clogs used in the design of Dansko shoes, they might experience knee pain after a while.


What are your options for getting a foot in the door with Dansko?

This may be done fast and easily with a hairdryer. Once you’ve warmed up your new shoes with thick socks, you may walk about in them to break them in.

How to make my Dansko expand?

Walking daily may cause your Dansko upper to become strained and it could even feel stiff for a while which can hurt. However, the more you use them, the more your shoes will stretch out to accommodate your feet and toes.

How can I measure my feet to see whether my Dansko’s will fit?

Make sure that your shoes are correctly laced to provide a better fit. Your Dansko shoes may also benefit from applying shoe-stiffening fluids or a shoe tree.

Is there a downside to wearing Dansko leggings?

People with weak knees should steer clear of clogs regarding footwear. Dansko’s rubber-soled sneakers, on the other hand, are a better alternative for those who require them.


So many jobs require their employees to stand all day long and, in such scenarios, one needs their reliable shoes to help them survive the day. Dansko can be a good choice if you are looking for shoes that will help give you comfort and you can stretch them out as you like with the methods we explained above.

We hope this article answers all your questions about the various aspects of Dansko. Before you decide to throw these sneakers away, hold up and give them another chance. You will be surprised by how much they can do for you.

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